Soccer Betting Explained - How To Bet On Your Favourite Soccer Team

If soccer betting is new for you, or you've have never placed a bet on what are known as specialist markets - this page is going to come in useful. Here we'll cover the range of bets you can place on soccer matches, how you can place them ,and where.

We'll learn about bets on how many goals will be scored, how many corners in the match, and booking/sending off points betting. You’ll also find information on which bookies offer certain types of bets, including how to get involved in the newest form of football stock exchange trading which offers good opportunities for profit, and a whole range of other soccer betting related stuff too.

As a starter, the video below gives a good basic introduction to football betting in general, covering online betting tips, strategies, and understanding odds. If you already know about the different types of bets available and just want to dive straight in then you'll want to be investigating how to use match statistics to get an upper hand - have a look at this soccer stats site at It's easily the best laid out stats site you're likely to find.
Let's take a look at the different types of soccer bet. These are the ones you'll normally see published on the betting websites, but some bookmakers will offer other types of special bet as well.

Full-Time Result Betting

The most widely known type of soccer bet is on the half time result or 90 minutes result. This can be called "WLD" (for win lose draw) pr "1x2" result (1 for a home, 2 for an away win, x for a draw

With this type of bet, you are generally forecasting whether the outcome at the end of normal time or at half time will be just one of three alternatives - a win for one team, a success for the other team, or a draw.

For example  Juventus v Barcelona  - Juventus for a home win, Barcelona for an away, or a draw between the two.

Soccer Bet Accumulator

Quite often there will be a string of matches on any given day where you could very strongly fancy teams to win. But they'll be so obviously fancied that the odds on each will be very short.

Many soccer betting fans tend to place these types of games in accumulators, so the odds build up. That's great on the days they all win as they're expected to do, but the reality is there is always one that lets you down!

Don't let me put you off though, every now and then you will hit all the right results in an accumulator, and the payoffs can be good - especially if some of your selections are lesser fancied to win and their odds are more attractive.

Other Special Market Soccer Bets

The majority of soccer bets are based upon just what happens in the normal 90 minutes of play.  Normal time excludes extra time and penalties but includes injury time.

If you're betting in a cup match or a tournament game, this might extend into extra time.

Always check the rules if you're unsure about how any bet is measured, and always be on the lookout for arbitrage betting opportunities.

Total Goals (Under/Over)


Additionally called under/over, typically this is a two option bet on whether there will be more or less than the number of goals quoted. This type of bet can be useful to use when you strongly fancy a high scoring game.

Example  Juventus v Barcelona : Over 2.5 Goals.
Wins if there are 3 or more goals.
Loses if 2 or less.

Correct Score Betting

This means you make a prediction of the final exact score at either full time or half time.
The bet is most often quoted as "Home Team Score - Away Team Score" so just be sure you're placing your bet the right way round.

Of course, there are lots of possible final scorelines in any match, so the odds for any of those will be a lot higher than a straight win or draw. It's a great fun bet - especially if you expect a high a scoring match where the odds might be 25-1 or 33-1 for a 4-1 win - but the reality is it is very difficult to predict. If you get a correct score soccer bet right it will be pretty much down to luck.

Half Time / Full Time (HT/FT) Bets

Also known as "double result" this is a bet on anticipating the result at half time and full time in the very same bet.

Lets take a game between Juventus and Barcelona. There are 9 possible outcomes for the "dual outcome bet" - meaning you'll want the overall odds to be at least 9-1.

At half time there are 3 possibilities - it could be a draw, Juventus winning, or Barcelona winning.
For each of these there could be 3 possible outcomes at full time.

"Half time result - Full time result".

EG. Juventus v Barcelona : Juventus - Draw.
This be is placed on the belief that Juventus will be in the lead at half time, but the game overall will end up as a draw.

It can be an entertaining wager. Particularly where one team is heavily fancied to win, betting on them to be leading at half time and also full-time will certainly give you much better odds than simply betting on them to win the match at 90 minutes outright.

However it is another type of high risk bet. Often a lesser fancied team may be able to hold a stronger team to a draw at half time, and then cave in. The other side to this is that if you know a team is often a slow starter in games, it might be worth placing this type of bet.

First Goal Scorer

This is pretty much as it sounds - who will rack up the very first goal of the game. Clearly the attackers in a team are often quoted at lower odds than defenders.

Some sports betting sites will also offer this bet each way, meaning you'll still get a percentage of the odds even if your chosen player does score, but just not the first goal of the game.

Last Goal Scorer Bets

Asabove for first goal scorer, but in reverse. Who's going to score the last goal of the game?

Half Time Result

Like the Full time result but based on the result at Half Time. As you may expect this is the score when the whistle goes after 45 minutes of play (+injury time of course). As with a full-time wager, there are three possible results but the odds for a draw are much shorter obviously.

If you can identify a tight encounter where neither team will be obvious to be leading at the end of the first half you could be onto a good wager with a half time result bet.

Draw No Bet

This is similar to a full time result bet aside from there is no choice for the draw. You could bet on either team to win, but if it ends up as a draw you get your initial stake back. The disadvantage is that the odds on each team winning are reduced.

Asian Handicap Betting

This is a very popular soccer bet in the Far Eastern regions. Each team is given a handicap, and you bet on the win, lose, or draw with the handicap built in.

It's not so easy to explain as the other types of soccer bet, so it's covered on a dedicated page that covers it in depth.

For now, that covers the main types of soccer betting options that are normally available. When I get time I'll add more types here.

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