Bejeweled Scratch Cards

There are a handful of online operators who focus on scratch cards, as well of course as the land based operators who sell the cards we all see in stores and petrol stations. Some of these will have a Bejeweled scratch card version which basically replicate the game on the card. Generally you'll need to scratch off the covering to make a line of Bejeweled gems, with varying cash prizes on offer depending on whether you can get a line up of the required number of gems, and which ones you do uncover.

Playing on scratch cards is not one of my favourite ways to win money, but there are some benefits worth considering.

Often the cost is low for each ticket, maybe a $/£/€ or two. The danger here is that if you're buying tickets online it can be easy to just keep going and end up spending more than you intended. That tends not to happen if you're handing over real money in a land based establishment.

The other benefit is in speed. The action with scratch cards is fast. You buy it, you scratch, you know pretty quickly whether you have won any money.


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