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If you search the term 'win money' on Google you'll see a number of sites offering ways to try. All of them are specific product websites or pages - none of them tackle the subject of winning money as a whole.

It's not a small subject. There are free ways to win, fast ways, skillful ways, and of course lucky ways. You can win cash playing tournaments, in games, by betting, and by entering contests and competitions. We're only just scratching the surface!

If you don't know what's on offer, you can't win. Right?

We're here to explore the different and the best ways to win some extra money in a way that's easy to follow - plus discover strategies, tips, offers, and promotions that will help increase winning chances and reduce the chances of losing.

One resource, one website, lots of ways to win money online.
•  3 Key Ways To Win Money Online

•  5 Essential Steps To Winning

•  Protecting Your Cash : The Risks

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There are plenty of ways to try. To succeed you're going to need to be careful, well informed, and ready to take your chances. Trying to win more money means you're most likely going to be risking some of your own.

Our subject is a vast one, so where do we start?

If you're a beginner, you will find good value in these starting articles just above to the right.

If you're an experienced player or bettor, you might want to jump straight to the 3 key ways to win money section.

If you want to skip the following introductions, the 'how to win money online' page is another good starting point.

And if you're more interested in what the wide world thinks about winning money in general, don't forget the social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Both have pages or channels dedicated to the different ways to win some cash.

Revealing The 3 Critical Must Know Routes To Winning Money Online..........

     Skill & Knowledge, Luck, Or No Cost - Which Route Will You Take?
OK, let's begin our look at the three key routes to try and win real money. Each route will offer you different gaming or betting options - in fact 11 different options that I know of.
Winning With Skill  |  Use skill and knowledge for the best chances of success...
Winning money by playing games or betting where your skill or knowledge can have an impact on the outcome is clearly one of the most likely ways to end up with a long term profit. You'll get premium winning chances from skill based games. Of course, skill isn't always the only contributing factor and you'll be welcoming any hefty doses of luck you can get, but if you're good you can get an edge over the competition.................
•  Play Poker                       Playing poker is definitely one of the most popular ways to try and win some extra cash. There's plenty of advice here on how to approach the game.

•  Video Gaming                 Fancy yourself as a champion video gamer? This might just be the option for you. Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes the world over, and opportunities to win cash by playing video games are exploding. If you're good, there are some big opportunities.

Fantasy Sports                Perfect for passionate sports fans who like to get involved with their teams or anyone looking to make some cash using their knowledge of sport. Fantasy sports betting has taken the world by storm in recent years. No need for season long fantasy leagues, the action can be done and dusted within days. Huge cash prizes complete the picture.

•  Skill Games                     Skillgames are closely related to video gaming above, but there are special sites dedicated to playing skillgames which are definitely worth a look. If you're good at games like pool or billiards, for example, then the skillgame opportunity could suit you well. There are hundreds of different games to play.

Sports Betting               Slightly different to the winning opportunities with video gaming and poker, betting on sports has some very strong plus points. The informed and knowledgeable sports bettor can get ahead of the bookies in various types of sports. The secrets to success are strong focus, understanding the betting markets, and generally using knowledge, skill, and timing to build up your edge.
Articles          •  Play Legal Social Poker - Pureplay Free Games  
                          •  The Path To Tennis Profits - Bet On Women's Tennis

                          •  Play Solitaire For Money                                                 

Play Poker Games at The Easiest Online Poker Rooms

                          •  Leaders In Fantasy Sports - Fanduel        Top Fantasy Sports Websites

                          •  No Lose Betting

For a complete guide of where to place bets on sports visit the bookies, bookmakers, and sportsbooks page.

The Free Ways To Win | The key ways to win money without risking your own....
How to use no deposit bonuses and promotions plus enter free cash competitions and sweepstakes.
Trying to win money normally involves some risk to the cash you've already got, so it can make a refreshing change to make the attempt for free and no risk. There may be a lot of competition, and the adrenalin factor might be significantly reduced especially in the case of competitions and sweepstakes.

