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If you want to win money, it's a near certainty that at some point you'll want to play casino games. There's a lot to learn - and plenty to be cautious about - to make the most of the experience.

For sure, playing casino games is great fun. They get the adrenalin flowing. They can feel slightly naughty, even illicit to some of us. And they do offer chances to win extra cash, sometimes lots of it.

But you can get caught out. When you play casino games you're risking your own hard earned cash...and the casinos - whether they be online casinos or the Las Vegas variety - are very good at taking it. That's their job.

Even so, if you're determined to play games to win money, then playing in the casino is going to be on your list. It's worth noting here that you can play social casino games for free with virtual coins at sites like the excellent CelebrityWorld Casino. On this page the aim though is to get you to a position where you have the best chance possible of winning money playing the real money games......
Casino games - and how or where to play them - are a huge subject.

If you're looking for just half a dozen bullet points on them then this is not the right place. I'll make no apologies for the thousands of words on this page. An intriguing and deep subject deserves thoughtful and in depth coverage, so that's what we'll be delivering right here.

Let's aim big.

To make this one of the leading resources online on how to play games in the casinos we'll need to approach it from a number of different angles. Some of the sections here will lead us deeper into the casino gaming world and will rightfully deserve their own page.

But what if you don't want to read about everything related to casino gaming? You may just want to play the games, right?

If that's the case, then you can jump straight to any of these leading casinos below.

They're all trusted, secure, and honest. You can be sure your money is safe, your deposits will go in, you'll get great games to play, and you'll have no problems withdrawing winnings. And they all offer a range of promotions and start up bonuses...........

In case you'd like an alternative to the guide here, here's an expert writer on our subject that it's worth listening to, going by the name of John Growchowski
•  Introduction To Online Casinos

•  What Are Casino Games?

•  What Games Can You Play?

•  How To Play

•  How Casino Games Work

•  Where To Play

•  Best Online Casinos

•  Can You Win?

•  Bonuses & Promotions

•  Is It Safe?              •  Is It Legal?

•  How To Choose A Casino

•  Play Live Online Casino Games

•  Depositing Money

•  The Future Of Casino Gaming

•  More Resources

•  Video
Right. If you've skipped the links to some of the best online casinos above I'll assume you want to know more before diving in and playing some games for cash.

I mentioned earlier that there are some potential pitfalls to avoid, and to avoid them you're going to need to know what types of casino games you can play, where and how you can play them, what's great and not so good about playing casino games from a winning or losing money perspective, whether you can play games for free and still win, and how you can improve your winning chances at the casino when your own money is on the table (or in the slot!).

To kick off this section let's first look at what casino gaming is all about.....

Introduction To Online Casinos

Online casinos are essentially virtual representations of traditional casinos, where someone can place wagers on games through the internet. At an online casino the games are run by computer software programs and tend to go at a much faster pace since discussion between human players does not occur (aside from online live dealer casinos of course). The games are played as fast as the software will allow.

They tend to offer a large variety of games. For example, one website alone can have over 60 games that include blackjack, roulette, slot machines, keno, video poker, baccarat, and even craps. These games can be played in a variety of ways,  such as "instant play", games applications, and download-to-play. You can sample the games before they placing real wagers with free play options.

It is important to note that in these free versions of the games where real money is not being wagered; the winnings tend to be exaggerated. This is an important note to keep in mind because success in these free games does not necessarily equate to success when actual money is on the line.

If you feel like a change of pace and would prefer betting on a basketball game over playing blackjack or other casino games, many of these websites offer sports wagers as well. Individuals can place bets on athletic competitions like basketball, American football, football, ruby, etc. The sports available to wager on depends on the site. 

What Are Casino Games?

For anyone who has had the chance to play casino games of any kind - whether online or at a bricks and mortar 'real world' casino - this will probably be a surprising question. So what do yout get?....

•  Great variety of games in a hugely competitive industry, some of them innovative and unusual.
•  Enticing promotions and numerous choices of free or reload bonuses for new and regular players.
•  Exciting low entry cost tournaments.
•  And the chance thrown in to win a little (or a lot of, if you're very lucky) extra money.

If you are new to casino games though you're going to want to know the answers to questions such as 'why play casino games at all? - what's the value? - what does it give me?'...

...and of course the answer's going to vary, depending on what you want to get out of the experience

The vast majority of both men and women online casino players play games for fun or entertainment, and it's possible to play for small stakes to avoid losing lots of money.

