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Play Games For Money - How To Make Money Playing Games Online

If you've arrived at this page looking for ways to play games for money - or even just because you're curious about what types of games can be played for cash prizes - I think you're going to be surprised at just how many different opportunities there are.

The gaming industry is massive, you won't need me to tell you that. Online games, cooking games, 3D games, maths games, shooter games. The list is endless, I could name dozens and still not cover them all.

But these all fall into the bracket of video gaming. It's not a list which even gets close to covering other types of cash prize games - poker games, casino games, bingo, skill games.
So it's obvious that when we start looking at which games can be played for money, we're not going to be able to cover it in just a few lines. I'll need to break it down into the different game types.

Which Games Can Be Played For Cash Prizes?

Some of them are obvious, but there are a whole lot more that are not so well known. They're all worth investigation in their own way. Who knows, it could be you that's the next champion gamer to walk off with a big money prize.

It's a big subject, but we need to start somewhere, so let's begin by looking at the range of different games you can play to win money. I'm going to write these up in the order of how much skill you need to be able to play successfully.

Video Games
Fantasy Games
Casino Games

Before we start, I just want to mention again here that many ways of trying to win money involve risking losing some that you already have. Playing games to win money is no different. If you're not keen on risking any of your cash, it's worth taking a look at the article on free ways to win money which explains some of the ways you can go about it which either don't carry risk to your own cash.

You may also want to get some understanding of how a betting bonus works, as many of the ways we'll cover here do give you the chance to bolster your playing bankroll with extra bonus cash.

Without further delay then, let's go....

Playing Video Games For Money

I'd be very surprised if you're reading this and have never played video games, either on a console at home or out in an arcade. Over recent years this general popularity of video gaming has given rise to some high performing websites which concentrate solely on offering different games where you play against online opponents for the chance to win cash prizes.

Personally I don't know one end of a game controller from the other, let alone be able to have any chance to win money in a video game contest against someone who knows what they're doing. But the opportunities for someone who does know are strong.

This is a true 'you need skill' money winning opportunity - if you're an experienced gamer there's little to stop you having a go at beating opponents and taking the cash prizes.

For more info take a look at the play video games for money page.

Playing Cash Poker Games

Poker is another game where skill and strategy plays a huge part in whether you're going to win money or not. Of all the online games, Poker is the one that's had the most written about it online. If you want to find out how to play poker there's no shortage of information to help.

You'll need to start off by learning the rules of the game, get to understand the different types of poker games to play, and move on quickly to study poker strategy.

In the US, playing online has been restricted for some time. Federal law stated that it was illegal to gamble online, but it was the passing of the UGIEA that finally stopped US players from enjoying the game by restricting banking transactions. Only recently have some states started passing their own state laws that make it fully legal. In most other English speaking countries you won't have any problems finding somewhere to play.

So if poker does grab you as a way to build up some cash, make sure you understand how poker promotions and bonuses work. Poker rooms regularly run offers in both of these areas, and they are a good way to add extra playing cash to your account.

Playing Skillgames To Win Money

Skillgames are a close relation of video games above, but they're more focussed on simpler games where you don't necessarily need the deep skills you might do with some of the more popular video gaming titles. There are special sites dedicated to playing fun skillgames which are definitely worth a look.

If you're good at video games like shooters, car racing, pool or billiards then the opportunities to win money at skill games could suit you well. There are hundreds of different games to play.

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Which Games Can Be Played For Cash Prizes?

Play Video Games For Money

Cash Prize Poker Games

Skill Games For Money

Fantasy Games

Real Money Casino Games

Bingo Games
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Playing Fantasy Games With Cash Prizes

Fantasy games have always been popular. You know the type - often centred around picking a virtual football team or racing stable, and you get points for how often a player scores or when your horse wins or places in a race.

Of these, fantasy football is the most well known. Newspapers or online magazines or websites will often set up competitions where you need to pick virtual teams. Very often these will run over a period of weeks or months, with the overall winner collecting a cash prize at the end.

I'm preparing an article on fantasy games in general, but here's a link to a published article on fantasy football for money.

Playing Casino Games

Casino gambling should need no real introduction. It's one of the most risky ways to try and win money online. But just like those sugary treats that are bad for you but taste so nice you can't avoid them, it also can often be one of those types of gaming which you can't resist. Playing casino games for money can be a painful exercise, but also a highly enjoyable one at times.

Casinos are built and designed to take your money -effectively. So what keeps casino regulars coming back time after time? It's most likely the dream of winning money, and the instantly gratifying nature of the wins.

It all sounds negative for casino games from a 'good opportunity to win money' perspective, but actually it's not all bad. If you choose what to play selectively and carefully, you do at least increase your chances of coming out of a session with more cash than you started with.

To get the best chances, you need to focus on those game types with the lowest house edge.
Blackjack is a good one provided you use the best strategy, 3 card poker is another. Because of the strategy involved you could argue that there is some skill in these games, but really it's all down to luck and good or bad runs.

It's a lot clearer cut with games like slots, where luck definitely needs to be heavily on your site to have any chance of walking away with extra cash in your pocket. This is not quite so true of slots tournaments, where there are one or two things you can do to improve your chances.

You can read a lot more about different types of casino games on the dedicated page.

Play Bingo Games For Money

Last in our list of games is bingo - a very simple game which is really down to pure luck whether you win or not. That said, many bingo operators offer games for very low stakes - sometimes as lowas 1p or a few cents per game.

If you're looking for a game to win money where asocial aspect can play a big part, bingo might be for you.

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