Casino Betting
There are many forms of betting. Any time you're wagering money on the outcome of an event, it's a bet you're placing that the event will end up the way you either think it will or won't go. So for casino players, betting is at the core of the experience, and it doesn't matter if it's card games, slots, or sports betting oriented. It doesn't matter if you're playing poker or bingo. It's all betting.

But when you walk into a land based casino, or join an online one, the odds are against you walking out with more money that you went in with. Hence it's always a good idea before playing at any casino - of for that matter risking your money on any form of gambling -  to be aware of any casino betting strategies which you can use to make sure you have the best winning chances possible. These can vary from game to game and those are covered on the dedicated casino game pages throughout the site.

But there are a number which you can use generally. Most of these apply in some way to all types of betting.

General Betting Strategies

Betting Strategy 1

The first strategy I'll cover is more of a humorous and obvious one, but also the most sensible. That is to walk away before you even enter or join. Casino games are designed to take your money. It's why casinos don't go broke. The odds in any games are bent in favour of the casino itself, not you the player. Over time, they will end up the winners.

Of course this doesn't mean you should not play, as long as it's for enjoyment and the recognition that you have an outside chance of walking away happy. Or even ecstatic on occasions.

Go into it with an amount you can afford to lose comfortably. And only use that cash you have set aside.

Betting Strategy 2

The second main strategy to be aware of is to learn to protect your winnings, and be able to leave the casino when you're winning. Basically this is bankroll protection. Many casino players find themselves on a winning streak and make the mistake of believing that it's their lucky day.

Don't lose your entire winnings when you're in a good position. It's been reported that 80% of casino players are winning at some point in any particular session.  - being able to walk away at the right time is a great quality and one to be practiced.

The same strategy can also be used when you're losing. When you are losing it's easy to stay and continue playing in the hope of recovering losses. One way to avoid this is to decide before playing how much you're prepared to lose, and not to go over that amount. The basic summary of this strategy is 'don't chase losses'. One that you'll hear of many times as advice from betting experts.

Betting Strategy 3

Be wary of casino betting systems. The vast majority of these will lead you to the broke house either quickly or slowly. Think on this....if a system worked, don't you think everyone would be using it? And why would the developer of the system ever have told anyone? Why not just clean up?

This last point is a very good one to remember when you land on websites or get emails from anyone suggesting they have any form of betting system for sale.

Following these basic casino betting strategies may just help you to have a good time as a casino player and get the most fun out of it that you can. If you choose games that have the best odds of success in your favour, and have optimal strategic ways for you to play, you'll be building the best foundation for ending up with dollars in your pocket rather than the casino's.

Strategies are listed on individual casino game pages throughout this site. In particular, the card games including blackjack and casino poker, along with some video games, have betting and playing strategies which you can learn follow.

If you want to read more on casino betting, here are a couple of useful websites....

TheWizardOfOdds site has a valuable page on betting systems.

The Wikipedia page on gambling or forms of betting in general is worth a read.

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