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New Online Casinos

We all love seeing something new that piques the interest and gets us wanting to know more, and in the field of casino gaming it's been proven that new stuff attracts us just the same as it does in technology products or anything else.

So it's rather appropriate that winmoney101 keeps its eyes and ears open for anything new that comes up in the casino arena. That definitely means watching out for new bonus offers, promotions, and games...or in the case of this page - new online casinos themselves.


Dec 2015 - Early December 2015 has seen the launch of the luxury and limousines inspired Limoplay online casino, which joins the ever growing ranks of casinos that offer Bitcoin deposits. Deposit methods aren't just limited to Bitcoin with Limoplay though, you'll find the full range of standard deposit methods too.

In addition to the Bitcoin deposit option, you'll find the full expected range of casino games. All delivered to your desktop, laptop, notepad, or mobile and running on the latest top class software.

New US Facing Online Casinos

Anyone with any interest in casino gaming is likely to be well aware of the situation in the US, even more so if you're a resident. For many years it's been tough for US casino fans to be able to legally play games. Hence the US won't have seen any new online casinos for a long time.

That all changed over the last year with the legalisation of online gambling in a small number of US states. Currently New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada offer residents of those states only a wide range of casino games including slots, card games, and table games like roulette.

This development of course attracted some big name casinos and they're now running online operations in the three states. Some of those operators were already existing, but some have sprung up from a new start. Well not exactly new - they've tended to be online versions of historic land based casinos such as Caesars Entertainment, Tropicana, and Borgata.

It'll be worth watching developments in the US closely - it may just be that any new casinos launched online there over the coming years could ultimately be vying for global recognition fairly quickly.

New Mobile Casinos

Mobile is an area where we can expect to see significant new developments over the next few years, as the use of mobile devices for betting purposes continues to increase with breakneck speed.

We can reasonably expect that every brand new online casino that launches is fully optimized for mobile use alongside its desktop version, but of course there will be dozens of existing operators who still need to make the full conversion/development.

So in the main section on new casino operators above you'll be getting to know about whether they offer mobile optimized games or not. Right here we'll be reporting on those that have implemented successful mobile operations into their already existing platform.

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We'll finish up on this page with a useful video that explores the timeless question of how to choose an online casino to play at.

It does of course cover the question from a general perspective rather than just how to choose one of the new online casinos, but it comes from a well known casino watchdog organisation known as Casinomeister. As such, it'll be worth watching to get some tips on whether you should or shouldn't be thinking about that new operator you just read about here.

For a full listing of recently launched online casinos visit this page at, or you can of course keep up to date on the social network channels at Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, whether new or established, if you want to play at an online casino there are a number of key considerations to take into account. Many of these are covered on the winmoney101 pages listed above, but we do know that video guides can often be more useful than pure reading. So take a look at the video below on how to  choose an online casino for some valuable tips.
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New Online Casinos
Here I'll be reporting on any new casinos I get to hear about. Of course, being new means they won't have been tried out and tested, and we're unlikely to be certain at the beginning that they can be fully trusted. But we can be fairly sure of those that are likely to meet the required standards by looking at their background and which software they run on.  Most of the big software operators would not be risking an association with anyone that might lower their reputation.
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