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You can play this hugely popular and addictive gem-swapping game in different versions on dozens of websites. It's rightfully known as one of the best puzzle games of all time.
Bejeweled For Money
Many fans play for fun in an attempt to beat their highest scores, but there are a plenty of ways to play Bejeweled for money and the chance to win some cash. Of course, playing any games for cash prizes often means you're going to be risking your own, and that goes for the versions of Bejeweled money games where you can win cash too.

As in any type of game where there is a risk of losing money, it will pay to find ways to lower the chances of losing and the best ways of getting bigger chances of more
Bejeweled Slots
Bejeweled Video Games
Bejeweled Scratchcards
On this page we'll be exploring the different versions of Bejeweled, with a particular focus on how and where you can play Bejeweled for money.

To get the best chances of winning in any game, you need to have access to some strong knowledge of what that game is about. Playing Bejeweled is no different, if you want to win money you'll want to be well informed about the game-play itself, the different versions that you can play for cash prizes, where to play and who gives you the best playing experience, and whether there is anything you can do to improve your money winning chances.

If you're already a Bejeweled player and you just want to skip straight to playing for money, click on the Bovada link below to play. Otherwise read on for some in depth reviews of the games.
Bejeweled Cash Games At Bovada

Formerly known as Bodog, Bovada are now one of the most successful online casinos. Their collection of casino games is among the most complete you'll find on the internet, and of course included in their game library is our focus game of Bejeweled.

One you've made the decision to play Bejeweled for money, you can do a lot worse than start off with Bovada's casino version. And don't forget, you can play Bovada's Bejeweled games from pretty much anywhere in the world, including the USA.
•  What Is Bejeweled?    
Click To Play Bejeweled At Bovada.Com
What Is Bejeweled?...& How Exactly Do I Play Bejeweled For Money?

So let's get right to the point now and find out just how Bejeweled cash games work and where to play them. This is the section where we find out how to play Bejeweled for money, so hold on tight for the ride, there's a lot of information to cover........

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Bejeweled is a game where a number of different symbols are displayed on a grid, and the objective for the player is to swap one gem or symbol with another to form adjacent lines of 3 or more gems of the same type. These lines of matching gems can be either horizontal or vertical. When you play money games of Bejeweled, this is essentially the gameplay you'll be seeing whichever version you're playing.

Each time a line is formed, the gems in that line disappear and new symbols drop down from the top to fill the gaps that are left. These might form new lines straight away, or give new opportunities to create more matching lines. Matching lines give points to the player of various values depending on the type of gem. Of course, in Bejeweled games for money these points are awarded in the form of cash payouts.

Any line of more than three matching gems gets bonus points or money, and bonuses might also be awarded if two lines or more are created at the same time, or if one of the gems is a special symbol (normally highlighted by flashing or revolving).

Chain reactions might occur when multiple lines are created at the same time, and these can result in very high scores in any particular 'round', as it can when you line up more than 3 or 4 matching symbols.

Which Types Of Bejeweled Can You Play For Money?

Essentially there are two different main types of Bejeweled, each of which has a number of different versions or variations - those that you play for fun and are free to play, and those that you can play to win money. Your options for playing either of these are widespread.

Free To Play Bejewelled Games

Free play can be found on Facebook, PopCap (you can practice on the Popcap game in your browser here), and MSN.   Each of these offer different versions of the game - classic Bejeweled, Bejeweled 2, and Bejeweled 3. Popcap were actually the original creator of the game. There are a number of derivatives too, with Candy Crush being a good example.

Of course our focus on this page is on Bejeweled games where cash prizes are on offer. We'll be exploring ways and places to play these Bejeweled variants for cash prizes, with the aim of getting the best chances of success.

To try and win money at Bejeweled, you need to be aware of the three main types offering cash wins and determine which one suits you best. These incluse Classic slots games, Bejeweled Video Games, and versions you'll find on puzzle or skill games sites.
Bejeweled Cash Slots
Bejeweled Slots

Our first focus is on the Bejeweled slots game - the classic reeled version which can be found in many online casinos in different forms. You'll find free to play and money versions, and the version you'll see most often is known as Bejeweled 2.

Bejeweled 2 is a video slot machine that was created by Cryptologic, a top creator of popular cash slot machine games designed for the internet.
The objective of the slots version of Bejeweled is to spin matching symbols on a single payline, from left to right.
Bejeweled Slots Payout Table
Once prizes are awarded for the matching symbols during a particular spin, those jewels explode, creating a dropdown feature that provides players with a second opportunity to win during a single spin.

The exact payout for every possible winning combination can be found by clicking on the Bejeweled 2 PayTable from within the casino’s software.

As you can see, different amounts of cash are awarded for different symbols and the frequency of those symbols.

