Recommended Online Casinos

I've said many times here that playing games at online casino websites is not one of the greatest ways to win money. That's definitely true if you want to end a gaming session with more money than you started with.
But there's certainly no valid argument that casino games don't offer great entertainment, and at least the chance of winning sometimes vast sums of money. That's what we all dream of. So for anyone determined to get in on the action, it's worth knowing where you're going to get the best experience. Here we'll be listing a small but select bundle of recommended online casinos. If you're not into playing for real money you can always play for free in any of the social casino games sites.
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The Recommended Casinos

So finally we come to the list of casino recommendations. If you're going to gamble online - and on casino games to boot - here's a handful of operators that meet all or most of the criteria I've laid out above.

Liberty Slots

First up is Liberty Slots, with their website at The site is fully responsive, offering great entertainment if you're out and about with a mobile device.

One way of getting the most out of your playing time and bankroll in a casino is to take part in slots tournaments. For a set buy in fee, you'll get the chance to win valuable prizes and limit your losses at the same time. Liberty slots tournaments are well known in the industry, with daily, weekly, and monthly contests all on offer.

Bovada Casino

The video further below gives a good introduction overview on Bovada's online operation which gives US residents who want to play casino games a reliable, trustworthy, and generally high quality experience.

Lincoln Casino

Grand Parker Casino

Mobile Casinos that are available to USA citizens are pretty rare, which is one of the most unique things about Grand Parker. In addition to the availability of an iPhone app, and the ability to play casino games on an Android, using the instant play website, Grand Parker is also one of the easiest online casinos available for making deposits.

Live chat is available 24 hours a day using a link located in the top right hand corner of Grand Parker’s website, as well as from inside of the casino’s software.

Win Palace Casino

Just like Grand Parker, Win Palace casino offers a vast selection of online casino games to mobile phone and tablet users in the United States. The casino features an iPhone app, and an instant play option available from within the customer’s browser for Android users. If your Android phone does not have Adobe Flash, then you will have to update to the latest version, which last we checked was available on the Adobe website, but not in the Google Play store.

Keep in mind when you’re choosing one of the above casinos, that though the UIGEA didn’t make it illegal to gamble online, at all… some local jurisdictions have passed their own freedom restricting laws. Always check your local laws before assuming anything you read online is true.
If you're keen to play casino games it's wise to stop and take a deep breath before piling in. It's no secret that casino games are among the worst opportunities for winning money online - the house edge that's there in every type of game will mean that more often than not you'll end up down on your cash.  I'd suggest you try cash skill games for better chances of winning, but either way make sure you read the responsible gaming page to understand the risks.

But casino games are fun, and that's what keeps regulars coming back time after time. That plus the fact that there is always a possibility to win big.

So let's assume you do want to have a go at beating the casino. You have in mind an amount you're comfortable with losing (or paying for your entertainment to put it another way), and you obviously want to make the right choice.

Recommendations are a great place to start. On this page we'll cover some of the different aspects involved with finding the right online casino for you and your situation.

Before we take a look at some of the suggestions for where to play, it's worth examining what criteria you'll need to be thinking about. In fact, the answer to 'what puts a casino into the recommended list?' See the video at the end of the list for some visual tips. If this isn't enough, there are plenty more videos at Youtube on recommended online casinos.

And there are a number of factors to consider:

     • Trust Factors - Is my money safe, and are the games fair?

     • Software - Wide game choice and latest graphics

     • Games - Wide game choice with different or intriguing versions of popular games

     • Where Are You? Can You Play? - Available to players in your region

     • Recommended Casinos - Who's on the list?

     • Reviews - Where can I go for trustworthy casino reviews?

     • Bonuses & Promotions - Who offers the best value?

     • Deposits & Withdrawals - Is it easy for me to deposit cash, and get it out when I want it?

     • Mobile Games - Can I play games on a smartphone?

     • Customer Support & Complaints - What's the response like to my queries?

The video below covers some of these requirements in detail.
Liberty Slots Casino Recommended
Lincoln Casino Recommended Recommended
Bovada Casino Recommended

Trust Factors - Is My Money Safe & Secure, & Are The Games Fair?