The bonuses and offers option is another case entirely...........
•  Using Betting Bonuses & Free Money Offers     Make careful use of betting bonuses and promotions and you'll get some valuable extra cash to increase winning chances. Either get bonuses on top of deposits you make, or there are a number of free (no deposit) offers to be found....if you know where to look.

In addition, you'll want to watch out for extra promotions. Quite often these will run side by side with bonus offers - meaning you get twice as much for your money.

•  Entering Competitions            
Entering competitions or contests for cash prizes is one of the most satisfying - and potentially lucrative - ways to win money and prizes. It's not always fast and easy to win, but entry is often fast and free.

•  Sweepstakes
                             Sweepstakes sit very close to the world of cash competitions, though generally competitions take some form of skill to be in with a chance of winning. In sweepstakes your winning chances are very much driven by luck. What else would you expect with an opportunity that's very straightforward to enter.

Free Ways To Win Articles                    •  Revealing Two Key Ways To Win Free Money

•  Casino Promotions    •  Poker Promotions    •  Bingo Promotions

Feeling Lucky? | Great fun and chances of big cash wins for reasonably low stakes. Be careful!
Playing games of luck offers the greatest risk to your bankroll. The odds are against you, though the wins you do get can be life-changing. If not life-changing, then certainly lucrative if you're very lucky.

The good news is that entry costs can be low, and you can play for small stakes and the chances to win big money. The adrenalin, excitement, and enjoyment factors are off the scale. Consequently these games are likely to be the most addictive.
•  Instant Win Scratch         Another way where you need lots of luck to win the money prizes. That hasn't stopped scratchcards becoming hugely popular. The big draw with scratchcards is from their instant win nature - you know pretty much straight away if you've won and how much money you've won. We all know the scratchies associated with local and national lotteries, but there are gaming websites online which offer instant win scratchcards too.

•  Bingo                                You might remember playing bingo with your gran on small pieces of numbered cardboard. Today's online bingo is a long way removed from that. State of the art gaming with a social aspect. Easy to play, but of course it's pure luck if you win.

•  Lotteries                          Mainly popular in the 'real' world, there are lotteries you can play online. Everyone dreams of a big money win, but the odds are heavily against you. Lotteries are just no fun for me, but millions do play them. Check out the page on entering US lotteries to find out how to get involved with some of the big USA contests.

•  Play Casino Games               Now we get to the daddy of them all. Of these four, playing casino games is one of the most entertaining ways you're ever going to try and win some cash. But unless you're very lucky, there are risks that they'll wipe out your bankroll fast. In fact, playing games at the casino is unlikely to result in winning money in the long run. Casino's are built to take your money. If you just want extra money, then either avoid casinos or go for a one hit win on one game.

If you treat casino gambling as it should be treated - as a bit of fun which gives the chance to end up winning - then you'll be in a good position to enjoy it. I strongly suggest you read through the casino gambling articles here or refer to the many valuable casino gambling guides like, before making any attempt to play for real money.

Of course it is possible to win playing casino games. Just the same as with poker, bingo, or sports betting, there are bonuses to be had and promotions to watch out for. Check out the casino promotions page for offers which can sometimes give some great value, or for that extra bit of reality there are some great  places to play games with live dealers. You can also check out OCC's bonus page with latest online casino bonuses.

There is a way round it though, and that's by playing your casino games in to
urnament form. Slots tournaments to be precise. This new dedicated section on winmoney101 looks at the subject of online slot tournaments in some depth, but if you want to jump straight to one of the leaders in tournament gaming you can go straight to Rich Casino.

Rich Casino offers regular tournaments, bonuses, and promotions to players. Each month they offer special contests, some of which carry substantial cash prizes. This is of course on top of the regular Rich Casino events:

•  Sugar Rush Tourney each Monday - $20k
•  Daytona Gold each Tuesday - $5k
•  Gravy Train each Wednesday
•  Lucky Fishing each Thursday
•  Forest Frenzy each Friday
•  Weekend Slots every weekend

And as an alternative to Rich Casino, you'll also find the same tournaments running at 21 Dukes.