If you're up for playing a very simple version of Bejeweled for money, this straightforward slots game is the one.

Wild Symbols

Keep an eye out for the Bubble symbol with the word Wild written across it. Wild symbols substitute for every other symbol in the game, with the exception of Scatter Symbols. Spinning a wild symbol as a part of a winning combination will double that spins win amount. If the entire winning combination is made up of wild symbols, the win is not doubled.

Spin 5 Wild Symbols on a single pay-line and you’ve won the games maximum prize!
Bejeweled Bonus Rounds

There are two bonus rounds included in the Bejeweled 2 slots game.

The first is the Wheel of Riches Bonus feature, which is actually a free spin feature.

The second feature is the Bejeweled Bonus feature.
Bejeweled Money Bonus

Bejeweled Bonus

When at least three of the Classic Bejeweled Game symbols are spun together, the bonus feature is activated. A game of classic style bejeweled, just like the skill game will then begin to play.

When there are no more moves, the game will end, and the bonus money won will be awarded to the player.

Wheel of Riches Bonus

Players that match 3, 4 or t Wheel of Riches Scatter Symbols during a single spin are awarded by the Wheel of Riches bonus feature. After players spin the required Scatter Symbols anywhere on the machine, a wheel will be spun and the result will be a bonus multiplier. The randomly awarded multiplier number will be used to multiply the total bet placed by the player at the beginning of the current spin.

Multiplied Free Spins

Matching 3, 4 or 5 free spins scatter symbols in view initiates the Free Spins Bonus.

The Feature starts by awarding a number of Free Spins based on the number of symbols in view. If three free spin symbols are spun at one time, 15 free spins are awarded. Spinning 4 free spin symbols in a single spin will result in the player being awarded 25 free spins. Players that spin 5 free spin symbols during a single spin will be awarded with 50 total free spins.

Once the free spins have been awarded, a free spin multiplier wheel will appear. Every single win during the free spin feature will be multiplied by the number revealed by this wheel during the following free spins. 

Getting Started On Playing Bejeweled For Cash

The first step to playing Bejeweled for money online is to think about whether you want to try out the reeled slots games, the video drop down version, or try to win by playing online scratchcards.

Once you've decided, you'll need to register an account at one of the sites offering the games (see where to play below).

Many will have free to play games - either in browser or available after you've got an account set up - where you can practice and get used to the game-play without risking any of your own cash. But if you're looking to try out Bejeweled for money and see if you can build up a winning cash bankroll, you're going to need to make a deposit.

This is fairly straightforward but there are some things to consider first, so don't fall into the trap of signing up at the first site you lay eyes on.  When you're registering to play at any form of gambling site, you first need to be aware of whether it's legal for you to gamble online in the country you reside in.

If it is legal for you to play, the next step is to work out who offers the best bonuses and promotions. This will ensure you get the maximum amount of cash possible to play with, and increase your chances of winning more money.

As always, remember to check out as far as possible that you're registering at a reputable site (I've only listed well known, long running sites below which you're extremely unlikely to encounter any problems with).

Also never forget that playing casino games of any type will more often than not end up with you ultimately losing your deposited money. In fact the best way to play Bejeweled is to forget about the money you might win, and treat it as enjoyment to get the most fun out of it that you can but with the chance of winning.

This is the best way to approach all casino games. Always remember that gambling can become addictive and cause problems for some people. Check out the responsible gaming page before registering a betting account with any operator. Be careful.

Where To Play

We covered some of the free places to play above. Bejeweled games offering cash prizes are available at more than thirty online casinos or bingo sites. Of course, these are available in either classic slots versions or the video game versions more akin to the free Bejeweled versions you'll find on Facebook and other social sites.

Bejeweled Slots Games (Classic Reel Versions)

My recommendation, based on reputation, game availability, ease of depositing, and bonus offers available include the following for the reeled slots games:

Casino Site                                            Bingo Sites

•  888 Casino                                        •  Robin Hood Bingo
•  Bet365 Casino                                  •  888 Bingo
•  Rich Casino
•  Betfair Casino

Bejeweled Video Games

The Bejeweled video version - which works in the same way as the classic game but with cash awarded instead of points - can also be found at dozens of online casinos and a number of puzzle/skillgame sites. Some of the best casion versions and offers can be found at:

•  888 Casino - It's unlikely that you've not heard of 888 Casino, they're one of the longest running online casino operators. One of my favourite places to play Bejeweled.

•  Paddy Power - the popular Irish bookmaker, well know for offering various forms of sports-betting. Many of these online bookies have casino operations too, and Paddy Power are no exception.


