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Each of the leading internet casinos run their operations on casino software. This is the platform on which the whole playing experience runs, so it's in your interest to research and take into account the casino software which drives any site you decide to make a deposit with. Way back in 2008 when I last checked, there were over 160 different companies providing internet casino software. 

Each casino software provider designs games with a specific look and feel, and a number of casinos will use the same software. If you enjoy playing with a certain type of game design, and want to switch casinos, you can search for other casinos that use the same software. Here are 3 of the leaders in the field......


Playtech were among the more recent software providers to provide casino games. Founded in 1999, they quickly became one of the leading software developers. Playtech were responsible for introducing many of the features which are taken for granted nowadays, such as VIP clubs and points,  comp-points, highly secure systems, and the ability to see game histories showing your wins and losses.


Microgaming are also one of the leading casino software developers. They were set up in 1994 and run the world’s biggest online poker network which connects players from around the world on a poker software platform that supports many languages. Microgaming also provide a bingo network, live casino dealer games, and mobile gambling games. Many of the top internet casinos run on Microgaming casino software, with over 120 casinos and around 40 poker rooms in total operating on the software platforms.


Cryptologic were founded relatively recently in 2004, quickly delivering a pioneering approach to casino game development. Their downloadable software has won multiple awards in casino of the year and best casino software categories in recent years.