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Bitcoin Cash Casinos – Crypto Gambling Sites Accepting BCH

Bitcoin Cash is a digital coin that launched in August of 2017. Its main appeal is that it utilizes more sizeable blocks that allow for a higher volume of network transactions to get processed. Its name derives from it using the original Bitcoin Cash client.

Almost immediately after its inception, some crypto casinos began accepting Bitcoin Cash. However, more widespread acceptance of this coin happened in the last two years.

Today, Bitcoin Cash casinos are everywhere. If you locate a crypto gambling site that accepts over ten coins, we guarantee that one will be Bitcoin Cash. Its popularity is surging, as at the time of writing, it ranks seventh by market capitalization.

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

It is a fork of Bitcoin. For those who are not knee-deep in software terminology, that is when a developer takes the source code from one software package and begins to develop a distinct piece of software from it.  Near the end of 2018, Bitcoin Cash underwent another fork, splitting into SV and ABC. In essence, it is a crypto coin like any other.

What Are Bitcoin Cash Casinos?

They are gambling sites that accept this cryptocurrency. Usually, they will also allow the use of multiple other coins. We have never stumbled upon a Bitcoin Cash-only site. In most cases, if Bitcoin Cash is available, there is a 99% chance that Bitcoin will also be a deposit/withdrawal option.

What Games Can You Play with Bitcoin Cash?

You should have no problem playing any of the games available. If a site features cryptos as a payment option, deposits made with it are eligible for gambling on any offered products.

Bitcoin Cash Slots
Slots are the most popular gaming genre in the online casino industry. Yes, you can play reel-spinners with Bitcoin Cash funds. The selection of Bitcoin Cash slots should consist of a site’s entire reel-spinning library.

Bitcoin Cash Blackjack
Blackjack is the world’s most popular casino table game, and it is on offer at virtually all Bitcoin Cash gambling sites. If you opt to play Bitcoin Cash live blackjack, you will likely have to bet in dollar equivalents.

Bitcoin Cash Roulette
Roulette is Europe’s favorite casino game, invented in 18th century France. It is available at pretty much all Bitcoin Cash sites. The terrific thing about it is that it accepts close to 50/50 bets on odds/evens, black/red, highs/lows.

Bitcoin Cash Poker
Now, here is a kicker, most Bitcoin Cash gambling sites do not host actual poker games. What they do offer are casino poker variants and virtual poker machines. You do not play these Bitcoin Cash poker games against other players. You face a software dealer who you aim to defeat. The offer of Bitcoin Cash Live Poker games is minuscule. Out of the top providers, only Evolution Gaming has a few live Bitcoin Cash casino poker variants.

Bitcoin Cash Dice
Dice is the crypto gambling staple. According to many, Satoshi Dice was the original Bitcoin gambling platform. Its legacy got expanded via sites like PrimeDice and JustDice. If a crypto casino offers provably fair games, it will likely have dice.

Bitcoin Cash Crash
By all accounts, Crash is the second-most-popular provably fair game in existence. It has been around almost as long as dice. Crypto gambling does not get simpler than Crash. If you are a newbie and your Bitcoin Cash casino carries Crash, kick off your gaming voyage with it.

Bitcoin Cash Sports Betting
There are a ton of online sportsbooks in the digital sphere that accept Bitcoin Cash. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash sports betting is for sure a possibility.

Where Can You Find a Bitcoin Cash Casino?

Well, the simplest method to locate such a site is on this page. Scroll up to see what platforms accept this currency. If you find yourself reading a BTCGOSU casino review, and you want to instantly find out if that site supports Bitcoin Cash, check the deposit options in the info section at the top of the page.

What are the Advantages of Playing Games with Bitcoin Cash?

Let us do a quick dive into why Bitcoin Cash may be right for you.

Fast Transfers
Bitcoin Cash is faster than standard Bitcoin. It will usually require the same number of network confirmations before your deposit gets credited to your Bitcoin Cash casino account.

Bitcoin Cash Is Scalable
What does that mean exactly? Well, the Bitcoin Cash team is quick to implement changes. High scalability means that this coin’s potential for future widespread adoption is high. So, it may pay off to hold such coins in your casino balance.

Low Transaction Costs
Per, a fee for a transaction of 236 bytes may cost you as little as $0.001.

What are the Disadvantages of Playing Games with Bitcoin Cash?

The negative aspects of using Bitcoin Cash are the following:

Bitcoin Cash Has Lower Liquidity
If we check the market, it is clear that there are fewer BCH transactions than BTC ones. Thus, BCH has lower liquidity than BTC. That may affect its future prices.

Risk of Hacking
It is a bit redundant to keep pointing this out, but as is the case with all cryptocurrencies, there is a risk that Bitcoin Cash may get targeted by hackers.

Bitcoin Cash Mining Is Less Profitable
That is so because of the network’s computing complexity. You may want to keep this in mind if you wish to register with a site that has a mining/staking option with Bitcoin Cash. It is a better idea to stick to Bitcoin in such a scenario.

How to Start Playing Games with Bitcoin Cash

Get a BCH Wallet
There are many wallets out there that support BCH. In our opinion, your best BCH wallet options are Electron Cash, Coinomi, Trezor, Ledger Nano S,, and the BU Bitcoin Cash Client. Given that many people got confused and sent Bitcoins to a BCH wallet, the developers of Bitcoin Cash came up with a new address format that is 42 characters long and starts with a p or q.

Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Once you attain a BCH wallet, you can then move on to purchasing some Bitcoin Cash. Most crypto exchanges will let you buy Bitcoin Cash. The most reputable ones that allow this option are eToro,, Coinmama, Coinbase, and Bitstamp.

Make a BCH Deposit
Pick a Bitcoin Cash casino, and create an account. Then, head over to its cashier page, and select the deposit option. Pick Bitcoin Cash from the list of offered payment methods, enter your desired deposit amount, and confirm your transfer. After the required number of network confirmations happen, your funds should land in your casino balance.

Finding a Good Bitcoin Cash Casino

We’ve made it easy for you by listing the top Bitcoin Cash casinos in the table above. If you want to do your research, pay attention to the following aspects:

Decent Usability
Your chosen site should offer simple navigation and fast load times. It should not take you more than two-three seconds to move from one section of the platform to another.

Simple Deposits & Withdrawals
Crypto casinos cannot drastically affect the speed of money transfers. However, they should have low KYC requirements, and their site’s interface should make depositing/withdrawing simple. Your intuition should be enough to carry you through these procedures.

Excellent Customer Support
You will inevitably run into some issues on your crypto gaming adventure. Therefore, you have to make sure that your chosen Bitcoin Cash casino has live support that will aim to resolve all problems swiftly and efficiently.
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