Everyone who plays casino games is hoping to win money. Most are also looking to get some enjoyment and entertainment from the games while doing it. Some - most often the high rollers or anyone who is becoming addicted to the game experience itself - might be purely interested in the financial gain aspect. We've already looked a number of times at the dangers of and risks of becoming addicted to betting to win cash. Don't let that be you.

Looking further than the dangers, there are a whole range of benefits to playing games at an online casino - not least the pleasant factors of being able to play in comfort from your own home at any time you like, not having to get dressed up and waste time or incur costs traveling, and of course the excellent variety of choices that you get in types of games to play, wide ranging promotions, and multiple forms of bonus offers.

Added to these are many different options for how and what to play - from increasingly popular live casinos through to recent developments in 3D slots games which are breaking new ground with advanced graphics and gameplay - and you have a form of entertainment that's hard to beat.

What Games Can You Play?

When you hit the webpages of an online casino you can be absolutely sure of one thing - there will be plenty of different games to play. The casinos are great at taking your money (and thankfully sometimes good at giving you more back), but in return they'll present you with a variety of games.

In an online casino you'll find that games can be broken down into four main specific types:

Casino Card Games

Casino card games include a number of favourites such as poker (3 Card Poker, Caribbean, Stud etc), Blackjack, Baccarat. Probably the easiest to understand and play out of these is 3 card poker, but all are fairly easy to follow and rules can be quickly understood.

Casino Table Games

This category includes the table top type games like roulette, craps, keno.


If you're keen to play slots games, the variety on offer will simply stun you. From classic 3 reel affairs through to full video multi-payline slot machines - with a range of titles all offering different game-play and features. Slots are hugely popular for a reason. Exciting and adrenalin-inducing when you land a big win, they also offer low cost ways to play casino games especially in some of the slot machine tournaments which can be found at many of the online sites.

They don't come in just the standard slots formats we all know too. You've probably heard of Bejeweled, and most likely even played it as well. You can even play slots version of Bejeweled for cash prizes at many online casinos.


I classed videopoker separately here because of the sheer number of variations, and the fact that it can be played (on some game types) with some strong chances to win over a period of time.

Skill Based Games

A large number of online casinos will offer a diverse range of games - and not just the regular casino games too. You'll often find poker, bingo, and sportsbetting opportunities sitting alongside the normal casino game range.

But a couple of areas that the casino operators are also showing a lot of interest in growing are those in skill gaming for cash and cash contest video games. Both these are well worth a look for anyone wanting to try something different.

Is That It?

Within these five types of games there are of course dozens of variations. Far too many to be listed here and it's easier to see exactly what's on offer by clicking on any of the dedicated game links above.

In addition, new casino games (and new variations of existing ones) are being developed and released all the time.

How To Play

Playing the games is normally straightforward. The casinos will always explain the rules clearly, and the software that runs them is often intuitive and simple to use. In fact for any games that are more complex the software will often guide you through placing bets at the right time.

Of course it's a good idea to understand rules fully before you play. Again, you can click on any of the game types above to read about the rules of any specific game.

How Do Casino Games Work?

In the casino industry there are a number of different game developers. It's their job to provide the online casinos with the software that runs the games. Casino game software ensures that each operators platform runs smoothly and effectively.

The technical operation behind each game is complex, but from a user perspective there are generally two main types of site - those that run in a browser window and use software requiring no download, and those that require the software to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Where Can You Play?

There are hundreds of online gaming sites specialising in casino games, while many that focus on other types of betting - I mentioned bingo, poker, and sports betting earlier - also run sections of their sites dedicated to anyone wanting to play casino games while they enjoy those other forms of betting too.

All of them offer hundreds of variations of the most popular casino games including Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Poker, VideoPoker, and Craps.

But can they all be trusted to deliver a great gaming experience? Can they be trusted with your money, and to pay out when you want to withdraw?

The truth is their are some unscrupulous operators, but in the main you should be able to feel comfortable about engaging in casino gambling as long as you stick to the best (and more importantly) the most trusted casinos.....

Where Best To Play?

I could bombard you here with a list of casinos that I think are good to play at. There are many sites that will fit the bill. But the reality is that finding the best for you is what counts. And what's best for you can vary depending on where you live, and also what you want to get out of the experience.

