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Casino bonuses are generally offered to new players at any casino as an incentive to join up, and many offer an extra casino bonus either on your next deposit or sometimes even every month.

Casino bonus amounts vary, but often will equal the size of your deposit up to a specified amount.

Occasionally the casinos will run promotions where they will offer extra bonus amounts on top of this. Casino bonus offers are subject to strict rules, normally you will be required to play a specific number of times your original deposit to be able to withdraw any cash. These rules vary from casino to casino, so make sure you read the small print rules before signing up and making a deposit.

How Do I Get My Bonus?

The advice here is to read the bonus or promotions page carefully on any internet casino site you decide to play on. Getting your bonus is easy, but often involves generating or getting hold of a bonus code first, which you enter at the account sign up page.

Instructions are normally very clear, so it's unlikely you'll have any problem with this.

Sounds Like Free Money, Is It That Simple?

Casino bonuses are valuable, of course, and in a way they are free money - but there are rules around the use of a casino bonus which you need to be aware of.

Rules vary in different casinos, but as a summary you are normally required to wager or bet many times the value of the bonus before you can withdraw any money. The advice here is to always check the rules on the wagering for any casino bonus withdrawal, and to remember that although you may be winning at any point, you will need to consider the bonus wagering requirement when calculating your possible profits - if you're well ahead it may pay to be careful with staking.