Celebrity World Casino Review

Most operators covered here on Winmoney101 offer the chance to win real money prizes. Many also offer free to play games, and the social casino sites in particular offer virtual money gaming alongside real cash.

CelebrityWorld Casino is one of the new social casino games sites that have appeared in recent years, many of which have experienced great success.

They're different though, and only offer games where you can win virtual money. Even so, I figured that with such obvious high entertainment value, it would be worth reviewing how it all works.
The fact that playing games at Celebrity World won't win you real money hasn't stopped itself from positioning to become one of the greatest success stories in the social gaming industry. By cleverly tapping in to the social market and introducing a new model - that of merging our social networking instincts with our fascination with celebrities and their lifestyles - looks certain to pay dividends.

This CelebrityWorld casino review is designed to explore just why it's one of the fastest growing social casino games platforms, recently beating a number of high profile poker and casino operators in measurements of user engagement.
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What Is CelebrityWorld  Casino?

Celebrityworld is owned and operated by a well known name in the gambling industry - World Poker Fund Holdings.

Launched in Beta test at the beginning of May 2016, it joins a number of other operators like Global Poker and Chumba Casino in offering a wide range of poker or casino type games with virtual money prizes.

You'll play games alongside real celebrities in avatar form as if they were in your own social network. Party, chat, shop, and play.

CelebrityWorld Registration Link
You won't be winning real money here, with Celebrity World stating "Intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money home the dangers of real money gambling they follow up with " Practice or success at social gambling does not imply future success at real money gambling."

This last quote is definitely true and one to take note of. Playing real money casino games is risky, with a high risk that you'll lose your cash. Sure, you can have some great fun and high excitement levels too, but please be cautious if you ever do get tempted to deposit real cash and play.

No such risk with Celebrity World though, and with players spending an average of 40+ minutes on the site per visit, it's clear that they have developed an engaging and well presented casino games portfolio.
CelebrityWorld Games List

How Celebrity World Works - How To Play

Celebrity World is of course all about playing games side by side with well known celebrities - Soulja Boy being a good example. The celebrity list includes''some of the world’s top social influencers, celebrities, and gamers to create the sickest and most exciting online casino gaming experience!”

So getting involved is easy, with a very simple registration process.

Once you're in you're playing with virtual currency, gems, coins, and charms. This currency can be used to pay for virtual items such as clothing and VIP hotel suites, or to buy 'power up' charms plus of course wager on the games.

Anything you've gained doesn't have any real world monetary value, but we all know that right? The whole point is to build up a virtual pot and have some social fun with it.


The more charms you have, the better your luck will run. Charms can be given by friends, purchased, or gained at charm parties.


Definitely a part of social events in the real world (as many of us who have had one too many will know!), drinks at CelebrityWorld are of the virtual kind. Players can buy rounds for everyone at a gaming table, and you can track how many you've been given.


Upgrades can be won by actively socialising, or you can buy add-ons of various types.


When you've had enough of the social games in the casino, you'll find there is a never ending world of parties outside of it. Just go to the parties tab and see the list, then choose which ones to visit. Or set up your own in around 30 seconds and invite others along. You'll get charms for attending parties plus bonuses for being a host.

Parties can be held in private suites or in clubs.

In The Club

The Fantasy Suites may well be one section of the site that need a visit. As your account racks up more coins over time, the higher up you can go in the hotels to reach ever more glamorous suites. Get access to a suite, throw a party, and get all your friends along.

Ultimately you may end up in the celebrity suites, where your Celebrity World famous hosts may also be taking a break from the casino floor.

Alternatively visit the dance club and meet new friends there. And if you don't fancy dancing, there are other options in pool parties, the VIP lounge, or even a Love Hotel.


There's an air of exclusivity around shopping in CelebrityWorld, with some items only available for short periods.

But the choice is interesting, with celebrities own clothing lines on offer plus fashion shows to help with choices, and even a specialised VIP shop where you can buy that special outfit to wear to a big party that evening.


Not surprisingly, CelebrityWorld's range of games are focused on those you'll find at the casino - and as we all know, winning at casino games is all down to luck. They're great fun, but not everyone wants to just trust to luck.

So the games list does also include some money skill games which will test your skill and knowledge levels.

Let's take a look at what's on offer, and remember this list is growing.


Sports games at Celebrity World are the one skillful way you can play - they're focused on various forms of daily fantasy sports contests with some straightforward sports betting thrown in. This involves normally a couple of betting options on individual games - either a straight win wager or a prediction of the total score. Games to bet on range from NFL to NBA to English soccer matches.

It does look very easy to place bets, with a simple to use interface showing the straightforward options. Place the bets and go enjoy the game!

Casino Games

Old favourites like blackjack, videopoker, and slots all make appearances as you'd expect, with a growing number of different slots titles. All  very easy to play and will suit both experienced and new players.

Blackjack in particular gets some great focus, with Black Tie tables or Hula style Blackjack tables both complimented by a skill-based blackjack version known as Pixie Panic. You'll get the full social experience by playing multiplayer, or can go solitary and play one on one with a dealer.

Video Poker is a popular poker variant played on electronic machines, there are many different variations. The social element continues on the video poker screens - you'll be able to see who else is playing, share drinks, and chat.

Slots are a central element of any casino, so of course you'll find dozens to choose from including tournaments and standard 'player against slot'. Just as in the versions you'll find real cash online casinos, those you get in any social gaming environment boast the full range of fascinating titles, high quality software, bonus rounds, scatters, and bet limits.


We know that poker where real money is involved can be a tough game where you'll learn plenty of lessons. Some painful! But if you're good - and you get to be good by studying poker strategy and learning from experience - it's a game where you can use your skill to tip the balance in your favour.

