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WinMoney101.com is owned and run by Steve Cross. That's me. You'll quickly see when searching the site that I have a bit of a thing about trying to win money - a passion that started with an interest in horse racing around 1977 and has snow-balled over many years since.

The whole point of this site is to share that passion and enthusiasm with you, and get you a high quality resource that you can learn from and enjoy.

You'll find at least one page (and in a number of cases a lot more) on each of the different ways to win extra cash, and explanations on which ones are going to win you money, which ones might involve you losing money (if you're unlucky), and those that you can try out for free.

There are also sections on different forms of betting and promotional offers which will give you extra value. You'll not want to miss the page on playing slots tournaments, they're one of the best (low risk) ways to try and win some extra cash. Equally there are some great opportunities to win money playing skill games or cash prize video games, both of which are valuable methods for any player with the right level of knowledge and skills.

As you read through I also want you to be fully aware of the dangers of betting to win money. I hope that will also become apparent as you work through the site. The last thing I want is for you to lose money.

I've spent many years analysing, reviewing, writing about, and enjoying betting opportunities - resulting in over 30 years of horse racing and sportsbetting experience - with the last few years seeing a move also into website building.

Some of the websites I have running now include a few successful technology sites. Developing those has given me some good insights into how to build successful websites, and I hope to use that knowledge to build WinMoney101.com into a valuable resource.

I've got to say here that very little of my recent site building success would have been possible without reading and following some of the advice of experts in the field. If you have a passionate interest in any subject, you can build a website around it. You could maybe make some money from it, but definitely you could build something to be proud of.

If that idea does grab your interest, you could do a lot worse than start off by reading some of the blog posts on pokerseo.org. It's a poker site, of course, but the advice on it can be adapted and applied to just about any type of website. The site owner is Randy Ray, a highly respected expert in the SEO field.

It's very early days for this new WinMoney101 site. I hope you're with me - and stay with me - on the quest to develop it into a global site that grows into a respected, trusted guide to winning money. The articles here are mainly written by my own hand from personal experience, but I have sought help from experts in some areas where my knowledge is a little thin.

My aim is to make each article unique and valuable - if only to cover the basics at first. Each of the subjects covered here are huge in their own right, and it will take time to do them all full justice.

One thing you can count on is that anything written here is done so with the best intentions. It's honest as far as I can ascertain.
New material is being published regularly. The best
way to keep up with new articles that are published is to check back when you can. You can hit any of the buttons below to share WinMoney101.com on your favourite social network.

I love the idea of expanding the reach of this site further afield, so if you're reading this and believe you have the knowledge and writing ability to have a valuable input then feel free to drop me a line. There are dozens of languages for us to get WinMoney101.com translated into, so if you're from Albania , France , Germany , Korea , Spain , or Zambia (and anywhere in between) then get in touch. I'll always get back to you.    

If you've read this far, I think you might want to read some more about me as an individual. If not, and
you're ready to start using this site to hopefully grow your own money winning chances, you can jump straight from here to the home page hub of WinMoney101.com. If you have any comments or recommendations you'd like to make on any aspect of the site, you can contact me at info@WinMoney101.com. 


About Steve

Living with a long term partner (Beth) in a small village in the middle of England near Leicester.

We have a lovely five year old boy, an absolute diamond, and are currently approved to become adoptive parents. I'm 51, the theory is (and it appears to be working) that the little ones are going to keep me young for a long time yet. I have two older children from a previous marriage - Lewis and Chloe. I'm very proud of both. It looks like Lewis is going to be following in my footsteps, he's already picking winners on the horses and has collected on a couple of football accumulators. Chloe is doing great at school and is a very sensible girl. 
Recently (last 4-5 months) I've been getting up at around 4am, and sometimes earlier, to get some website and betting study time before Will wakes up. We spend the first few hours together in the morning once he's up and let Beth lie in till around 8.30. Unfortunately over the last week or so he's started waking earlier and earlier. Now I hear a little voice calling 'Daddy, come and get me' any time from 4.30am onwards. That's not so good, and I'm trying to train him to go back to sleep for a couple more hours. The other issue I have to worry about, though it's funny now, are the cries from him of 'Go On My Son' that now come in tandem when I'm shouting home one of my horse racing winners. I'll need to be careful with that.
As you might have guessed from the site, one of my my real passions is for horse racing.

Right from the time my Dad gave me my first ever winner back in 1977 - £3 to win on Strawhill - I've been in love with the horses. The sport of kings - thundering hooves, flying leaps, the rush of adrenalin when yours is getting close, and the glow that comes from getting one over on the bookies, no matter how big or small the return.

It's actually not about the money, it's about the passion, the participation. Of course, winning is great, but
I've experienced more emotion on occasions when losing narrowly, or realising I've watched a titanic battle even if my horse wasn't involved. I've cried with the knowledge that I saw something special, and can almost touch the memories of those historic races - Diamond Edge just beaten in The Whibread, Path Of Peace romping home in the November Handicap mud at 25-1, and more recently Imperial Commander beaten by the width of a piece of paper by the irrepressible Kauto Star, truly one of the greatest chasers ever.

Imperial Commander was carrying the weight of my biggest ever bet in that race, and the fact that I lost lets me make a very strong point that I really want you to understand - and that point is that it's all supposed to be fun. Treat your betting as an enjoyable pastime, only play with what you can afford to lose, recognise that there's always the possibility of losing. Read and understand our responsible gambling page. Understand the importance of betting banks and bankroll management.

They say you should write about what you know, and I do know gambling.  I’ve tried the systems, I’ve read the books, and I’ve trawled through hundreds of gambling websites over the years. In the end, winning is down to study, skill,  persistence, luck, and taking the right opportunities - plus the ability to accept losses as well as winnings - and keep going.

Initially I'm going to focus on poker. Ultimately WinMoney101.com will deliver the background info you'll need on Bingo, Poker, Casino Games, Lotteries, Skillgames, Scratchcards, and various other forms of Sportsbetting - in fact on all of the 10 key ways to win money online. I particularly like the possibilities to win at Asian handicap betting, and plan to look into that more from a betting perspective myself.

Together we're going to have a lot of fun trying to find some good winners, be it through horse racing, casino games, poker, bingo or any of our other featured money winning games.

Let's do it carefully.


PS  I nearly forgot. When you visit this site, do you ever find you're looking for something you can't find? Something I'm not writing about that you want to know? Or you're looking for more detail on a subject than I'm covering?

I don't want any of that to happen, and while I'm trying my best to cover everything which I think might be valuable, almost certainly I'm going to miss something somewhere.

The truth is there's only one person who knows for sure whether everything they're getting from WinMoney101.com is good enough or detailed enough. And that's you.

Please feel free to mail me at any time with comments or questions or suggestions for the site. I guarantee to answer every one to the best of my ability.....


PPS   There are some pages here that carry advertisements for betting or gambling operators. These ads link to the operators sites with affiliate code (this is just a piece of website code that tells the operator concerned that you arrived from winmoney101). What this means is that if you click through and register, then winmoney101 might get some form of payment for the advertising.

I never have and don't expect to make vast sums of money from this, but any small income received is most likely to get ploughed back into the site in different ways - either to improve it technically, add to the content, or enhance the advertising of winmoney101 itself.


If you've got a question about anything you've seen on Winmoney101.com, feel free to drop me a line and ask.

Just send a mail with your question to steve@winmoney101.com

WinMoney101's content is protected by copyright. I've put a lot of effort into creating it. If you are a website owner and wish to reproduce any of the content on your site please contact me and we'll work out the best way to do it.

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