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Now we get to the nitty gritty.

Horse racing is my passion, and has been ever since my Dad gave me an 8-1 winner with my first bet at 17 years of age (I'm 51 now!!). That's 34 years of trying to win money on horse racing!

On this page I'm not intending to spend a lot of time talking about different types of bets or going into racing news. There are plenty of sites that are already doing that, I'll list some further below when I get time if that's what you're looking for.

This page is specifically here to list some daily horse racing tips. My selection or selections for the day.

Why on earth would you want to follow my horse racing tips?

It's a good question. The first point is these horse racing tips really are free. No special bonus tips that you have to pay a subscription for - no hidden charges. I love betting on horses. There's nothing like it...and doing this gets me a chance to share what I know, and hopefully give us all the chance to win some extra money.

My credentials? Well I could lay out a whole series of winning bets. But they mean nothing if the future winners don't flow so let's see if we can get some proof.  The focus here is on getting good priced bets (relevant to their actual chances) each day, that will help us in steadily building a nice bankroll.

What you won't get here is a string of 'obvious' odds on favourites. In fact, the opposite is more likely although when I'm confident about a 3 or 4 to 1 shot then I'll say so. A winner is a winner, they all count - but we're going to be trying to hit the big price winners - 16-1 at least and upwards - with our biggest stakes bets. There will be a few in the 3-1 to 10-1 range, but keep stakes low on these (even if I advise otherwise, I never seem to learn).

We'll be starting with daily racing tips running from Weds Nov 14th

Winning money at horse racing is not as difficult as you might believe, even in something as competitive as horse racing. Here are some basic but useful rules which will help with your horse racing betting:

1. Set aside a betting bank to play with.

2. Keep your winnings to play with

3. Shop around for the best odds

4. Don't be scared to go in big on the long shots. You'll be surprised how many win (or at least run well to give you a run for your money).

5. Don't bet with money you're scared to lose. Keep stakes reasonable, don't let it hurt.

6. Take note of everything that's said on my responsible gaming page.

Responsible Gaming
Date Selection Background Rating Result
14th Nov Billy Dutton Sir Harry Lewis Gelding, ran well in last bumper - will win a hurdle race but possibly will need this first time hurdling experience. Hopefully will get well beaten (assuming he does lose) and we still get a price next time. * L   Drifted out to around 250 Betfair but did actually run a promising race.
14th Nov Grove Pride Has the potential to be a good class long distance chaser. At the prices the best bet in this race *** W 10s in running Betfair - lucky though with last fence fall of Keppols Hill
14th Nov Beauboreen Will go off a big outsider 80-1 on the bookies and about 150 Betfair but trainer has the odd debutant winner. Sired by Revoque, this one more likely to appreciate softer ground or a longer distance. Again, if he loses we want it to be by a long way to preserve the price for next time. Drum Valley obviously has a favourites chance. We hope for an upset but very tentative. * Would you believe it - first and second but the wrong way round. And I didn't do the forecast but had Beauboreen to be placed at 25s on Betfair.
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