The CelebrityWorld poker tables - hosted by WSOP Main Event tournament winner Jamie Gold - are as good a place as any to start on honing your skills. For the regular poker player there is plenty of 'easy' opposition, and for the beginner it's all laid out in easy to follow fashion with the software telling you when it's your turn, how much to bet, etc.

Texas holdem with a variety of different limits is the name of the game, with Jamie giving out free poker tips and scheduled training sessions.


Bingo is of course an exceptionally straightforward game. Not my favourite, but many players do like the simplicity of playing Celebrity World's  virtual bingo cards.


Not surprisingly based on bingo - but with fruits rather than numbers - Fringo is played against other players for the top prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  It's a rapid fire and addictive game where you'll need to win your way through the various stages/limits and earn achievement bonuses along the way.


We've covered solitaire for money elsewhere on winmoney101, but the CelebrityWorld version is based on the classic one that is played solo although other players are visible. You'll earn points which place you on a leaderboard.

What Else Do You Get?

Aside from the rush of the casino games, you'll get access to virtual restaurants, retail stores, night clubs, private parties, and possibly even dating opportunities. Plus on the betting side we haven't mentioned the ability to place bets on special events such as the Oscars or music awards ceremonies.

It's easy to see that the site takes social gaming to a whole new level. In fact it's not just for social games, but introduces you to a well-rounded social experience, one which may ultimately be the key to Celebrity World's success.

How Much Virtual Cash Can You Win?

Almost certainly there's no upper limit to coins you can win and charms you can collect. It'll all be down to luck and how much time you spend on the site.

If you're lucky and hit a big jackpot you could easily be showered by virtual coins in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

Is It Legal?

With many issues around the legality of gambling type games in the US, most players there normally need to be cautious about who they play with. No caution is required with Celebrityworld though, as no games are played for real cash.

The same applies for the rest of the world, where even though some countries like the UK offer fully regulated online gambling the fact that no real cash prizes are involved makes the site fully legal.

Who Can Play

Social casino gamers in the US and Canada are of course welcome at the Celebrity World tables. I've signed up from the UK, so UK and other European players are clearly welcome. It's not clear yet on other regions such as APAC, though it's unlikely that Australian and the other asian region countries won't be accepted.

If you're unsure though it's real simple to go through the registration process - you'll be told there if there is any problem.


So we've covered the background to how it all works, the types of games you can play. The next item to cover is a review of Celebrity World from a usability and entertainment value perspective


Registration is easy and took me no more than a few minutes, but it's worth knowing a little about the different types of accounts:

There doesn't seem to be any real reason why you wouldn't want to sign up to Celebrityworld with a full account - other than perhaps if you don't want to enter any personal details - but if you want to you can create what's known as a (temporary) guest account. This will allow you access to some games and a limited number of other features for just one session.

For a full account you'll have to enter regular stuff like first initial and last name, email address, physical address, telephone number.

After initial registration you get to select your avatar and after email address validation and setup of password you're all set to kick off and start enjoying the games.

To get VIP status, just select 'VIP Accounts', select the VIP Account level you want, enter your payment details for the amount relating to the level you've chosen. VIP status starts from when the payment is fully processed.

User Interface

Straightforward to use and intuitively laid out, the welcome screen takes a few seconds to load. During the first 7 days of membership the screen shows the daily bonus coins you've been awarded each time you log in. For example, when I logged in on Day 7 the award was for 10200 free coins.

Select any of the types of games and again you end up at a screen showing all the options. Just click on the one you want and you're instantly there.

Slots are likely to be popular and they're a great way to get lots of coins and charms fast, and that was certainly true of the ones I played.

They're generally the types of slots you'll already know - dozens of different titles with wild symbols, free spins, and fun bonus rounds. Playing on just two or three got me some big wins, but remember this isn't representative of playing slots at a real money online casino, and I'm sure that if Celebrity world did offer real money games then this review section would read differently.

The poker tables were similar to those you'll find at most other online poker rooms - easy to use and to play, with plenty of help for beginners - while the sports betting section is similarly straightforward.

Membership Levels - Buying Gems

New games are released all the time and VIP members get exclusive play before the games are opened up to everyone.


Since the site is new it's unlikely you'll see too many promotions to encourage new accounts yet, and actually with the fascinating subject of social gaming in a celebrity environment offering such huge potential for some outstanding growth it's unlikely the owners will need to be actively seeking new users. You can reasonably expect the power of social networking to take care of that.

If we do see promotions in future, they're likely to be offers of additional coins or charms for newly signed accounts.

Pros & Cons - Benefits & Drawbacks

On the plus side, the social games you can play in CelebrityWorld's virtual casino are fun, simple to play, and will return lots of virtual cash. In combination with the social aspects of playing with friends and celebrities - all in a party-type atmosphere - the gaming looks  sure to mark Celebrity World out as one of the leaders in the social casino gaming arena.

What's not to like about a free-to-play casino which offers this type of entertainment cocktail?

If there are any drawbacks they're not easy to spot. Perhaps you could argue there could be more games, but new ones are being added constantly to cover that.

For those of us who may be enticed into spending cash buying extra coins or charms, sure that's a risk - but from what I've seen on visits so far there's plenty to see and do without spending any substantial amounts.

Of course, as the site matures there may be some reports of issues and we'll be noting these right here. But for now the advice would be to forget about searching for reviews of Celebrity World that might highlight any problems and go see for yourself.

All the evidence suggests there's nothing to lose, and you might end up visiting the casino, the suites, and the parties, and thoroughly loving the whole experience.
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