For many players, trust is one of the most important factors to watch for. Casinos are all about winning or losing money, so what use is playing at one going to be if you feel you're being cheated or your cash isn't safe.

There are a few key indicators that will tell you if any recommendation is a good one:

• Is the casino eCogra certified? Is it licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or another similar?

• If UK or Europe based, is it licenced by the Gambling Commission in the UK, or licenced by the Gibraltar Government and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner for other countries?

• Is it audited by recognised external auditors to ensure fair play and randomness in its random number generators?

• Does it have a strong industry reputation and history, and financial stability? For instance, a publicly traded casino is likely to be more financially stable than a fly-by-night casino that’s just opened up, with no certification, no history, and no transparency.

• Does it have clearly marked areas of the site showing responsible gambling information? Does it offer ways for Customers to set spending limits or self exclude from playing?

• Does it spam players, or use false/misleading advertising?

Are terms and conditions of play clearly marked and spelled out? Make sure that you read the terms and conditions on every online casino site you visit. These are usually posted on the website, or are displayed as the casino software is downloaded. If these are written poorly, the casino should be avoided.


Casino games are supplied to the industry by a number of software development firms, some of whom deliver solutions which are generally rated better than others. You'll find a few of the best on the casino software page. Netent, Rival Gaming, RTG Casinos, Playtech, Cryptologic, and Microgaming are a few names to take note of.

Software determines the look and feel of the games, from the graphics through to the speed with which they'll run. Some software developers will only supply games to operators who serve Customers outside the United States.

It's not easy to recommend one type of casino software over another, I've found that it's often down to personal taste. For example, the version of 3 card poker at Bovada may look different than that at WilliamHill Casino. You may prefer one over the other, but there will be other factors that more strongly influence any decision to register and play.

Game Availability

What's more important for me is the range of games on offer. You may have a specific slot you want to play, or different versions of video poker or blackjack. For instance, a blackjack player really doesn’t care if an internet based casino offers 3000 slots titles to choose from, however, that might really make a slots fan happy!

Of course, no one casino will have every game or game version under the sun, so you may need to shop around and possibly even have multiple accounts.
There are plenty of options, as you can see from these examples of different types of Blackjack:

Recommended Casinos for Blackjack Players

If you’re a fan of the game of blackjack, you’ve probably learned that there are some restrictions when it comes to claiming and clearing blackjack bonuses at online casinos, which is one variable that may come into play when you find yourself in search of the best blackjack casinos online.

You’re also likely going to be in search of casinos with several varieties of blackjack, and the best odds of winning for blackjack players.

Best Blackjack Surrender Casinos

William Hill

Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos


Best Casinos for Blackjack game variety

Betfair Casino is recommended for all of the following types of blackjack:

Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Surrender
Half Double Blackjack
Pick’em Blackjack
Zero Blackjack

Not familiar with Zero blackjack? Well let me just fill you in on what exactly zero blackjack at Betfair casino is. Betfair’s game developers have designed a blackjack game that gives the player equal odds of winning, provided they are using a basic blackjack strategy. That means that the house has zero edge over the player. That’s pretty nifty!

The games list at Betfair casino is really nothing compared to the variety of blackjack and 21-based games available at Ladbrokes casino where you can find over 20 different blackjack varieties on offer.

Can I Play?

One of the first things most people are going to be looking for when it comes to choosing a new online casino to gamble at is one that actually accepts new players from their location. After all, it doesn’t matter how great an internet-based casino is if you can’t actually play there.

Depending upon where you’re located in the world, there might be regulations as to which casinos you can legally, or easily make deposits to. Many countries where online casinos are legal enact strict standards and regulations to ensure that those enterprises run legally and with full legitimacy. They ensure that the casino pays a player after winning and they guarantee that published odds match the actual probabilities placed in each game.

For instance, many countries within Europe require that residents play only at casinos licensed by the EU, others require their residents gamble only at sites that are licensed by the country itself. Some require citizens to play at those that are located at an internet address that ends in their particular countries website domain extension, for instance .US for United States, .EU for Europe, or .fr for France.

Each country has its own restrictions and regulations.

How To Find The Trustworthy Online Casinos for US Players

UK based, European, and Australian online casinos are well known for their diligence in abiding by national gambling standards and laws. However, if you live in a location where online gambling is illegal, it may prove extremely difficult to find a trusted location.

