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Casino Texas Holdem Poker

Based on the popular Texas Holdem Poker format, Casino Texas Holdem Poker comprises two separate bets and a flop, turn and river - along with the potential to win 100 times your bet in a single hand.

Before the cards are dealt you place bets on the ‘ante’ and / or ‘AA’ betting circles. Next you are dealt two cards and 3 cards are dealt for the flop. The ‘AA’ bet is now settled, see below for payouts.

You then make a decision to call or fold based on your hand. If you call, an additional bet equal to your ante is placed in the ‘bet’ circle on the table, the dealers cards are then revealed and the turn and river cards dealt. How much you win depends on beating the dealer, who must hold a qualifying hand to play.

If the dealer can not beat a pair of 4’s then the call bet is a push and you are paid 1-to-1 on the ante bet. If the dealer qualifies and you beat the hand shown then payouts are determined by the following payout table:

Straight or Lower 1-to-1
Flush 2-to-1
Full House 3-to-1
Four Of A Kind 10-to-1
Straight Flush 20-to-1
Royal Flush 100-to-1

These odds are paid on the ‘call’ bet, with the ante always paid at 1-to-1 in addition. If the dealer has a better hand then you lose both bets.

Betting on the ‘AA’ circle is paid independently of the dealer’s holding and is determined by whether you hold a pair of aces or better on the flop. Payouts can be large for hitting your hand on the AA bets and are determined by the table below:

Straight or Lower (down to a pair of aces) 7-to-1
Flush 20-to-1
Full House 30-to-1
Four Of A Kind 40-to-1
Straight Flush 50-to-1
Royal Flush 100-to-1