We all know that playing casino games is unlikely to end up in a situation where you walk away from a session with more money than you started with. That's why playing in a casino is best approached from the perspective of having fun with a set amount of money to lose, rather than going in with the belief that you're going to win a pile of cash. Of course it's possible to win big, but one of the best ways to get the most enjoyment for your money is by playing in casino tournaments.  You'll find these tournaments are held by online casino operators regularly, mainly for slots and occasionally blackjack games.

Introduction To Casino Tournaments


What Are Casino Tournaments?

Very simply, casino tournaments are contests between players where the winner (and sometimes runners up) take whatever prize is on offer. This might be a predetermined prize - or guaranteed prize as it's often referred to - or a prize based on the number of entrants in the tournament, and the amount they have paid.

The winner obviously collects the highest prize, with runners up taking lesser amounts. You'll find them on offer both by online and land based casino operators.

In a tournament, you're not playing against the house so the house edge is not important. All that counts is playing in the best way possible, to end up with a higher score than your opponents.

Why Do Casinos Run Tournaments?

If tournaments are played against other opponents rather than the casino itself, then you may think the casino is not making any profit from those they run. Of course that's not true - in some tournaments the casino might take a rake or percentage of the pool, but actually the greater return is in enticing either new players to sign up or existing players to keep playing.

Either way the casino gets more money eventually.

What Type Of Tournaments Are Available To Play

There are two different ways of looking at this question - from a types of entry perspective and types of games one. Entry types might include freerolls or paid to enter contests.

Freerolls are obviously free to enter and normally run by the casino to attract new players or reward existing ones. Pay to enter tournaments clearly require you to pay a fee to join. This fee will vary depending on the prize. Most often the prizes are in the $100 to $250 range, and the entry fees are fairly low.

Note that there may be a requirement for a specific number of players to register before a guaranteed tournament goes ahead, but don't worry - if you register and pay for entry into a guaranteed tourney and it doesn't go ahead, you'll get your money back.

Occasionally a casino will run a tournament as a big promotion, with prizes running into many thousands of dollars. These are rare, but worth keeping an eye open for. You'll be up against a much higher number of players, but the big prize will keep it interesting!

Tournaments can be done and dusted within a day or a few hours but it's common to see them run over the course of a weekend, for example.

Types of games are limited. Many tournaments are run on slots games. It's rare, but blackjack and roulette tourneys do exist too. Poker tournaments are common and they're covered in a dedicated section on Winmoney101.com.

Other casino games where you may find occasional tournaments on offer include three card poker and Caribbean Stud.

Some tournaments are free to enter, but you're able to pay a fee during the contest and buy more credits. This is known as the 'continue' feature.

Where Can You Find Them?

Finding tournaments is easy, especially for slot fans. There are a number of highly respected casinos that run them, and run them regularly. You can read more about online slot tournaments on the page dedicated to them here on winmoney101.com. Alternatively there is a small collection of useful links in the column just to the left. Each of these resources will give you some valuable extra info.

Finding poker tournaments is just as easy, but others such as roulette or blackjack are significantly less common.
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Lincoln Casino Slots Tournaments
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Rich Casino Tournaments
Rich Casino have a wide range of regular casino tournaments. With a total of $3,333 in bonuses on offer, that'll give you plenty of chances to enter.
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Other operators running regular tournaments include:

32Red run regular $250 free to enter slots tournaments on their popular Avalon slots game.

Winaday is another US facing casino that runs regular (and free to enter) tournaments.

Valuable Additional Resouces
The useful site about everything - About.com - has a gambling section with some articles on slots tournaments.

If you want some visual info then of course Youtube is the place to go. You'll find the Youtube casino tournaments channel here.

Other social channels such as Twitter and Facebook are good sources of extra and up to date information
Winaday Free To Enter Casino Tournaments
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