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Malaysia Football Betting

Online betting on football is one of the most popular forms of gambling all over the world, and betting on matches within Malaysia is no exception. The sports-betting sections of are designed to explore the safe ways of placing bets on sports - and there is no way to bet that's more popular than on football.

For Malaysia, a country that loves its football (and betting) just the same as any other, there are some things you need to know before and when you're placing football bets. You'll will need to be aware of whether it's legal to bet on soccer matches, which online Asian or European bookies accept wagers from Malaysian residents, which of those companies are the best for placing football bets, which ones allow deposits, withdrawals, and bets in Malaysian Ringgits, and the best ways to deposit money from within the country to actually make your bet.
Malaysia Football Betting
Once we've answered those questions we'll move on to explore what types of soccer bet you can make from within Malaysia along with who the most popular bookies are and which of those offer a Malay language interface. All will be particularly useful for betting Asian handicaps on the 2018 football World Cup.

Before we start though, and if you don't need a full breakdown of the intricacies of Malaysian football betting, here's one bookie that's steadily building a reputation as one of the leading operators worldwide. The bookmaker in question is 10Bet, and the good news is that deposits and bets in Malaysian currency (MYR - Ringgits) are accepted......
10Bet is a bookie who have a strong focus on football betting, offering thousands of markets across hundreds of matches nearly every day. In fact, they are now one of the most recognised sports betting and real money gaming brands in the world and placed securely alongside such well known operators as Ladbrokes, BetVictor, and Bet365.

With more than a million active account holding Customers and services offered in over 90 countries and 18 different languages - plus some good value welcome bonuses which although difficult to play through do offer a great way to increase your betting bank - Malaysian soccer betting fans are likely to find plenty of solid opportunities to bet on the outcomes of games across many different worldwide leagues and tournaments.

Those opportunities for betting across hundreds of games a week are made even more attractive with the range of different types of bets, including markets on Malaysian League and Cup games alongside asian handicaps and a wide range of in-play wagering options.
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Exploring Soccer Betting In Malaysia

Football leagues within Malaysia began in 1979 with the first competition pitching representatives of the state football associations against each other. Although the original intent was to use the league system to determine qualifiers for the Malaysia Cup, the league quickly transformed into a championship event in its own right where the winners were crowned league champions.

Leagues in Malaysia have passed through different stages of development, and are now known as:

•  The Malaysian Super League - Liga Super Malaysia
•  Malaysian Premier League - Liga Perdana Malaysia
•  Malaysian FAM League

Also there are two major cup competitions:  Piala FA Malaysia (FA Cup) and Piala Malaysia (Malaysia Cup).

Of course, any country that has its own leagues and cup tournaments will have a way of betting on them, along with bookies that will accept those bets. Malaysian punters will support their teams as fervently as any others...and betting adds to the fun, especially when it's your favourite team.

But it'll be no surprise to learn that actually the majority of football betting interest is focused on the major European Leagues in the UK, Italy, and Spain - plus of course the major cup competitions. Interest in FIFA World Cup asian handicap betting is always extremely popular, given the national team have been performing well at the hugely impressive the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

So, let's assume you're a Malaysian national. We'll take an in depth look at how you're going to be able to place a bet on football matches. I'll tackle each main area you need to think about one by one.......

Which Bookies Accept Malaysian Football Bets

The list of bookies who will take allow Malaysian residents to place bets on soccer matches is definitely not as endless as you'll find open to European punters. However there is still a reasonable level of choice for the Malaysian punter that knows where to look.

Below you'll find a list of bookies that looks like a who's who of well known names throughout the world, including Asia. In normal circumstances you'd be able to bet with any of these and feel that your money is safe and secure, and you're highly unlikely to have any account problems. Because of the legal situation in Malaysia though it's not quite as straightforward to choose one as it is elsewhere.

This section is designed to highlight those areas you might want to look out for if you're in Malaysia and want to enjoy your football matches with the odd side bet running on the outcome.