But let's not take too much away from other games in the casino. They do offer many opportunities to win money in Canada, across the US, or anywhere else in the world. It really doesn't matter where you are as long as it's legal. There are plenty of options. Winning this way is never guaranteed, but sticking to games you enjoy, being careful with your money, and playing on quality sites will help.

Casinos using Betonsoft software are recognised to be among the best to play with online.

Alongside Treasure Island Jackpots, two other Betonsoft casinos -  Atlantis Gold Casino and Mermaids Palace Casino - make up the trio of latest additions to Winmoney101.

All offer great bonuses, a wide range of casino games based on some of the best software you can find, and of course the regular tournaments which are my recommended way to enjoy and get the best out of casino games.

If you just want to stick with playing a straightforward casino card game that offers strong winning chances, then 3 card poker is the best to start with. Simple to play and with winning hands around 25% of the time.

For a great list of trusted online casinos visit the casino reviews page at CasinoReef.

For further reading on casino gaming see these useful pages:

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Treasure Island Jackpots


Before you do dive in and start looking for opportunities, one good question to ask yourself is 'why am I doing this?' Exploring this question will help you to understand the level of risk you can accept to your own money, and the way you're likely to approach your attempts to win more. It may also trigger some understanding that will help in the long run, and lower the losses you might expect.

Of course, often it's not just about the money itself. Our attempts at winning money are driven by, and satisfy, a number of human needs - not least the desire for immediate excitement and anticipation. Who hasn't felt the elation of winning at some point in their lives? Who hasn't felt the anticipation - the build up?

If you have, then you'll know that pumped up feeling, where the adrenalin is rushing and you're on top of the world. If you recognise that feeling, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Personally that's why I bet - actually making the attempt to win some cash can be just as much fun as winning. As long as you approach it in the right way.

So why do you want to win? For the anticipation and excitement? Because you need the money? For those special luxuries? Or just for a little fun?

Read the article on the 'winning and the psychology of winning money' page for some insight into how each of these potential drivers can affect how you approach the task. Read about recent jackpot winners for some inspiration, but always remember it's hard to hit those big cash prizes.

5 Steps To Winning : First Steps On The Route To Winning Money


Essential Reading Pages On

How To Win Money Online

How Easy Is It To Win Money Online?

Betting Explained - Essential Guide For Beginners

How To Avoid The Pain Of Losing

Valuable Guides & Resources

Winning & The Psychology Of Trying To Win Money

Is Online Gambling Legal?

Winning Money Info From Around The Web

Play Games For Money

Protecting Your Cash : What Are The Risks?

The key pointer to remember with any form of gambling or betting, or in fact any type of effort you make to achieve something, is that it needs to be fun. Or at least you need to feel something positive from the attempt and achievement.

If you don't, you probably won't stay the course. If you're not enjoying your time trying to win money, then almost certainly that means you're either losing some, losing time which you'd value to pursue other activities, or affecting someone else around you that you care about.

As far as betting or gambling goes, it's a certainty that at any time where you get to the point where you're thinking it isn't fun or valuable then that's the point you need to be deciding whether to call it a day.

The truth is that very few people make a living at betting or gambling. Very few people ever experience a big win.

If you decide to risk your own money to win more of it you need to be acutely aware of this hard fact.

That's why it needs to be more than just a 'pursuit of money' exercise, I'm convinced that the individual approach to this spells out whether you're one of the few who will have problems controlling their betting activity, or whether you can use it in careful ways to get a little extra enjoyment and throw in the chance to maybe get some extra cash.

The odds against a cash prize win are often high, but you don't always have to risk a great deal of money to have a chance of hitting that elusive jackpot.

