High Roller Casinos
What Is A High Roller Casino?

The term 'High Roller' is typically used to refer to a gambler who wants to make high value bets, and at limits you may not find in a regular casino.

The casinos that cater for these types of players are specially set up to accept these high value type bets.

They run VIP packages that offer great value for anyone wanting to make the sort of deposits you'll need to make to place those size bets.
Recommended Online Casinos

Casino games for high rollers are really no different from those you'll find at any casino. Blackjack, baccarat, and three card poker are all on the list, along with most other casino card games. Roulette fans won't be disappointed, and high limit, high payout slots deserve a mention, as do craps and video-poker.

For many high stakes players, it's those card games which are going to be the main attraction. There's nothing quite like the thrill of waiting for that final turn to see if you're holding a dealer-beating hand. Baccarat in particular is popular with many Asian region gamblers, due to its low house edge.

But it's slots and not card games that can offer the biggest winning pots. With a hefty bankroll, there's the chance to play maximum stakes and maximum lines in the hope of landing one of the multi-million dollar jackpots we all read about.

Bet Limits

In regular casinos a high value bet may reach up to $100 per hand of blackjack - the highest allowed bets in a high roller casino can reach $500 or even $1,000 per hand, and sometimes more. Of course, with a high roller casino offering the largest bets available on the internet, that also means they're offering the biggest potential wins.

Trust Factors

With these increased stakes, it becomes even more important to find and play with a reputable and trustworthy operator. The most reliable casinos offering high roller stakes will be licensed and allow the player to take advantage of table games that offer thousands of dollars of bets on each wager.

All of the same criteria for choosing an online casino apply, just the same as if you are depositing $/£/€50 or $/£/€1000. Payment processing options are crucial, as is making sure your chosen casino has strong recommendations from other players, especially other high stakes players if you can find any willing to talk about their experience.

VIP Programs

VIP programs are sometimes referred to as Loyalty Programs. As a reward for continuous gaming and regular deposits, the casinos will offer specific VIP incentives to play and keep playing. With software for casino gaming at its highest quality ever, just having great games does not make a casino into a recommended one for VIPs and High Rollers. They need to offer something more, with incentives like exclusive promotions firmly on the cards.

Loyalty points programs are  worth watching out for. These often offer points awards for the number of times you play, so as a regular high stakes player it's possible to rack up some impressive points scores. These can then be exchanged for exclusive gifts, gadgets, or maybe extra playing money. 

Certainly as a high roller, you can expect a personal Account Manager. Their task would be to keep you up to date on new promotions, and make sure you understand and terms and conditions attached.

Promotions & Bonuses

One of the biggest advantages to a high roller player is in the size of bonuses on offer. When you're depositing large amounts you want to be receiving equally high bonuses for your money and generally receiving the VIP treatment, just the same a you would if you rolled up to a Las Vegas casino in a limo.

Usually you can expect to see up to 500% match bonuses on offer if you're prepared to make a big deposit of say $1000 or more. Often that offer might be available on first deposit and for occasional reloads.

Of course,  casinos want to attract players that are prepared to risk considerable sums of cash, so they tend to offer the biggest bonuses to those types of players.

But always remember that bonuses come with strings attached. The play through rule - where you have to play through the value of a bonus a multiple of times before you can withdraw - might end up being the bane of any high rollers life. You could win big and have to play it all back before making that fat withdrawal. In fact it's a good idea to look into terms and conditions of any offer first, even before the scale of the offer lights up the dollar signs.

Best High Roller Casinos

There are a number of online casinos that offer great value deals for high stakes players. Some of the more popular high-roller casinos include:

Casino Las Vegas - Up to 4000 dollar or 4000 euro available via bonuses,  accepts blackjack bets up to 500 dollars/eurso a bet. High quality VIP service for highrollers.

Bovada - 50% Free bet bonus up to $250. US players welcome

City Club Casino - Players get up to $5600 in bonuses over time. Click here to go to the Cityclub website for info.

William Hill Casino - Any casino fan will definitely have heard of William Hill, one of the oldest and most reliable online gambling operators. Enjoy the top quality software from Playtech, one of the leaders in casino software. WillHill offer some massive high roller bonuses, along with maximum bet values that'll let you stake some colossal sums.

Bet365 - Popular the world over for good reason, Bet365 offer high value start up bonuses and maximum stakes games of up to £25000.

Am I a High Roller?

If you're asking this question, it's possible you aren't. Most high rollers will know the term, they'll have played at land based casinos, and know exactly which games they prefer to place the big bets on. In a land based casino they're often private figures who don't want to draw too much attention - a trait that's perfectly satisfied by playing online.

But if you have a low aversion to risk, can afford to make big bets and lose without it being a problem, and enjoy the adrenalin burst that comes with the wait for the right cards to fall or the ball to drop, then you probably fit comfortably into the high roller bracket and most casinos will welcome you with open arms as a VIP player.

Big deposits are the name of the game - playing in any of the high limit casinos will mean you're looking to deposit at least $1000 as a first deposit and probably a lot more. These size deposits will make you a VIP player at any casino you care to play at, and place you firmly into the high roller category.


Always remember that casino gambling is unlikely to end up leaving you with a healthy bankroll in the long term.  As a high roller, the biggest benefit is you'll win big, but the biggest risk is you'll lose big. That may not matter, especially if you have the type of fat bank account that many high rollers possess - but still it'll pay to play carefully.

Aside from the risk of losing what could be a vast sum of money, the other main risk to watch for is in potentially signing up with a rogue casino that'll disappear with your money, or fail to pay it out when you request a cashout. This of course can be covered off by making your selection of casino carefully (see the trust factor section above).


See how the Las Vegas High Rollers play the tables and enjoy the perks in the videos below. There are plenty more videos to watch on our subject at Youtube.
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