I'll be writing a 'how do I choose the best online casino for me' type article over the coming weeks and you'll be able to reach it from a link right here, but in the meantime - as I mentioned towards the top of the page - it's Bovada Casino that I'll recommend for now...... - Great for US players. Bovada cater for fans of just about every type of casino game there is, as well as running a top class sportsbook. With bingo and poker on the menu too, Bovada are highly regarded and widely recognised as one of the leading casino operators.

If you're already clued up on many of the existing operators, you might want to keep an eye open for any new online casinos that open their doors.

Can You Win Money Playing Casino Games?

The odds in online casinos are better than land based, with most online casinos giving a payout percentage of around 97% or higher. They can afford to do this with lower overheads. If you're interested in making your deposits with Bitcoins, you'll find that some of those casinos that accept Bitcoin deposits work with an even higher percentage payout to the players. This is one of the big reasons why betting with Bitcoin as a whole is a growing area of the industry, in combination with the anonymity perspective as well of course.

But don't get too hung up on that payout percentage though. Remember it's an average over time.

The truth is that many players will leave a casino with less money than they started with. The odds are always against you, though by playing with optimal strategies on certain types of games you can lower those odds in your favour. Even with that, you can still expect to come out of a number of sessions worse off.

The big dream for all of us is of course to hit a jackpot or a big win. This does happen, but will it happen to you?

We can't know the answer to that, it's all down to luck. And this is the main reason why it's important to approach casino games from an entertainment perspective rather than a 'winning money' one. The main advice I can give you here is to play only with money you can safely afford to lose, and set a limit on that amount. If you walk away winning, that's great. But if you lose, you had some fun trying and can still walk away (slightly) happy.

If your dream is to hit a big winning jackpot though, and you want to go for it, take a look at the latest casino jackpots page for some ideas on where the big jackpot money is waiting.

What's All This Stuff About Promotions & Bonuses?

The variety of promotions on offer from the online casinos is stunning, ranging from free to enter or paid tournaments for big prizes, a multitude of special offers, and high quality VIP player programmes through to valuable casino bonus offers. All are designed to offer you added incentives to play, and many offer good levels of extra value when thinking about where you're going to play.

Many of these promotions are valuable, but of course it always pays to take note of the terms and conditions attached to them. Most online casinos offer attractive bonuses for you to sign up for the first time, and some will offer additional bonuses later on when you add extra funds to an account. Almost always there are strict rules on how much cash you have to play through before you can withdraw any money that you've won, and also this may be applied against certain games only and at different rates in different games.

Some may even give you totally free money from time to time, especially if you're a valued player (ie you lose enough to make it worthwhile for them to give you free money). Don't get over-excited though, if you do get given free money it's most often quite a small amount.

Free is free though, eh?

Finding these promotions is easy - you'll only have to type in 'casino promotions' or 'casino bonuses' to a search to get hundreds of options. We've tried to make it easier for you though and these pages here on winmoney101 will all help:

•  Latest Casino Promotions            •  Casino Promotions                 •  Casino Bonuses

Is it Safe?

As long as you play at a reputable casino you're highly unlikely to experience any money deposit or withdrawal issues. Whether download or no download, playing at well known casinos pretty much guarantees you a good experience. Using the very latest hardware and software combined with 24-hour customer helplines ensures that anyone using a high quality online casino can have total assurance about payment security.

As long as you do play your games with a reputable casino with a good history and strong online reviews, it’s really no different to the safe experience you expect when shopping online with a well known store.

Most casino's financial transactions are monitored by external, highly regarded accountant firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers. The casinos pay a lot of money for this type of accountant service, it's in their long term interest to make sure that integrity is guaranteed.  Casinos cannot afford to build a bad reputation, and clearly these measures help to ensure that gaming is safe and fair for casino users.

It is important to make wise decisions when choosing an online casino. You can find info about rogue casinos at various online watchdog type sites, so if you're ever thinking about going with a name you haven't seen before then always do your due diligence first. Just a quick search in Google using the casino name plus words like trusted or scam will normally alert you to any potential problems.

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions on every online casino site you visit. These are usually posted on the website, or are displayed as the casino software is downloaded. If these are written poorly, the casino should be avoided.

Is It Legal?

The law on online gambling varies from country to country, and you must make sure it is allowed in the country that you live in. You should not play if you live in a country where online gambling is prohibited. Also, you should not attempt to play if under the legal age. You should check with the casino if you are aged between 18 and 21, and get the agreement in writing to make sure you get paid.