What Does This Guy Know? : Why Should I Trust

At this point....You might be thinking something along the lines of 'Why should I trust what this guy tells me about trying to win money online?''

Do you know what? On a lot of websites you'd possibly be right. But this isn't one of them. It's not alone of course, I could point you to hundreds of sites that you can trust, and there are links to many of them on these pages.

My name's Steve. You can read more about me on the about us page of this site, or the 'about me' page to be more specific. I've spent the last 34 years trying out different ways to win money in one way or another....and I'm still standing.

Have I found a way to consistently win money with a foolproof method? No. It does not exist. (well actually I'm working on something that needs a lot more testing, but maybe it does exist! More about that another time). Have I learned a whole bunch of lessons? Yes, and some of them on the painful side - but I've had some fun times and a lot of enjoyment along the way too. I've even had one or two very nice wins along the way.

I don't regret any of those 34 years worth of trying. But I have managed to control it. Be careful - I'd like to see it to be a joint effort that you know how to control it too. Take a look at the responsible gaming page before you make any attempt at any form of gambling. Please read it thoroughly.

Video Guides

The video below is well worth a watch. It's a very open perspective on playing slots in a casino. It makes some very good points about how you should treat attempts to win money in general.

This video features regular industry updates from The APCW regularly produces valuable videos focusing on different online gambling subjects. This video comes from their "Perspectives Weekly," series - which may well be the most widely viewed, longest running video series in online gaming.

New Competitions, Contests, Bonuses, News, Developments


New Social Casino Games From Royal Wins

Royal Wins are looking to shake up the industry with an innovative gaming proposal that combines free and pay to play games into a hybrid skill based and luck based offer.

Kash Karnival is the name to watch for, with initial plans intending to offer four different games in which players will need a combination of skill and chance to play successfully.

With impressive graphics and a range of avatars, features, and characters to play with - not to mention different districts and areas to explore - Kash Karnival looks to have a real chance to climb to the top of the social gaming tree.

$5000 Multiplayer Slots Tournament At Crazy Vegas

Throughout September Crazy Vegas are running a slots tournament on their golf themed Argyle Open slot machine.

Starting on the 1st and running through to the month end, golf and slots tournament fans will enjoy some incredible slots gameplay while battling it out against multiple opponents for cash prizes totaling €100k.

Entrance fee just €10, with new players eligible for a range of welcome bonuses.

Vgambling Developing Innovative New Video Gambling Format

Vgambling Inc could be a name to watch out for. The operator with bases in Antigua and Canada is working on a new form of gaming that promises top combine video games and betting in a way not yet seen.

The full details are under wraps for now, but the solution under development is expected to offer players around the world the chance to win money by betting on the outcome of multi-player video game contests - competitions based on games primarily designed to be played on mobile devices and for real money prizes.

When the service arrives it may take the form of a betting exchange type operation, where bets are placed on individual competitor and team based games and tournaments.

Innovative New US Lottery Game

This new version of the lottery is due for release in Texas in the autumn of 2015, and may quickly become popular enough to be replicated across the country.

Known as Texas Triple Chance it goes a step further than traditional lottery games and works by combining those with scratch-off instant win games.

Advance information suggests that players will need to put up $2 to choose three sets of seven numbers from the range of 1 through to 55. Every day a set of 10 will be drawn, and if your set matches the drawn set you'll be set to win $100,000. Lower decreasing prizes will be on offer for six numbers matched, five, four, and three.

All the signs are that the new lottery game will overcome any legality questions.

Paypal To Enter US Gambling Market

Payment processing and transfer giant Paypal is lining up to get involved in the US gambling market.

Legal gambling in the US is of course currently limited to three states, so the Paypal focus on regulated gaming site transactions will be a limited but potentially lucrative one.

It's possible for Paypal to quickly make a name for themselves as a reliable form of money transfer - US Customers are used to a decline rate of around 25% currently on gambling related transactions by credit or debit card with well known operators such as Mastercard and Visa.

