Free Or Not? - What's The Real Cost Of Trying To Win Some Extra Cash

Essentially there are two ways to win money - either free or not free. Of course each of these two offer a number of different opportunities within them. We've already seen on other winmoney101 pages that alternative ways include trying to use skill and knowledge to win, and attempting to win with luck.

From the perspective of free ways to win, you can get free money to try and win more or you can try to get a win by using free methods of making entries.

So just what does give us the chances to make these attempts?

Competitions & Contests

Firstly, let's look  at competitions and contests. For me this is the one truly cash free way of trying to win more. You'll find free to enter prize contests and competitions easily on the internet. Entering competitions or contests for cash prizes is one of the most satisfying - and potentially lucrative - free ways to win money and prizes.

In the main, these are genuinely free. In the majority of online competitions there is no entry fee, and there are a whole range of different contest types to try out. You only have to check the small print or rules to make sure.  There will be chances to win by writing essays, by taking photographs, by creating videos, or by losing weight. You name it, there will be a contest somewhere that involves it.

It's not always fast and easy to win, but entry is often fast and free.

Obviously some of these need skill, some don't. I guess you could argue that those that do need a certain skill level are actually costing something, in terms of the amount of time and possibly learning costs to reach that skill level in the first place.

There are a number of pages on winmoney101 dedicated to different types of cash prize competitions and where to find them, and it's worth taking a special look at freeroll slots tournaments for another no cost winning opportunity.

Enter Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes sit very close to the world of cash competitions, though generally competitions take some form of skill to be in with a chance of winning. In sweepstakes your winning chances are very much driven by luck. What else would you expect with an opportunity that's very straightforward to enter.

The trick with sweepstakes is volume. The more you enter, the more chances. The more likely you are to hit a lucky win at some point. Often all you have to do to enter a money sweepstake is submit an email, or like a page. Occasionally answering questions might also be involved, but they're often simple to answer.

Visit the money sweepstakes page to find out how and where to find the latest opportunities.

The other way of getting free money to win more is in the gambling or betting arena.

If you're interested in finding out more about different ways to win money, there are some valuable articles on that will help - maybe not to actually win the money but definitely to give some pointers about those types of opportunities that suit you best.

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How to use no deposit bonuses and promotions plus enter free cash competitions and sweepstakes.

If you're looking for ways to win free money, there are plenty of them to be found on the internet.

The trick is in knowing where to look...and what really is free.

Of course, every bit of money you win is actually free. It wasn't yours to start with, you had to earn or win it. And there are different ways to try and win it.

So on this page we'll look at the free ways to win money. Those which have no entry cost - and don't involve any form of betting with your own money.

The video below covers what is just about the best way to win free money - by entering cash prize competitions or contests. Aside from taking advantage of free betting bonus offers and playing in free to enter sweepstakes, it's the one way where you can try to win cash for no actual cost - other than your time of course.

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Betting Bonus

The No Deposit Bonus - Totally Free Money

The main type of bonus that gives you totally free money is the no deposit bonus. You can find offers of this type fairly regularly online - and provided you read the small print and make sure, quite often they do not have any hidden catches (except maybe some heavy rules on how much you could actually withdraw)

These bonuses are normally offered to new players as an incentive to join up, and often followed up with extra bonuses either on your next deposit or sometimes even every month. Make careful use of betting bonuses and promotions and you'll get some valuable extra cash to increase winning chances.

Of course they're usually only offered once by each betting operator. You may get further bonuses on top of subsequent deposits...but of course that is actually costing you some of your own cash.

The First Deposit Bonus - Win Free Money With a Catch

More common than the no deposit bonus is the first deposit bonus. Exactly what it says, this is awarded on your first (and sometimes subsequent) deposits. Normally it's calculated as a percentage of the amount you put in, for example 50% up to $100 (meaning you'll get a maximum of 50% of whatever you put in subject to a cap of $100. Put in $200 and you get $100 extra free.

Always remember though there's a reason why bonuses exist, and that's to attract new players and keep the ones that already play. Any operator providing betting opportunities makes money, and they want to make more. Unless the bonus is a no deposit one, they know you're unlikely to walk away with more than you started with.

To make sure this happens (more often than not) there are bonus play through and cash out rules - meaning you'll have to play through the bonus amount many times before you can withdraw.

As an example, say you deposit $30 and get $30 free. You may then (depending on that operators specific rules) have to gamble the equivalent of 20, 30, or 50 times that amount before you could withdraw any money you win. Say you win $200 on the first spin on a slots machine, you would then have to keep playing before you could collect it...and of course the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose it.

All in all, a perfect illustration of why you should treat casino gambling in particular as a fun activity, and only play with money you can afford to lose.

Free Bets - Another Promotional Offer Which Is Not As It Seems

Similar to first deposit bonuses, free bets are not exactly free. They're normally awarded as an incentive to make a deposit, and work similarly to bonuses. A good example might be that you register an account as a new bettor, deposit £20, and place a bet. Win or lose, you may then get a 'free' bet of a further £20 or more added to your account. But you have to use it as a bet, it can't be withdrawn. Well, not immediately anyway.

And as in the case of bonuses, there are often rules around play
ing through the value of the bet multiple times before you can withdraw.

If you are thinking of getting involved in betting on sports, it's really a no-brainer to shop around and make use of free bet offers.

Other Ways To Get Free Stuff - Promotions

In addition to keeping an eye open for bonuses, you'll want to watch out for extra promotions. Quite often these will run side by side with bonus offers - meaning you get twice as much for your money.

Check out these promotions pages for the best combined offers.


So there you have it. Essentially there are only a few ways to win free money online. I'm talking about real money of course, you can win virtual money - and lots of it - at any of the popular social casinos. Try out Celebrity World casino if you want to win virtual cash.

Of course, within those few ways to win real money are a whole raft of options for how you can take advantage.

The next step in the pursuit of winning money is to understand the 10 key ways to do it, and work out which one(s) will be best for you. You can read more about the 10 key ways in the first article listed below, or any of those listed beneath it will give valuable further reading.

Betting With Bonuses & Free Bets

So whenever someone mentions those words gambling or betting, we automatically think of losing money, don't we?  Or at least the possibility or the risk of losing it.

But there are ways in the betting world to get free money - or at least extra money - to play with. These are known as betting bonuses or in the sportsbetting world, free bets.

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