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I've tried to cover as much about winning money as possible on the pages of But this subject is vast. There's a lot more I want to write about..and a lot more I may struggle get the time and the chance to.

So if you're reading through this site and notice that something is missing which you'd expect to see or want to see, then please drop me a mail at Let me know and I'll take care of it.

For now, I'll list some other resources here which might be valuable in your attempts to win money.

Valuable Guides & Resources

Aside from the information you'll find on this site, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of other high quality resources which you'll find online. On this page it's impossible to cover everything about each type of betting opportunity, so you can click through to other pages for more in depth betting related info on each of those types of games.

What I can do here though is cover some of the high level resources specifically centred around winning money in general. We can split them up into online resources such as other websites, or 'hard' resources such as books and magazines.


You can't beat Wikipedia for detailed info on any subject, their pages carry more useful info than most other sites put together. The Wikipedia page on gambling is no different, and contains a ton of useful information.

Likewise is a well known and trusted resource for finding high quality websites about any subject. The DMOZ section on gambling sites gives you access to many of the web's top winning money properties.

Directories can be a great source of valuable gambling related sites. It's always useful to find plenty of information on one site, especially when it's presented well in an easy to read format. Part of our subject here on winmoney101 focuses how to win money playing various types of games. So it stands to reason that a useful directory that also carries descriptive information about each of the directory listing pages is worth noting.

But not all directories are useful and what we need is a human edited one where the webmaster really focuses on listing only sites that are going to offer substantial value to the visitors. The one I've found that meets these requirements is at Best Gambling Directory. It's been running for a couple of years and is clearly written by a non-native English speaker, but it presents information in a clear easy to read way and looks to have a bright future as long as the owner keeps up the high levels of quality expected of any listing.


Here's a book about winning in general that can be applied to efforts to win money too. It covers many of the qualities you'll need to make betting pay - mental strength, patience, an element of courage, and a diligent, persistent approach while also recognising your limitations. The book is written by Cary Mullen and is titled 'Winning Secrets'
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For further reading from within WinMoney101, you should find the articles listed below helpful.
If you're interested in finding out more about different ways to win money, there are some valuable articles on that will help - maybe not to actually win the money but definitely to give some pointers about those types of opportunities that suit you best.

Here's a selection of a few I think might be the most interesting:

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