Remember that the bookies run regular promotions and special offers. These range from welcome sign up bonuses or free bets, through to special odds offers on individual matches. You'll need to keep your eyes open for special offers on any matches you want to bet.


188bet are well known throughout Asia and are one of the best choices for any Malaysian soccer punters. They'll have the best money transfer options of any of the leading bookies, allowing you to deposit from and withdraw to standard bank accounts. 100% up to $50 bonus.


Dafabet are an offshore Phillipine based bookie offering a 100% to 400 MYR welcome bonus.


Phillipine based bookie that holds Malaysian bank accounts into which you can make deposits using the bank transfer method. Bodog88 offer a 33% up to MYR 1380 bonus, and offer real money wagering on poker games, casino games, and local favourites such as Mahjong alongside a range of sportsbetting options including of course a range of soccer bets.


Well know bookmaker across virtually all of Europe, Asia, and Australia. Regular bonus offers and promotions including a bonus for Malaysian registrants of 15% up to MYR 250.

For betting on the Malaysia local leagues Bet365 are a popular choice. Each of the leagues are covered including the two main competitions - the Super League and the Premier League. Bet365 will also offer a full range of different types of odds on local cup competitions like the AFC Cup.

With Bet365 of course you'll also get access to place bets on the main European football leagues and cup competitions too.


Another European based well known bookie with in depth coverage of a wide range of football league and cup odds. Betvictor also cover local Malaysian leagues and allow betting in MYR.

Pinnacle Sports

Some might see Pinnacle as an anomaly, given they don't offer special promotions. No sign up bonuses with them. However there has to be a reason why Pinnacle are so successful - and it's because they work to very tight margins. This means they'll quite often be quoting better odds than their competitors, making them a good choice for punters that play in bigger bets.



I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of Ladbrokes. Quite simply one of the largest bookmakers in the world, they do cater for Malaysian soccer bets.

Betting Exchanges

I'll cover betting exchanges in general here. Of course exchanges are not traditional bookies...but they are a good alternative way to place soccer bets. Often you'll get higher odds on the exchanges. Betfair and Betdaq are the most well known. Betdaq cover betting on Malaysian Super League matches, but do not allow deposits in MYR.

Best Bookies For Malaysia Soccer Betting

If you're looking for a list of the best bookies/bokies for Malaysian soccer bets it's going to be a short but select one. Personally I'm happier with smaller lists such as this, it allows more control when you're searching for best odds.

The drawback for more professional punters is that extra choice gives you even more chances to find better odds, not so much of a problem when you're betting in small amounts but can be much more important when sizeable bets are concerned.


188 are definitely the best choice for any Malaysian soccer punters. They'll have the best money transfer options of any of the leading bookies, allowing you to deposit from and withdraw to standard bank accounts. 100% up to $50 bonus.


I have to put Bet365 in the best bookies list - they appear in any top list for punters anywhere in the world. They offer a massive range of sportsbetting markets, allow in-play betting, and regularly offer high value bonuses and promotions. In addition, after placing a qualifying bet you're often able to watch the event live.


Betvictor offers great range of betting on Malaysian sports and are one of the leading UK bookmakers. You'll be able to bet in Malaysia ringgits.

Which Bookies Accept Deposits & Withdrawals in Malaysian Ringgits?

It's no good knowing which bookies are going to offer you bets in football matches if you can't deposit money to bet with(or withdraw it when you win).

Wherever you live - as long as it's legal and there's a way to do it - you can deposit to betting sites in various well known currencies such as USD, Euros, and GBP. Many of us do prefer to bet in our own currencies though. Here we'll investigate which bookies can handle deposits in Ringgits.

Fortunately there is a good choice. From the list of well known bookies that serve a number of Asian region countries, we end up with a handful that can handle transactions in MYR.

•  188bet
•  12bet
•  Mansion88
•  Bet365
•  Betvictor
•  Dafabet
•  Bodog88

Of these it's Bet365 who are best known outside of Asia, but all four will be well known to experienced Asian punters.

