Hmmmm. Not quite what you wanted to hear, right?

But of course, he is right- to an extent.

We've learned on other pages that there are some ways to try and win money that don't involve losing any of your own. Entering cash prize contests is a good example. Using betting bonuses is another option.

One of the best ways to handle losses is to try and keep any gambling you do get involved with as a fun activity.Read my responsible gaming page to help understand if gambling or betting to win might cause you any problems.

If you are keen on football betting, there are some great opportunities in betting on Asian handicaps.

If you are set on taking some risks with your own cash though, take a look any of these pages for a start on how to do it.
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Losing Money - How To Handle & Avoid It

One of the most important things you need to learn about trying to win money is that you're likely to lose money. In the majority of cases, and over a period of time, that's either going to happen quickly or slowly.

•  The only ways to escape that pattern are either by:

•  Hitting a big lucky win (and walking away with the winnings intact)

•  Playing in games like online slots tournaments for very low outlays

•  Arming yourself with the right knowledge and resources to win in the long run - as in money skill games or by playing video games for money

•  Trying to win by looking for free ways to do it. Ways that do not entail risking any of your own cash.

•  Finding a way to place a no lose bet that returns a worthwhile profit consistently.

•  Choosing a method of betting that tips the odds in your favour, or at least reduces the number of potential outcomes. Tennis betting springs to mind, but so does asian handicap betting in football matches with asian handicaps on the World Cup worthy of particular attention.

Losing Can Hurt - Learn To Embrace & Overcome It

Of course, hitting a big win is the dream - and there's nothing wrong with that dream. It's not impossible, and it's what drives many of us to make those weekly flutters on the lottery or pools.

But it is highly unlikely, and the best strategy to follow is to aim to finish ahead in the long run.

Start lowly and aim to grow your bankroll over time, accepting losses and wins alike.

You have to be able to take losses and still keep going if you want to be successful, but just keeping going if you're losing is no good. There has to be a long term strategy which either will guarantee you a strong chance of finishing ahead, or at least help you stop when enough is enough.

Which brings us neatly to our next section - keeping it safe and simple with long term profits in mind.

Safe & Simple - How Not To Lose

Did I say how not to lose?

That's pretty much impossible. If I could tell you that with any certainty, I'd be doing it. All the time.

As it is, I have made enough from betting (and lost enough too) to have the experience to put together this website. The truth is the odds are against you no matter what games you are playing.

It's incredibly easy to lose a lot of money, there are thousands of ways to do it, and only a few methods of making it consistently. Those consistent methods in turn rely on a number of different factors working together well
But there are ways of reducing the amount you could lose, or tilting the odds more in your favour.

So in the video below let's take a look at some of the strategies you could use to limit losses and increase winning chances.
I'll end up here with a recommendation for a game which is wildly popular, does offer the chance of winning cash prizes, and you can play for low stakes or even just for fun in competitive games....

Don't know what it is?...

Go to the Bejeweled For Money page for more info.

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