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There are hundreds of articles written daily that get published on various online sites, of course varying in quality and value. You'll find much of value here on, but the reality is there are not enough hours in the day to do our subject the full justice it deserves.

So that's the reason to be for this page. I'm constantly scouring the internet for useful new (and not so new) information on how to win money online. Here I'll be adding a collection of links to those articles or websites which either offer some in depth info on a particular subject, offer brand new info on on new developments, or present information we may have seen before in an informative or entertaining way.

If you come across anything of value in your searches, or if you're a webmaster with something you think may offer high value to the readers here, then feel free to contact me and let me know. I can't guarantee to add everything I get, but promise to review anything that gets sent in.

August 11th 2014 - Playing poker successfully requires a deep knowledge of the game and a whole raft of other personal skills. There are so many different aspects to the game that it's worth noting anything that comes up which covers one of those aspects spectacularly well. In the case of poker bankroll management it's this page on bankroll management at that fits the bill.

August 11th 2014 - The new football seasons are kicking off around the world and anyone looking for previews of the different football leagues can do a lot worse than check out the site at The author Dan is definitely not afraid to put forward some blunt opinions on how the teams will perform.

May 22nd 2014  - This is an interesting piece seen at which examines the benefits of betting ante-post on the exchanges. It's focused on the French chances of winning the World Cup and more specifically how you might have been able to profit by taking an early position, but the principles can be applied to any exchange market.

May 21st 2014 - Published at - an interesting piece titled ''are random number generators in Blackjack truly random?''

Also spotted on May 21st - interest in Fantasy sports betting has been growing exponentially, and there are plenty of sites that offer valuable info to help draft teams. This article on a new site designed to deliver data analysis on behavioral psychology of players promises to focus on the factors that have an effect on how athletes perform, specifically the mental, physical, and environmental factors that affect them in the lead up to and during sporting events.

And some recent additions here on
•  4th October - Continuing with development of a series of high level instruction-type articles on winning money opportunities, this latest addition puts the spotlight firmly on the best ways of winning money online.

•  26th September - It's been a while since the winmoney101 home page had a major workover, and I've taken the opportunity to do it and move some of the content to its own dedicated pages. This means you'll now find useful write ups on how to win money using skill and winning money the lucky way on their own internal pages. The series is completed by the page on how to win free money.

•  25th September - The World Cup of 2014 already seems like a distant memory, and football betting attention is now on more mundane matters like the various European leagues and annual cup competitions. There is a big competition coming up in the summer of 2016 though, and early preparation might be the key to profits. The new Euro 2016 betting page covers everything you need to know in the run up to the contest.

•  11th September - There have been plenty of exciting developments in the USA this year around legalised online gambling. Some US state residents can now get to enjoy their gaming legally (at a state level anyway). The promise of additional states joining the game has receded recently and there may not be further players for a longish period of time. So the news that 888poker are setting up an interstate poker network is very welcome, and promises to help expand on current offerings for US based poker fans.

•  2nd September - The page on skillgames for money here on winmoney101 is proving to be a popular one. I think I've unearthed another game for skill gaming fans to ret their hands at, and it's one that's well known by virtually everyone that's ever owned a PC. Solitaire is the game, and playing solitaire for money is the subject.

•  2nd September - We've seen a number of times that specializing in a particular sport, and even a specific aspect of any sport, is a good way to approach sports betting with a view to making long term profits. This is definitely true in betting on women's tennis, where in depth knowledge of players, form, and surface preferences gets you on the path ahead of the bookies.

•  1st September - Betting on sports is big business and one of my favourite ways to get an edge against the bookies. It's easy to get sucked into thinking that the big, widely known sports like soccer and tennis offer the best opportunities. But there are other options for anyone who wants to focus on the prospects for profitable bets on lesser known sports. MMA betting is a good example.

•  26th August - Depositing money for gambling purposes is not always easy - especially for those who live in a jurisdiction where betting is limited or frowned upon by the authorities. Bitcoin betting is a relatively new option for anyone in this position, and this new page explores the subject for anyone who's considering whether betting with Bitcoin is an option for them.

•  20th August - Immersive is the big word with all forms of gaming and other entertainment these days. Virtual reality developments promise great things from this perspective in coming months and years. For now - in the casino gaming world anyway - the term 'immersive' best applies to 3D gaming. This article covers how to play 3D slots games in some depth.

•  19th August - Continuing the casino theme on winmoney101 for August we focus on two important elements of how to get the most from casino gaming - where to win the big money jackpots is covered on the page dedicated to latest casino jackpots, and we also cover news of any new casino promotions on their own dedicated page.