And if you prefer to try and win money playing Bejeweled at puzzle or skillgame sites, then try these out:

•  Worldwinner - One of the leading skillgames websites, offering tournament games between Bejeweled fans. Worldwinner offers Bejeweled tournament games for cash on a version known as Bejeweled Blitz. You'll find some useful hints and tips on how to get the best out of Bejeweled Blitz on this site

•  JackpotJoy - On a par with worldwinner in the top skillgames websites league. You can play Bejeweled 3 at Jackpotjoy.

• - Skill2Win's website describes the site as a place to "Play Skill games for real money - win money mainly by mental and/or physical skill, rather than by pure chance or luck. the best online skill games on the web..."

The video below is essentially a tutorial showing you how to play Bejeweled for money at the popular Worldwinner puzzle games website. There are dozens of other worthwhile videos about different variations of Bejeweled on the Youtube channel
Play Bejeweled Blitz Skill Based Video Game At GSN/Worldwinner

• Premier Skill Video Games For Cash

Bejeweled Scratch Cards

There are a handful of online operators who focus on scratch cards, as well of course as the land based operators who sell the cards we all see in stores and petrol stations. Some of these will have a Bejeweled scratch card version which basically replicate the game on the card. Generally you'll need to scratch off the covering to make a line of Bejeweled gems, with varying cash prizes on offer depending on whether you can get a line up of the required number of gems, and which ones you do uncover.

Playing on scratch cards is not one of my favourite ways to win money, but there are some benefits worth considering.

Often the cost is low for each ticket, maybe a $/£/€ or two. The danger here is that if you're buying tickets online it can be easy to just keep going and end up spending more than you intended. That tends not to happen if you're handing over real money in a land based establishment.

The other benefit is in speed. The action with scratch cards is fast. You buy it, you scratch, you know pretty quickly whether you have won any money.

If you do fancy the idea of trying to win some cash playing Bejeweled cash scratch cards, here are a few of the reliable operators.......

Jackpotjoy - Cards available in £1, £2 and £4 values. Click on a gem and all of the matching gems will explode, revealing a cash sum. If you have revealed three matching sums, you will win that amount. Maximum cash prize is £3,000.

How To Win - Bejeweled Winning Strategies

Winning money at any type of casino game is down to luck, and there are very few strategies you can employ in the actual game-play to improve your chances.

I've tried a tactic where I increase the value of my bets if I get 3 or 4 spins with no return, gradually increasing higher until I do get a winning line. Occasionally that's worked but it's actually difficult to know if it had any real impact when it did. 

So the best way to increase your chances is to get the biggest starting bankroll possible - ideally with it not being all your own cash. The way to do this is of course by choosing somewhere to play that offers good value deposit bonuses.

The other consideration is in checking the payout percentages of any operator. Obviously the higher the payout percentage, the higher your chances of walking away with more money than you started with. 888 Casino offer the best payout percentages that I'm aware of on their Bejeweled games.

There are a number of strategies detailed on this page regarding the standard free to play version of Bejeweled with good illustrations to help you understand. But bear in mind that these will have no value in a cash prize game.

If you're playing in a tournament against one or more other players there is one thing you can do to maximize your chances, and that's to be as fast as you can. Speed is of the essence in tournaments, you'll want to get as many spins in as you can.

Playing Bejeweled Tournaments For Money Prizes

Playing in tournaments is a great way to enjoy many casino video slots games. For what is often a low buy in fee (sometimes even free), you get to experience the fun of playing without the risk of losing large amounts and walking away with the winners prize.

So finding a Bejeweled tournament with cash prizes will give you the most enjoyment you can get for your money while also getting you some chances to win. The only problem is that they're rare. It's certainly harder to find Bejeweled cash tournaments than those run on other types of slots games.

The popular puzzle and skill games website Worldwinner does run regular Bejeweled tournaments. If you're keen to try your hand at winning money in a tournament based game of Bejeweled then this is almost certainly your best starting point. 

Valuable Resources

The popular site Reddit has a number of entries about various Bejeweled versions

This page on explores the history of the game and makes for some interesting reading, and here's a version of Bejeweled 3 at

From a 'where to play' perspective, this page right here on gives you plenty of options, but there are other websites which give useful lists of casinos that offer free or money versions of Bejeweled on their platforms.


If you're read down this far, I'll be surprised if you're not raring to go and wanting to try out some Bejeweled for money games. It's addictive and fun, with regular wins. For me, this game is one of my favourites and I've managed to hit some lucky streaks and play with a $50 starting bankroll for hours.

Of course, that winning jackpot payline has eluded me so far, but it has to go to someone, right? It might be you. I hope it is. Drop me a line and let me know if you hit the big one!

To finish up, here's a practice version of Bejeweled Blitz for some fun free play. It's not a money version, but will whet your appetite for an attempt at winning some cash on one of the online casinos that do offer the game.
Bejeweled blitz beta | Games with
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