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Of all the ways to win money online, it's the casino games that offer the greatest opportunity for enhancements that turn standard gaming into the futuristic-style entertainment we all desire.

In the video gaming world, innovation is everything. In casino gaming it's no different. New and innovative casino games are what will keep us coming back to the casinos time and time again.
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For many years we've been served up the same standard formats of popular games like slots and card games. It could be said that the gambling industry has been resting on its laurels. Why change a winning format?

But it is all changing. Slowly but surely. Recent years have seen the introduction of innovative casino games and unusual ways to bet. They're designed to propel casino gaming and other forms of betting in general into the future. The time is right for new and breakthrough developments to take centre stage.

On this page we'll take a look at some of the recent innovations in casino games that have already made their mark, and report on any new unusual games or game formats that look to be on the more

What's Innovative...and What's Not?

So what do we mean by innovative?

Many of the casino game formats that have appeared in the last few years could be classed as innovative, certainly at the time they were released. But innovation can quickly become yesterday's news.

Those products which work become part of the mainstream, leaving us yearning for something new. That's true of course for all products - but for the casino game fans among us they can be the drivers that keep us coming back to the online casinos for more.
For the purposes of this page we're looking for true innovations in casino gambling. New and exciting ways to play games, unusual types of betting, anything that uses the technological advancements we're reading about in electronic products that will enhance our enjoyment of games. That doesn't necessarily include those developments that had to happen - betting on mobiles or live dealer games as examples - but of course those could be classed as innovative in their own right.

For casino gaming this development of new and unusual formats and games is all important.

We know that leaving an online casino session with more cash in our account than when we started is not easily achievable. We know the casinos are very good at taking our money and keeping it. The least they can do is provide us with games that excite and give us extra value for money, right?

The casino operators know that to keep us coming back they do need to innovate. They need to develop new styles of gaming.

Before we get to the section which covers the very latest innovations, it may be worth a look first at some of the ways the industry has been growing in recent years and some of the developments which have already made an impact.......

Innovative Casino Game Developments In Recent Years

Mobile Casinos

Use of mobiles for everything online has been growing exponentially for a number of years, and we're just about at the point where online transactions for pretty much everything have taken over from those made on desktop type devices. This is heavily due to the development of different mobile devices and the enhancements in how they can perform to carry out those online transactions. That's allied to the general huge increase in numbers of smartphones and tablets of course.

I can remember around five years ago when all the talk about mobile betting was just kicking off. It's taken time to mature, but now it's a big surprise to come across any casino or betting site that isn't optimized for mobile use.

Pretty much every online casino has a mobile version of most if not all of the casino games they offer, and keep an eye open for the skillgame operator known as Skillz. Playing cash prize skillgames is experiencing astounding growth and Skillz run a platform where  games of skill are specifically designed to be played on mobile devices.

Live Dealer Casinos

Another innovation that first saw the light of day around five or six years ago. Live dealer casinos made their name a lot quicker than mobile betting did, and quickly became a favourite with many casino regulars.

In case you don't know, live dealer online casinos provide just what they say on the tin. They'll get you as close to being in a real casino as you can get without actually being there. This is achieved by the use of powerful streaming software that sets you at a table in front of the dealer while sitting in front of your own device at home.

Multiple Screen Slots

Slot machines are very good at taking our money and keeping it. That's why the casinos put some heavy focus on continually developing new titles. The Jurassic Park slots machine being a good example of how innovative the casino software developers have become in creating interesting games based on media we all know and love. It's also why slot tournaments are growing in number and popularity.

Multiple screen slots are a more recent developments where you get to play with multiple screens at the same time. They're only available at Microgaming casinos to my knowledge, with the most popular being know as Meg

Effectively Megaspins works by any player being able to choose from up to 5 different game titles, and playing them all at the same time. Each works independently so there is no association between spins and reels.