Coral Bookmaker Best Prices On Winners Of All 2014-2015 Major Soccer Leagues

In a clever move to corner the antepost market on various football leagues before the new seasons kick off, Coral are guaranteeing they offer the biggest early prices across the board (compared to William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bet365, Paddy Power, Betfred, Betfair Sportsbook, Skybet and BetVictor).

They're promising to go higher than any of the bookies listed for any bet placed on a single outright winner of any of the following soccer leagues:

•  Premier League
•  Championship
•  Division 1
•  Division 2
•  Scottish Premier
•  Scottish Championship
•  La Liga
•  Bundesliga
•  Serie A
•  Ligue 1

You'll need to get in quick because the offer may be withdrawn if market forces go heavily against Coral. Click here for full details.

New Multiplayer Slot Games

This new multiplayer casino slots game from a company called Touchspin is set to become one of 2014's big innovations in social gambling. Texas Reels is its name, and the Beta version is online right now.

Texas Reels is a free to play multiplayer slot for mobiles only where up to 6 players compete against each other. Bets go into a pot, and all players see the same set of reels except for two which are kept private. Those two private reels combine with five others that everyone sees, which in turn creates the basic betting aspect of the game. You'll find the normal special slots features such as bonus games, scatters, and different levels.

Currently there are 19 different versions, each offering a variety of upgrades and play that gets increasingly more competitive. The Texas Reels mobile slot game is available to download from the App Store and Google Play and by visiting

New Yahtzee Slot

For lovers of dice games, this new slot is based on the ever popular Yahtzee. Play the new game at SkillOnNet casinos such as Slots Magic, Eucasino, and Mega Casino.

Throw the dice three times and rolling different combinations. Get Yahtzee by rolling the same number of all five.

Four different features add to the fun, including wild multipliers and a 'hold' bonus feature which clicks in when you have four of a kind, allowing you to spin an extra three times to get the set of five.

PokerVIP Poker Games Education Site Relaunch

In a market traditionally dominated by, PokerVIP stands to make some big gains in membership numbers after the recent revamp of their poker tutorial site.

The relaunch puts the valuable site content into multiple languages including Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and Chinese.

PokerVIP's school for budding poker experts features videos which cater for all levels of players, and is presented on a responsive site designed to be easily usable on all types of mobile devices.

Country specific promotions are set up to expand the user base across the supported regions, including a global monthly $50k rake race where the top 200 players will see payouts based on the hands they've played at over ten qualifying well known poker sites.

The educational site provides material prepared by top poker coaches, both on an all user and individual one to one basis. It's supplemented by the world's biggest poker hands database at

Rich Casino Mobile Version

It's no secret that Rich casino are one of my favourites, based on their exceptional range of weekly and monthly slot machine tourneys. Recently they've started down the same route as other leading casinos by offering up a fully optimised mobile version of their website.

The mobile version offers many of the same games found on the regular site, and of course similar promotions and bonuses for existing and new players. In fact all new account holders get a free €15 to get started, followed by a series of deposit bonuses starting with 350% on your first and followed by slightly lower amounts. All in all these add up to a a maximum bonus amount of $3333.

The software has been specially designed to work on most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, meaning you can register to play and win money direct from your mobile device. There's now no need to go through the registration process on a desktop PC or laptop first.

Mobile slots games at Rich Casino include such titles as Black Diamond and Lost Inca's Gold, with each one offering bonus features like free spins and surprise rounds just the same as we're all used to.

Latest Best Value Sign Up Offers

Playing bingo is just about one of the easiest ways to try and win money. Simple, straightforward, and low cost.

This offer from Bingo Canada gives you a free $25 to get started.

And if you enjoy it and want to play some more with your own cash, they'll also give you some great extra cash bonuses - 1100% on your first three deposits to be exact.
Click here for Bingo Canada's high value deposit and free start up bonus
US Players Welcome
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Finding The Best Ways To Win

Because these opportunities are online, in general it doesn't matter where you are in the world. Canada, Australia, India, the UK, the US. Anywhere you can name, if you can get online and it's legal wherever you are, there will be ways to play or take part in these games and competitions and try to get some of the cash on offer into your pocket.

