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Feeling Lucky? Trying to win money by luck can be great fun, with chances of big cash wins for reasonably low stakes. But be careful!

Winning money by luck is not going to happen out of the blue. It may come as a surprise - and a welcome one at that - but you're going to need to do something to actually make it happen.

It won't be surprising to learn that the lucky ways to win money involve either playing games of one type or another, or taking a risk with betting on the outcome of an event.

There's an inherent risk with either approach. Playing online games of luck offers the greatest risk to your bankroll. The odds are against you, though the wins you do get can be life-changing. If not life-changing, then certainly lucrative if you're very lucky.

The good news is that entry costs can be low, and you can play for small stakes and the chances to win big money. The adrenalin, excitement, and enjoyment factors are off the scale. Consequently these games are likely to be the most addictive.

And sometimes the word 'addictive' can mean trouble. The risk for some people is they can become addicted to either trying to win, or the excitement of the win itself. This an lead to significant money losses, exactly the opposite of what we're trying to achieve.

Don't let that person be you. Read the winmoney101 responsible gaming page before you make any attempt to gamble online. The best approach to trying out the lucky ways to win is by treating the attempt as fun and enjoyable. If you go headlong in believing you're going to win, more often than not you're going the hard way that it's not as easy as it might sound.

Play Casino Games

You'll know that playing casino games is unlikely to result in winning money in the long run. Casino's are built to take your money. If you just want extra money, then either avoid casinos or go for a one hit win on one game.

But they do offer great entertainment value. If you treat casino gambling as it should be treated - as a bit of fun which gives the chance to end up winning - then you'll be in a good position to enjoy it. Visit the dedicated page for an in depth analysis of how to win money at casino games.
Assortment Of Casino Games
Just the same as with poker, bingo, or sports betting, there are bonuses to be had and promotions to watch out for. Check out the casino promotions page to keep on top of those combined offers which can sometimes give some great value, or that extra bit of reality there are some great places to play live dealer casino games.

The recommended casino card game for beginners is 3 card poker, if you want to win money at the casino it's simple to play and with good winning chances. For a new casino to try out, take a look at

With such an enjoyable way to win money, it's not surprising that there are constant new developments in the industry, along with regular releases of new games and online casinos themselves. All of which means the winmoney101 list of casino related articles is an extensive and growing one.

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Instant Win Scratch


Another way where you need lots of luck to win the money prizes. That hasn't stopped scratchcards becoming hugely popular. Free scratchcards in particular.

The big draw with scratch off tickets comes from their instant win nature - you know pretty much straight away if you've won and how much money you've won. We all know the scratchies associated with local and national lotteries, but there are gaming websites online which offer instant win scratchcards too, both free and paid.




You might remember playing bingo with your gran on small pieces of numbered cardboard. Today's online bingo for real money is a long way removed from that. State of the art gaming with a social aspect. Easy to play, but of course it's pure luck if you win.




Mainly popular in the 'real' world, there are lotteries you can play online. Everyone dreams of a big money jackpot lottery win, but the odds are heavily against you. Lotteries are just no fun for me, but millions do play them.

Check out the page on entering US lotteries to find out how to get involved with some of the big USA contests.

If you want a simple way to try and win money then playing the lotto could be your answer.


So there you have it. Essentially there are only a few ways to win free money online. Of course, within those few ways are a whole raft of specific options for how you can take advantage.

The next step in the pursuit of winning money is to understand the 10 key ways to do it, and work out which one(s) will be best for you. You can read more about the 10 key ways in the first article listed below, or any of those listed beneath it will give valuable further reading.

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