Slots Casino offers five varieties of MegaSpin online slot machines:

•  MegaSpin Double Magic
•  MegaSpin Fantastic 7s
•  MegaSpin High 5
•  MegaSpin Break da Bank Again
•  MegaSpin Major Millions

Microgaming are among the leaders in developing unusual versions of well known casino game favourites. They've recently released games like Double Exposure Blackjack (where both dealer cards are dealt face up), Super Fun 21 Blackjack (standard blackjack but with the US Hole Card and option of a late surrender), and Bonus Pai Gow Poker which is played with a 53 card deck which includes a joker

Social Play Casinos

These have been growing in number for a few years now, with sites like Pureplay leading the field. They're often marketed as free to play social gambling sites. While the free to play aspect is true, they often make their money by offering paid subscription accounts which let you get extra credits and other stuff. See the Celebrity World casino review for the lowdown on one of the best.

3D Games

Casino games in 3D were all the rage a couple of years ago when first seen. The interest of course coincided with the 'future of TV' developments in the television industry where all the big manufacturers were championing their own lines of 3D models.

Those 3D TVs have bit the dust to some extent. Public interest just wasn't there, and the technology involved wearing 3D glasses which put a lot of consumers off.

In the online casinos though, 3D slots games in particular have weathered the storm and grown a strong following. They do offer enhanced graphics over standard slots machines, and there are some well designed games to play where symbols and images do seem to pop out of the screen in true 3D style.

The Latest Innovations In Casino Gaming

In this section we'll report on and review some of the more recent unusual gaming developments. They might be new games themselves or innovative versions of tried and trusted favorites, or technological breakthroughs in how games are played, or just useful improvements in the ways that allow us to play. 

Most of these innovations you'll already be able to play or use.

Bitcoin Deposit Casinos

One of the big problems for many casino game fans is the issue of how to make deposits to an account. It's a particularly relevant problem for those in some regions where the local regulations around online gambling are unclear or questionable, or for those who may need some form of secrecy around what they're doing with their money (think husband and wife!).

So the recent developments in virtual currencies will have interested anyone in either of those situations. Use of those currencies is becoming more widespread and acceptable, so it was only a matter of time before they could be used to fund gambling or betting accounts.

To that end, the Bitcoin deposit casino has been born. More than one of them to be precise. There are a handful that are now well entrenched in the industry, and if the use of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies keeps growing it's likely that their use will expand still further.

Shaking Slots

This unusual innovation falls into the category of technological breakthroughs to my eyes. Shaking slot games are just as described on the tin...slots games that are played on handheld devices where the action is started by shaking the device.

At this stage the games available are different types of slots, though it's not hard to see how the technology could be extended to other casino games like craps or many of the card games. For now, slots that work by moving the device they're being played on are just beginning to make their entry into the game catalogues of major operators.

New Innovative Casino Game Releases

Zone Blackjack

For live dealer casino regulars this new game of Zone Blackjack solves a long running problem - one which has prevented live dealer players from experiencing realistic live blackjack online. It's always been a problem where multiple blackjack players could not play live at the same time, but the Zone version from Bodog puts that straight.

Elements - The Awakening New Slot

A game doesn't have to be brand new to be classed as innovative. It's possible to upgrade an old favourite to incorporate the latest technological innovations. For the slots game Elements The Awakening, that's clearly the case in its latest form.

Net Entertainment are the developers of this game. You might think it's just another slot, but alongside the stunning 3D graphics it brings a new feature known as Avalanche reels. Land a winning line of symbols and they disappear to allow others to drop down in their place, giving more options for some exciting wins. Land four back to back wins from one bet and you'll trigger the Avalanche meter feature, leading to ten free spins once the meter is full.

Swipe 3D Roulette

European roulette fans may be clamouring to play this
full 3D version of the game, known as Swipe Roulette.

Brought to us by Golden Palace Casino. This is roulette
played through the viewpoint of a multi-angle camera
that lets you play the game from a number of different
angles. All designed to give an innovative and
definitely unusual experience.