As for the best ways to win, this really needs a dedicated page. The reality is that different options will work in different ways for different people. To find the best for you means knowing what's available, and where your skill and knowledge base lies.

We've said before that many of the ways to try and win mean risking some of your own cash in the attempt - so unless you only focus on those free ways to win, the best approach is to realise right from the beginning that you might lose.

With that in mind, you can focus on what will give you the most enjoyment and entertainment. Ideally for as little cost as possible. You can prepare yourself for that chance of losing, find the best strategies and tips for reducing the chance of it, and identify those types of opportunities which will suit you best. That means those ways that suit your budget, your skills, your knowledge and your level of aversion to risk.

Winning Money (or More To The Point : How To Win Money)

And now we get to the fun bit. Although actually making the attempt to win can be great fun (and this approach is a way I advocate as one of the best, particularly in the case of playing casino games), we all want to win. If you make enough attempts (even in the games where pure luck rules) you will get a win. It may not be enough to cover the money lost in trying to get it, but a win it will be.

Makes it sound easy, doesn't it? But it's not. Going headlong in and betting or gambling recklessly is a surefire way to lose. This is the reason why step 4 is perhaps the most important - winning money consistently.

Winning Consistently

Almost anyone can experience a win of some sort with normal luck and application of knowledge or skill. But to win consistently is the real trick. Unless you hit some sort of jackpot, high odds, or high value bet win, then winning small to reasonable amounts on a regular basis - and ending up with more money than you started with - is the holy grail.

If you know how to win jackpot type money regularly feel free to let me know how!

Winning Consistently & Keeping It

The essence of true bankroll management and common sense. Sure you'll get some great entertainment value from winning a pile of cash and gambling it all back again. But it'll probably hurt too. Ensuring you have a plan to take some of it out of any positive cash account is always going to be a great idea.
Winning money is a numbers game. You can get by with just playing or betting with no regard for percentages, odds, or the amount of cash you're wagering. But in the long run all of these will be important considerations.

On our route there are 3 key ways to win as we've already seen, and there are 5 steps on the route to achieving the wins......

Easy               - Knowing Your Options. Understanding The Opportunities

Not As Easy   - Finding The Best Ways To Win Money
Hard              - Actually Winning

Even Harder  - Winning Consistently

Hardest         - Winning Consistently & Keeping It

What Are Your Options? : Identifying The Ways To Win Money Online

Look back 15 years ago. If you wanted to win some cash you'd have needed to jump in the car or get your walking boots on and travel for it - to a bingo hall, to a land based casino, or to the bookies.

Today many of the opportunities can be found online, they're increasing all the time, and there's a ton of information available to help you understand how to get the best out of them.

Some ways to win are free, but many can cost you some of your hard earned cash. There are ways to win money instantly, fast, slowly, or with forward planning. Some ways involve skill, and many involve luck in varying degrees.

There are opportunities to win at games of pure chance or luck, or by using an element of skill to influence outcomes in your favour. You can win money playing games of every description, or by entering contests and competitions.

With so many different options, its increasingly important to be aware of what all these money winning opportunities are, how they work, and the best ways to try and take advantage of them.

This of course is the essence of the 3 key ways to win money section here on
Hot Winning Money News

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The quintet of online casinos at Grand Parker, Onbling, LocoPanda, ClassyCoin, and Ruby Fortune are great places to go for a taste of the lastest high tech games.

Each offer a range of promotions designed to get you as much entertainment for your money as possible. Of course with the prospect of good wins thrown in.

Ruby Fortune in particular is a good casino from this network to start with. No deposit required to play for free or for real money, you get 30 minutes free play and 888 free bets.

Read more about Ruby Royal here.
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