•  14th August - In the first of two important winning money articles focused on casino gaming, we look at the interesting subjects of new online casinos and new casino games. Both new pages will be updated regularly, with the new casino games page expected to see news of many new game releases over the coming months.

•  11th August - For beginners. Understand exactly what betting is all about. The different types of betting, and how & where to place bets successfully.

•  10th August - One of the fastest growing ways to win money that we know of is in skillgaming for cash. This article explores how to win money at skillgames where there really is an advantage to those players who can play the games better than their opponents.

•  9th August - Check out the latest article on innovative casino games. Analysing some of the big casino gambling developments of recent years, and looking to the future for further technological and game-related breakthroughs.

•  1st July - Lotteries are probably my least favourite way to win money, but there are many fans of this simple way to make the attempt. They're big in the US for sure, and this article takes a look at the ways to enter US lotteries.

•  15th July - Investigating solutions to some of the biggest problems for casino players - this article focuses on the issues some players experience with depositing money into an account. It specifically looks at the solution offered by virtual currencies, in this case how and where to deposit with Bitcoins.

•  26th June - Regular visitors to will be aware of my love of tournaments, particularly the contests played on slot machines. They do offer a great way of getting low cost entertainment out of casino gaming, avoid the risk of heavy losses, and give good chances for winning cash on top.

•  Published on the 28th May - this page focuses on news of the current major jackpot prizes available to shoot for, plus some updates on recent winners of big cash prizes.

Play Bejeweled For Money - Playing slots and video games in online casinos is definitely not one of the easy ways to win money, but it can be one of the most entertaining. There are hundreds of different video slots games, but one in particular stands out above the rest - Bejeweled.

In this article focusing on playing Bejeweled for money, we take a look at what the game is all about, where to play, and offer some valuable hints and tips on how to get the best out of the game, ideally increasing the winning chances.
Published May 2014.

•  The World cup of 2014 is over, with Germany the victors. There are of course other types of 'World Cup' other than the football one, so our page on World Cup Asian handicaps is going to be valid permanently. Plus of course it kicks off all over again in a couple of year's time with qualifying matches for the 2018 soccer event. By this time in 2018 Asian handicap betting may well have become the most popular way of placing bets on soccer matches.

•  Playing The Lotteries - New From Lottosend - Ever wanted to play different lotteries around the world. This is your chance. Visit Lottosend for the solution that lets you buy tickets online, get them tracked, and tell you when you've got a winning entry.

•  5 Dimes Sportsbook - Leading SportsBetting - First in a series of reviews of leading sports betting operators. Only the best get in, and there's no doubt that 5 dimesare one of the best.

•  Check out the revamped page on how to win money playing video games. This page was reviewed and updated on May 22nd 2014.

•  Another article with a World Cup focus, this one on running a World Cup Fantasy team in an attempt to lift the cup high and show you're the best in the world. If your interest is more on traditional forms of betting you might find the World Cup betting page useful, plus we have a page dedicated to online bookies and sportsbook which will come in handy for anyone wanting to find the best betting offers and odds around.

•  Did you know there's a simple way to enjoy your sports betting with wagers on your favourite sports and teams - without risking any of your own money on the bets, and the chance to collect the winnings if you're right? It's legal too. Doesn't sound right, does it? But it's true and it works. is the place to do it. Published on 24th May.

•  Published May 2014 - Is Online Gambling Legal? If you're looking to make an attempt to win some extra cash this is one of the first questions you'll want to be asking. And the answer is not always straightforward. Whether online gambling is legal in the jurisdiction in which you live determines whether you even have the chance to make a start. It's definitely worth spending some time researching the answer that's going to be relevant to you and where you live....... more

•  Can't Lose Betting - Published May 2014 - Think it's impossible to place bets that can't lose? If it was, we'd all be doing it, right? Think again. It's not easy, but it can be done.

Of course there are ways of doing this on betting exchanges with in running wagers or trades, but you'll need to have made your original bet first and then make your no lose trade depending on how the event is progressing. And it may not have gone your way, and allow the placing of a valid no lose trade bet.

But there are opportunities outside of in running betting, where there are odds available which guarantee a profit whichever way the result goes. Finding them is the trick, and acting fast when you've found them.

For that, you'll most likely need consistent help............

Read how to find and place no lose bets here

•  Play Puzzle & Skill Games For Money - Published 6th May 2014 - If you're interested in winning money by playing a range of puzzle, trivia, crossword, and other simple to play games, BrainDash will be the site that gets your vote.

At Braindash, you can play for fun or in cash prize tournaments against other players for the chance to just practice or to win a share of cash prizes.
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