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'' cash contests offer straightforward opportunities of winning lots of money for low risk...''
What Are Cash Contests?

Cash contests are normally free to enter and occasionally pay to enter contests where one or more of the prizes on offer are for an amount of cash. Although they can be global and open to entries from different countries, they're often designed for entrants from the specific region within which they're running (hence the focus of this page on cash contests for Canada residents).

You'll find contests of all different types - photography contests, writing competitions, new product logo or advertising contests, video contests, and more.

Before we start with a list of open contests for you if you live in Canada, it's worth taking a look at the video below. If you're interested in entering any cash contests, you'll find some great tips in it to give you some clues on how and where to start.
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Canada Cash Contests
We all like getting chances to win some extra cash. There are a good few ways to try, throughout WinMoney101 you'll find examples of many other ways to win money online. But entering cash prize contests is one of the easiest.

This page is dedicated to cash contests for Canada residents only.
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Cloverdale Catch The Spirit Contest

Noted 24th November

This contest carries a total of $25k in cash prizes. You can collect your share of the cash by entering in different ways - either at the Cloverdale Mall or online.

You can win a spot prize just by wearing something red at the mall and getting selected by one of Cloverdale's representatives. Or enter the main contest at the promotional display desk in the mall.

But perhaps of more interest is the online option. This gives two entrants the chance to win $10k each, plus an extra $2.5k to go to the charities of their choice.

Make your online entries and check out the full rules and requirements here.

There's a dedicated page published for Vancouver residents - Vancouver Cash Contests