Choose the angle that gives you the most fun and enjoyable playing time. You'll even be able to make the roulette wheel spins yourself.

Read more about new slots and other casino games on the new casino games page.

What's On The Horizon?

Skill Slot Games

This could be one of the most innovative of all casino game developments and one which could be seen as a revolutionary one. Slots have always been games of pure chance. There's no way to influence the ways the reels spin or where they land, and of course their software is designed to run in the casino's favour over a period of time.

But skill gaming interest is growing daily. There are some great skillgames sites which offer games of skill for cash and other prizes, and it's a certainty they'll be wildly interested in adding slots where the outcomes are determined by skill into their game portfolios.

At this point in time skill based slots are just an idea, though there have been unsubstantiated rumours that some software houses are looking into them.

The video below shows a slot developed a couple of years ago pretending to be skill based. In fact the only element of skill concerned is in stopping the reels, and to me that's still relying on a large element of luck. We can expect future developments to be much more interesting!
It's debatable whether we could classify the different versions of Bejeweled casino games as innovative, but they're certainly unusual when compared to many other slots type casino video games.
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Innovative Version Of Bejeweled Casino Money Game

May 5, 2014 11:00 AM
Dean Takahashi

Deck of Dice, a startup with a product of the same name, has a clever idea. It puts an entire deck of 54 playing cards (jokers included) on a set of nine six-sided dice. So it’s like combining dice and playing cards in a new kind of game.

If it plays its cards right, or maybe gets a lucky dice roll, it could create a brand new entry among the 100-year-old casino games that collectively make up a $391 billion gambling business worldwide. It’s a potentially disruptive idea, and could lead to the creation of multiple games across many different sectors of the gaming and gambling businesses, its creators say. and the idea is so simple that a lot of people are going to say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“We have the most overdue game invention of all time,” said Tom Donelan, chief executive of Cleveland, Ohio-based Deck of Dice, in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat. “We will use it to create a new casino style gaming venture. We have the opportunity to reinvent the thrill of chance games.”

“There was an inventor who had a chocolate meets peanut butter idea,” said Bob Lindsay, chief operating officer of Deck of Dice and a 25-year game industry veteran, in an interview.

Deck of Dice is the brainchild of 57-year-old Carmelyn Calvert, an empty-nest grandmother in rural Illinois. She loves games and had a great idea one night to combine two of her favorites. She began cutting some wood dice and figured out the right combinations of the playing cards to put on each die. For instance, she decided that any time you need an Ace of Spades, you don’t also need a Six of Spaces. So she put those on the same die.

By doing it just right, she was able to preserve the ability to get all 40 different kinds of straight hands in a game of poker. That is, if you roll the nine dice, you will be able to get every kind of straight or royal flush possible in poker. She assigned the rights to Deck of Dice, and the company has patented the game system.

Deck of Dice hopes to cash in on the booming market for both physical and digital casino games. The problem most competitors have is that they all have the same games, like poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, and craps.

“Playing cards and dice are the roots of the whole industry,” Donelan said. “Everyone has commodity games.”
Deck of Dice

Above: Deck of Dice
Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

With Deck of Dice, Donelan wants to create a bunch of new games that will penetrate every sector, including social casino games, mobile games, online gambling, lotteries, slot machines, and table games in physical casinos.

Lindsay said the company has global rights to commercialize the patent. Since 2011, Deck of Dice has already sold more than 250,000 physical dice at $10 per package in retail stores across the country, like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Target. And that was with zero promotion.

The founders also went to the Gen Con tabletop gaming conference, where they asked attendees to create their own versions of games using the dice. They came up with more than 100 different games.

“We know it is more than a barroom gimmick,” Donelan said.

Now it plans to raise money to create new digital games.

