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Revealing The True Chances Of Winning - How Easy Is It To Try...& To Actually Win ?

To answer this question, we need to look at it from different perspectives. Namely how easy it is to try, and how easy it is to win. They are of course two entirely different things. The reality is that for each perspective there are multiple answers depending on the chosen method of trying.

How Easy Is It To Attempt To Win Money Online?

I'm sure you know the answer to this - there are thousands of sites on the internet that show you ways to bet or take part in lotteries or competitions. The options are pretty much endless, with every kind of sporting event or type of game covered in one way or another.

These websites range from actual providers - the companies that deliver the service such as well known online bookmakers, bingo halls, casino operators, or poker rooms - to affiliate type sites which work to present all of these options in one place.

There are plenty of options. You can find somewhere to play video games for money, get advice on how to enter cash prize competitions,  or try to win cash prizes at skillgames at a number of different websites. That's how easy it is to find a service.

Some of them give free ways to try and win, some involve risk in losing money you do have.

And what about using those sites to place bets?

That's easy too. Registration processes are deliberately made simple by the providers to avoid losing prospective Customers. They want your money, and they want you to have a good experience and revisit regularly. All you need to do to begin playing or betting is to fill out straightforward registration forms and either accept any betting bonuses available or make a deposit and start betting.

How Easy Is It To Actually Win Money Online?

There is definitely no magic formula to winning with betting on any of the 10 key ways listed on this site, so the answer to this lies in looking at a combination of factors.

You'll remember we talked earlier about trying to plan for a long term return or profit. You could deposit money with an online casino, play 3 spins on a slot machine, and get a win line paying $100 for the few dollars you've spent. But if you keep playing, the odds are set or designed so that ultimately the casino will win it back. With this example you can see it's easy to win short term, but not so easy long term.

In fact casinos in particular want you to win, especially at the beginning. The reason for this is that it changes your approach. Many people can become addicted by winning rather than by losing.

Imagine you start off by regarding betting as a bit of fun and go into it prepared to lose a few dollars. Then you have a nice win and it all begins to look easy. You're hooked, and the ensuing losing streaks interspersed with the odd win all begin to become an accepted part of the game.

Of course there is a difference between games of pure luck (most casino games, bingo, lotteries etc) and games of skill (poker or skillgames for example). With games of luck there's always the chance you could win in the next few seconds, but it's just luck.

With games of skill there is statistically more chance you can win - providing you have the knowledge, experience, and that little bit of luck too. Poker is the perfect example of this, blackjack also to a certain extent (there are optimal strategies to follow with games like Blackjack which reduce the odds against you).

The best example of betting to win money where knowledge, information, and experience can help you is in Sports Betting.

Here it's possible for the knowledgeable bettor, with a good understanding of his or her chosen sport, to place bets that while they will not always win, could return good profits in the long term. Don't be fooled here though. Experience has a huge input. If you win with your first bets or by guessing on results, that's just going to be pure luck. Eventually you'll lose that money back.

And the way to bet on sports that gives the best potential long term profit is to place bets on outcomes that have (from your experience) a good chance of occurring, but they've either been overlooked by the majority of other punters or the odds are higher than you expect given the probability of the result. This is what's known as 'searching for value' in your bets.

A great example could be that your favorite football team wins one game in every 5, and has done for the last twenty years. Let's assume you're the only one who knows that and for some reason the odds on your team winning are 6-1 every week. Theoretically you could bet the same amount on every game, win one in five, and make a long term profit.

Of course it's not that simple. Things happen and things change. Your best goalkeeper may be sick, the team are less defensively strong for a few weeks, other teams find unexpected improvement - or you hit what's known as the bankroll busting streak. Your team lose more than 5 games on the trot and ultimately you run out of betting money. There are ways to handle or lessen the impact of this which we'll cover another time.

There are dozens of similar examples, sports betting - if undertaken carefully - does offer the best opportunities for longer term profit. Not necessarily the highest profit or the big one off win we all dream about, but long term profit nonetheless.

One of the best ways to profit from soccer betting is by getting involved in Asian Handicaps or by seeking out arbitrage bets where you can't lose. These are explained in more depth on the dedicated pages. This form of betting is becoming increasingly popular. Another is by trading football players on a stockmarket style share trading platform like
To finish this review of how easy it really is to win money online, the video below focuses on a series of tips for trying to win at the casino. Take a look at slot tournaments for the best low risk way to try and win by playing casino type games.
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How Easy Is It To Win Money Online?

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