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Win Money at Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are promotions that work by encouraging people to participate in lucky draws, sometimes known as sweeping. They're often run as some form of promotion, maybe by a business, brand, or website. They're a great way for getting knowledge oif a new product or service out to as many prospective Customers as possible.

Their outcome depends entirely on chance and not any particular skill. These draws are linked to certain products and services, and sponsoring companies give away featured prizes.

The values of the prizes vary, you won't find only money on offer - the prizes can vary from cash, homes, and electronic goods through to cars, holidays, and other such items.

The eligibility to participate in a sweepstake is usually restricted by international, state, local and national regulations.
There are two types of sweepstakes - prize drawing and instant win. Prize drawing companies take entries daily and the prizes are sent out by mail after the sweepstakes period is over. There is no indication of winning until you get your prize. On the other hand, the outcome of instant win games is announced immediately. Most companies have both the types of sweepstakes at the same time and even within the same game.

Participating in sweepstakes is a great opportunity to win things for free. Most sweepstakes require no purchase and reward you with grand prizes in exchange for nothing. It is a great de-stressor and a fun way to pass your time. As it is not very time consuming, you can indulge in it during short intervals or breaks between other activities.

Differences Between Money Sweepstakes and Cash Contests

Many might consider contests or competitions and sweepstakes to be the same thing. But there is a difference.

Entering cash competitions normally involves some form of skill - generally doing something better than someone else. Maybe writing a great story, or entering a photograph. Sweepstakes are normally very straightforward to enter - often just by filling in a form, or entering a name and email. On Facebook pages it may be as simple as hitting the like button.

In money sweepstakes - or any prize sweepstakes for that matter - it's all down to pure luck. Very similar to the luck you'd need to win money at casino games, though without the risk of losing any of your own cash.

Aside From Money, What Prizes Can You win?

Money sweepstakes are just that, you get cash if you win. But prizes can vary and cover just about anything you can think of.

Cash and gift cards or vouchers are the most likely prizes you'll encounter. But you will see sweeps for holidays and cars, for electronic goods and clothes, anything and everything in fact.

Of course, the bigger the prize, the more entrants it will attract. For this reason it can be a good idea to enter smaller prize sweeps alongside trying to win the big money prizes.

9 Winning Money Tips For Sweepstakes Entries

· Frequency: It is advisable to enter as often as allowed. Many sweepstakes can be entered daily throughout the period of the promotion. If the rules permit entry once a day, make sure you do so to increase your winning chances. And don't limit yourself to just one contest. There are dozens on offer at any one time if you shop around. Entering 100s of sweeps should be your target to tip the probability of winning in your favour.

· Following rules: Pay attention to rules that accompany the sweep. Do not enter if you are under the age limit or ineligible in any way. It won't cost you anything, but nothing can be more disappointing than winning and finding out you cannot have the prize. Some sweeps are limited to certain countries, regions or US states only, while others may have a specific entry period. Age requirements are also worth checking. Make sure you go through all the rules and regulations properly before entering. It is vital to enter the required information accurately while entering.

· Seek out sweepstakes: Go through your mail frequently. Make note of sweepstakes that you come across on the TV or radio. You can look out in newspapers as well. Great cash prize deals are advertised through these mediums. Remember that you can enter some sweeps daily - so the earlier you know about them, the more entries you can make.

· Picking the right sweep: If participating entails buying something or paying an entry fee, don’t enter (unless you desperately want the prize and/or you're prepared to lose the entry fee). Really it is not worth entering unless it is entirely free. You chances of winning should be equally good even if you do not spend money, and there are plenty of free entry opportunities.

· Answer correctly: Some sweepstakes require an answer, often to a very simple question. They're designed so that the vast majority of entrants will know the answer. There is no point in participating if you are unsure about your answer. Double check the accuracy of your answers before submitting them.

· Making an entry: If you are mailing your entry, follow all requirements like the size of the envelope and deadlines. Make sure you write legibly and distinguish your entry is some way. If you are entering online, make sure you fill in all the required information.

· Set yourself up with a dedicated email address to be used just for registering. You're likely to be getting a lot of mails with offers afterwards. Some sweeps are run just with the intention of collecting email addresses to help with subsequent marketing.

· Watch out for tax requirements. In the US in particular, you need to pay tax on wins. The best way to handle this is to keep good records of what you've entered and when, and what you've won.

· Work out a plan to make the most of your time. There are hundreds of opportunities to enter, and only so much time to spare. You won't be able to enter everything, so make a plan. Maybe spend 30 minutes each day reviewing new opportunities. Choose those which offer the prizes you really want. Keep a record so you know which ones to go back to daily and enter again.

Where Can You Enter Money Sweepstakes?

You'll find sweepstakes offered in a variety of land based locations - shops, banks, grocery stores, clubs, charities. However, the internet is now the most popular place for making entries.

There are many websites that offer sweepstakes, but it is vital to ensure that the site you use is authentic. Whether you find sweepstake sites through referral websites or blogs, you need to make sure that the one you choose is legitimate.

The cash prizes offered can be limitless and playing often can help you win a number of goodies. One of the best ways to keep up to date with the latest offers is through membership sites.

Dedicated Sweepstake Sites looks to be one of the most valuable to remember. It has listings broken down into all sorts of categories. is another directory type site with hundreds of sweeps to enter. Their strapline says they're the ''largest directory of free sweepstakes and contests. has some very useful pages on a range of different sweeps, including one specifically on cash contests.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs

You'll find plenty of money sweepstakes on popular social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These two links will take you to the respective and relevant pages. Blogs too are a good source, often asking you just to post a comment to make an entry. These might be company blogs advertising products, or personal blogs where the writer is just trying to increase readership.