There’s precedent for new games. Slingo was a combination of slots and bingo that saw great success after in was invented in 1995 by businessman Sal Falciglia. Hee created the game during his 60s by thinking about two favorite pastimes: slot machines and bingo. He conceived Slingo in his head and played it over and over again. In 17 years, players spent more than $1 billion on Slingo, and Real Networks bought the company for $15.6 million last year.

“They were a good precursor,” Donelan said. “We learned from them that we have to focus on the right opportunities. We will start with mobile, then move to the social web and promotional games. Then we can do online gambling, online lottery, video lottery, slots, and casino tables.”

But first things first. The mobile game will be a Yahtzee-like game that combines chance and puzzle solving. The team has created an iPhone prototype game that tests the concept but hasn’t been optimized for monetization. Lindsay said the game’s retention figures are meeting general mobile gaming expectations.

“It’s now time to optimize that game,” Donelan said. “We do plan to find huge marketing partners to help. But first things first.”

Deck of Dice is seeking a round of funding for its digital business and casino versions. And for games like lotteries, which are highly regulated, Deck of Dice will need some big partners. The company hopes to launch a mobile game by the summer and to start doing promotional deals late in the year.

The company has six employees, mostly in Cleveland, but it is establishing its digital game studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We feel like we are at the beginning of a fresh new form of entertainment,” Lindsay said. “It can have multiple games, and it is proprietary.”

Australian Start-Up Royal Wins Launches Unique Hybrid-Style Online Casino Experience
August 12, 2014 05:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SYDNEY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sydney-based game design studio, Royal Wins, has just released its game-changing social casino experience – Mojikan’s Kash Karnival, with initial public response indicating it could be the next evolutionary experience the gaming industry has been looking for. Following extensive research and testing during 2013, the company decided to pivot from its original social games focus and create a new category of free-to-play, ‘hybrid’ skill + casino social and wagering games. After more than 6 months of development, Robert Fong, CEO of Royal Wins believes the product is now ready to disrupt the existing online casino gaming landscape.

    “We see ourselves as a high-end, high quality truly innovative studio, utilizing the very best of breed game engines and gaming technologies, to produce the very best 2D and 3D games of skill and chance.”

The new hybrid social gaming hub, the Kash Karnival, opens its doors with four initial games which are split evenly across skill and the more traditional chance-based casino games, although all games incorporate elements of both skill and random number-generated (RNG) outcomes.

Mr. Fong said that “We believe that social games players should be rewarded for their skill, while more traditional casino games players are often served up a mediocre in-game experience. Our new ‘hybrid’ games address both these issues, by rewarding players for their skill, AND by bringing new styles of game mechanics and skill-based elements into what, up until now, has only been very basic, uninteresting traditional slots and casino games.”

Games are accessed through the Kash Karnival’s graphically rich and immersive ‘Royal Hub’ which has a grand and exciting look and feel. Players are addressed as 'patrons' and have the ability to interact with countless avatar characters and features. From the Royal Hub, players are able to explore either the 'Skill District' or 'Adventure Casino' and enjoy games which promise to take you on a journey with their entertaining characters and stories. And in continuing with the ‘Royal’ theme, Players are able to work their way up the leader board to eventually become members of the ‘Royal Family, and ultimately, Kash King or Kash Queen.

The launch release is accessible to anyone in the world via Facebook and aims to build on the game's impressive 10,000+ early adopter fan base. However, the company has big plans to release additional versions across other platforms including tablet and mobile. Director of Gaming of Royal Wins, Tony McAuslan, added that “We see ourselves as a high-end, high quality truly innovative studio, utilizing the very best of breed game engines and gaming technologies, to produce the very best 2D and 3D games of skill and chance.”

Royal Wins has recently closed its first round of funding with A$2M and has a big year planned ahead. The company is staffed by some of Australia’s leading game designers and artists, many of whom learnt their trade with stints at some of the world’s biggest game developers including Aristocrat, IGT, Konami and NextGen Gaming, and has plans to release a ‘real money’ version of its casino at the end of 2014.

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