But you'll know that it's all very well to be able to deposit in your local currency, but it's a little more difficult sometimes to actually do it. Which brings us to the section on how to deposit money into an account.

How To Deposit Money Into An Online Betting Account

This is where it gets tricky at times. Those of us who live in the regulated European countries will never face these types of problem with depositing money into a betting account. But it is what it is for depositing from Malaysia so let's look at the options offered by each of the main bookies.

Note that irrelevant of who you're registering an account with, they'll all want to verify who you say you are through various forms of proof of identity - photo ID, passport, utility bills etc etc.  At a minimum they'll be asking for copies of your photo ID and a utility bill showing your name.

Probably a passport is going to be the most valid form of photo ID but a MyID may work just as well. You can get a 5 year ICAO e-passport for RM300.

The best banking method for Malaysians is EntroPay. Although this method costs about 4% plus exchange fees to load using your Malaysian debit or credit card, it’s by far the safest option. At some sites you’ll get bonus offers that will more than offset the fees. We suggest opening your account with EntroPay in either USD or EUR, because MYR is not supported. The benefit to using this method is your bank statement will appear as EntroPay as opposed to the name of a bookies website. Should any authorities review your bank records they’ll have no idea you were betting on the internet. Also, for a small fee you can order an EntroPay Plastic Card and access money you cash out of betting sites at any ATM in Malaysia (or anywhere else worldwide).

Depositing if you're in Malaysia is probably the one area that's potentially difficult.  As far as MYR is concerned, the only real option open is for a wire transfer. This can be slow at times - possibly taking up to a day - so if you've got a soccer match coming up that you know you're going to want a bet on, you'll need to have made a deposit in advance.

With other currencies there are a lot more options. Probably the best ways to make a deposit are by using money wallet services such as Moneybookers, Neteller, or Entropay. Of these, the last named is generally recognized as the best for use from within Malaysia.

Using Entropay has its benefits and drawbacks - the biggest drawback being the fees which come in at around 4%. It also does not handle transaction in Ringgits, so deposits will need to be in USD or Euros. The benefits are that money transfer transactions will be recorded as going to and from Entropay rather than the end bookmaker, plus you can get an Entropay card that let's you withdraw cash from ATMs.

All that said, Entropay is probably one of the safest options.

Neteller also offer a valuable money wallet service which comes with a free ATM card. The benefit Neteller has over Entropay is that it's accepted by a wider range of bookies, including most of the Europeans.

What Types Of Football Bet Can You Make?

We've analyzed where you can bet, and how to make deposits so that you can place the bets. Now it's time to look at the different types of soccer bet you can place.

This is a huge subject. Over recent years the numbers of different ways to bet on football have exploded. They can be broadly broken down into types of wagers you can make on the matches themselves, on tournament or league outright winners or losers, and by the type of odds you're working with relevant to either of these.

Bets on Matches

There is such a wide range of these that it'll be impossible to cover them all here. Probably the best way to see what is on offer is to visit the football betting page of any of the best bookies for Malaysia listed above. There you'll easily be able to see the different bets you can make.

As examples though you can place bets on:

Both teams to score
Either team to lose to nil
First and last goalscorer
Number of corners/penalties/free kicks
Red or yellow cards

This list just scratches the surface. There are dozens more options which will keep any punter happy, and it's always worth taking notice of any no lose betting options you find.

League or Cup Outright Winners

These types of wager are exactly as described in the heading. They're normally placed at the start of a season or competition - on the winner, top league positions, or runner up spots. In a league or cup competition the odds will of course change as the season or competition progresses. Odds on any selection you make may contract or get bigger depending on your chosen teams' performance.

Types Of Odds

In many of the Asia region countries the most popular form of betting on soccer is now by wagering on Asian handicaps. There is a dedicated page here on winmoney101 which talks about Asian handicaps in some depth. I won't try to reproduce that here.

One type you do need to be aware of are Malay odds, though my bet is that if you're reading this from within Malaysia then you already know what they are.

But just in case you haven't heard about them, Malay odds in football are easy to understand:

You'll see these stated as a negative or positive number which is never bigger than 1, with negative meaning the underdog, and positive indicating the favorite.