Regardless, research is an important aspect of finding a trusted casino where you can gamble safely and with assurance. That's where this recommended casinos page comes to the fore, of course.

Research is easy. There are hundreds of websites online which give casino reviews. Some of those focus specifically on those online casinos which accept US players. If you're looking to play at -or even just to get off of base one and find a US online casino to play at - then take a look at Bovada. They're one of the biggest casinos,  do accept US players, and have received many good reports on their trustworthiness and the quality of their games.

Bovada seem to take pride in giving US resident casino fans with high class options for betting on casino games, poker or multiple types of sports.  Their gambling hub offers US and global players a wide range of options for betting with a fully featured online casino, poker room, and sportsbetting operation. See the
Bovada US Online Casino video below for a preview of the games and software.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

Once you’ve created a shortlist of online casinos that seem like they’d be interesting and exciting places to play, that have the games that you’re interested and are available in your geographical area, it’s time to find yourself a big, fat, juicy deposit bonus offer.

Always beware of the fine print however, not ever bonus is available to every player. For instance, some casinos don’t allow blackjack, craps, roulette, and other table games players to benefit from welcome bonus offers, and just playing these games before clearing a bonus offer will nullify the bonus.

Other casinos however actually cater to these players, offering them bonuses specifically. Win Palace Casino for instance offers blackjack players a 100% bonus up to $500 that is specifically tailored to them. The casino also features a very similar Video Poker Bonus.

When you’re looking for lucrative welcome bonus offers, be sure to keep your eyes out for ongoing promotions and bonus offers as well. It’s great to be appreciated as a new customer to an online casino, but it’s much more lucrative to continue to be appreciated as a long term customer.

Watch out for casinos that use aggressive tactics to entice players to take advantage of bonuses or other incentives.

Deposits & Withdrawals

As long as you play at a reputable casino you're highly unlikely to experience any money deposit or withdrawal issues. As long as you do play your games with a reputable casino with a good history and strong online reviews, it’s really no different to the safe experience you expect when shopping online with a well known store.

Most casino's financial transactions are monitored by external, highly regarded accountant firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers. The casinos pay a lot of money for this type of accountant service, it's in their long term interest to make sure that integrity is guaranteed.  Casinos cannot afford to build a bad reputation, and clearly these measures help to ensure that gaming is safe and fair for casino users.

So depositing and withdrawing is normally as safe as you'd expect, but where there may be problems in in actually making the deposits or withdrawals. For this you need to make sure that the deposit option you need is available. Fortunately the options for making deposits are normally well documented on any operators website, and plentiful too. There are very few reasons why at least one of the deposit options shouldn't be suitable.

In addition, keep an eye open for casinos that will:

Pay out winnings on request and as fast as required
Not actively look for bogus reasons to avoid making a payout, for example suggesting a player has multiple accounts, false name etc where clearly they have satisfied the rules.
Not hold back payment of winnings for vague reasons without citing specific violations of Ts & Cs
Pay out big jackpots in reasonable volumes

Using Reviews

Reading reviews and real user recommendations is always worthwhile before making any decision that's going to cost money, and it's no different for choosing an online casino. Fortunately there are dozens, if not hundreds of sites all clamouring to show reviews.

The difficulty is in weeding out the best of them, and those which show real player recommendations as opposed to fake ones.

Sometimes it's easier on these sites to find info about rogue casinos that you can clearly not trust than it can be about finding the good ones, but one website in particular that you can trust (because it's filled with real user reviews) is

Mobile Games

Since the market has seen such staggering growth for smartphones and iPad type devices, many casino operators have revamped their sites so that they become responsive and present the best view depending on the device being used. So the term 'mobile games' doesn't exactly mean games played while mobile (although they are), but really describes how the games are presented.

These days it's rare to find a well regarded site that does not cater fully for mobile players.


Personally I've never had any problems getting support when things go wrong, but obviously when they do you'll want them to be sorted out quickly, and at any hour of the time or day. Try to play only at those establishments which have their own in house support teams, and don't outsource this important function. Contact details for customer support should be clearly marked and easily found from any page of the operators website.
10 Key Factors To Look For In A Casino Recommendation

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