For more details on the legal implications of playing casino games for real money see the 'is online gambling legal?' page.

How To Choose An Online Casino?

All of the sections we've already covered above are relevant when deciding on a casino to play at. Research will play a big part, but actually
it’s simply not possible anymore to research a few dozen casinos and decide for you with deep certainty which is the best to play with.

That’s because what you’re looking for when it comes to the best brand for you, is possibly not what hundreds of other players are looking for. There are just too many variables that go into finding great online casinos today - for example where you are in the world, what types of games you want to play, and whether big bonuses or great promotions are important.

However, with experience and help, it's possible to build up some deep insight into which operator will deliver the experience you're looking for, and  narrow down the list of thousands of online casinos available on the internet.

In fact, it'll be a good approach to look at online casinos based on the most popular variables, and suggest the casinos which have been determined through extensive research to be the best casinos in each category, while giving you the tools to do the research on your own if you should so desire.

The different aspects to consider in choosing a casino are covered in depth on the recommended casinos page.

Play Live Casino Games

Improvements in broadband technology and the resulting download speeds have made the playing of live casino games possible from your own home.

Casino sites are increasingly offering these live games where you can watch the dealers in action and get as close as possible to the feeling of being there. One of the major benefits of live casino games is in the trust issue. When you can see exactly what's happening and when, this does increase your trust in the activity.  

Another benefit of live casino streaming is to create a real life environment and improve the experience to become more interactive and enjoyable.  Players can interact with a dealer and watch them deal or spin.

All of this ties in neatly with the expected growth of virtual reality casinos. By wearing a VR headset and playing at live online tables, you'll be able to improve on that feeling of actually being there.

Depositing Money

Of course, it's in each internet casino's interest to make sure you have a number of different casino deposit options to fund your online casino account. You need a quick, easy, secure,  and convenient way of funding your online casino account and making withdrawals when you win.

Fortunately there are many different ways to do this. In some regions of the world it may be more difficult, but often it's the eWallets that work best wherever you are. You may be one of the many people who does not hold a credit or debit card and, even if you are, you may not want to use it for online gambling.

This page at will take you through the ten most favoured methods of depositing money to play casino games.

What's The Future Of Casino Gaming

It's fair to say that most casino games you get to play will be well known and have been around the block a few times, to say the least. But new innovations are always out there somewhere.

We can look at the future either from either a 'what we can play', 'where we can play', or 'who's able to play' perspective.

What Casino Games We Can Play In The Future

We've already touched on some recent innovations like the introduction of 3D games, and you can add live casino dealer games on top of those too. Both options are well worth looking into if you're looking for something different from your gaming experience.

Casino operators are always on the lookout for new innovations and further future developments seem assured. I've seen reports of new shaking slots, for example, where you can play slots games on a tablet and activate the reels by shaking movements. There are even courses running at Nevada Universities where the students work on developing new casino games to play - we may see some of those at online casinos in the near future.

Visit the innovative casino games page for more news and an in depth study, or read about other new casino game developments on the dedicated page.

What's The Future Hold For Where To Play...and Who Can Play?

If you're in a country where you can safely and legally play casino games online you probably don't need to worry about the answer to this question. There are hundreds of options already open to you, and you'll probably only need to marginally consider looking at new online casinos as they start up operations.

Developments in where to play hold much greater interest if you're in a location where gambling is restricted. The US is a good example, and if you're a US resident you'll be well aware of the legalisation of online gambling in certain US states over the last year. You can expect more of the same across more states over the coming years, although there are still moves under way at a federal level to put the blocks on the recent progress.

More Resources & Information

If you can't find what you need here, here are some other useful resources which may help...

The DMOZ Directory is a highly regarded online resource for all types of web information, a volunteer run multilingual open content directory that's been around since pretty much the start on the internet as we know it. Here you'll find links to the top websites on a wide range of online gambling subjects, including of course sections on poker and casino games.

Wikipedia is another excellent online resource that rivals DMOZ for the depth of it's information. Wikipedia breaks down it's poker and casino game sections into dedicated pages.

If we haven't covered what you need on this page, the major search engines at Google, Yahoo, and Bing will all offer extensive info on how and where to play online casino games in the search results, while long running sites like offer plenty of useful articles.

The video below looks sat the 5 best bets to make at the casino, and is useful viewing for anyone wanting to play casino games and walk away afterwards with more money in their wallet than they started off with. There are of course a whole range of other casino game videos on Youtube.

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