Odds example   -0.650     The risk or bet is 0.650 to win 1 unit
Odds example   +0.650    The risk is 1 to win 0.650

Most bookmakers catering for Malaysian bettors will offer the option of displaying odds in different formats.

Is It Legal To Bet On Football From Within Malaysia?

Unfortunately betting on sports is not legal in Malaysia as defined in the Betting Act 1953. Hence the only way you can safely make football bets is to do it with online bookies who are registered and operating outside of the country.

All of the best bookies for Malaysia soccer betting listed above are registered outside, hence the reason why they will accept deposits and subsequent soccer bets from Malaysian residents. They're all licensed and regulated in foreign countries.

As a resident, clearly you should not be betting, and the advice is not to do so. If you are going to do it, then best stick with the bookies listed. That way at least you know you'll have no problems getting your money out after a good win.

The good point about betting with online bookies who are based outside Malaysia is that they are not subject to Malay laws. In particular those bookies licensed in the Phillipines are worth considering. Most of the reports of fines or arrests I've found have exclusively been focused on runners and the actual local bookie operations, rather than individual punters. 

Add to this the fact that there has been reported deep discussion about some form of legalization of football betting. The authorities know that it's huge, they know they'll never be able to stamp it out . Making soccer betting legal would potentially bring in taxation revenue plus act to reduce the organised crime element of it. There's a possibility that reports of match fixing could reduce too - though that seems unlikely to me.

Until that legalization is realized though, the advice remains not to bet. Although it appears unlikely an individual will have a problem, it can happen - as some cases where the actual bookies have been arrested and that's spilled over to affect individual account holders.

It may pay to avoid the bookies who are focused on the Asia region for this reason, and if you're going to place bets then do it with European bookies that service the asian market and ideally make sure you place your bets from home and avoid internet cafes.

All of this is somewhat at odds with the situation for land-based betting, given that Malaysia gave rise to one of the biggest gambling names in the business - Genting.

The well known firm Genting first started up its first casino - the Genting Highlands Resort (now known as Resorts World Genting) - in Malaysia in the 1960s. It was one of the first mega-sized casinos in the region, with Genting going on become a well known gambling brand with land-based properties across the rest of Asia and within the UK too, in addition to developing their own online presence.

What happens If I Bet Illegally

At this point if you do bet with local bookies you could face an RM5000 fine or 6 months in prison. 6 months would be plenty of time to consider improving your betting strategies right? But not what we'd want!

The better news is that (as we've covered before) it's highly unlikely you'd have any problems as long as you place your bets with bookies registered outside the country.

Of course there are risks to your cash to by betting with bookies you can't fully trust, namely the biggest risk that you might not get your money if and when you win.  So whatever you do make sure it's with an operator that is trusted and secure.

If you're a provider of football betting (ie acting as a bookmaker), the Malaysian authorities will take a dim view of your operation and the penalties are much higher than for single punters.

All of this may become more of a problem if you take religion and Sharia Law into consideration.....

Other Betting Considerations For Malaysian Residents - Religious Restrictions On Football Betting

If you're a Muslim by religion, you'll most likely be fully aware of the viewpoint of Sharia law on any form of gambling. Under Islamic law, gambling is looked on as a serious crime. The full detail behind this can be found here along with various other aspects of life that are designated as illegal in the Muslim religion.

Religion is a very powerful motivator, and the advice here would be that if you are a Muslim (Malaysian or otherwise) then avoid any form of betting including that on football matches. The Sharia law penalties are higher than local government ones at 3000 MYR or 2 years in prison, and possibly both.

What Might Change?

As is the case in many other countries where gambling isn't legal, there are a number of reasons why local authorities are trying to make it so. Malaysia is on the list.

Specifically around sports betting, there's been significant official interest in legalising, with the authorities recognising that stamping out betting on sports is incredibly difficult, plus of course there may be side benefits such as getting much-needed tax revenue and partially eliminating match-fixing.

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