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How To Win Money Playing Poker

888 3 Card Poker

888's online casino offers a wide variety of well known casino games,but many discerning players flock straight to the 888 version of 3 card poker.

888 3 card poker rules are pretty much the same as any other casino operators, but you do of course get an opportunity to sign up and get one of 888's bonuses to increase your starting bankroll and give you a chance to try and beat the banker.

Further below we'll take a look at how 888's 3 card poker software works, and what you need to do to play. The video below gives a good overview. It's in Russian but you don't really need words to see how it performs.

How To Play 888 3 Card Poker

888 lead into their version of 3 card poker with the words ''Heads up! Triple Card Poker is two games in one, the 'Pair Plus' and the 'Ante Game'. You can play them together in a single hand or bet on each one separately''.

Of course that's exactly right. It's really two games in one - you're either playing against the dealers 3 cards to get the best hand, or betting on getting a pair in your hand.

3 card poker is simple to play, fast paced, and profits or losses can swing rapidly either way. There is no skill really (other than sensible betting), it's a typical casino game designed for enjoyment rather than as a guaranteed path to magnificent riches. Definitely one where you'll want to have availed yourself of any betting bonuses on offer.

So here's a walk through of the mechanics of how you do actually play 888 3 card.

• You place a bet by clicking on any value chip and then clicking on Ante and/or Pair Plus. Your chosen value chip will be placed on whatever you clicked.

• Hit the Deal button to start the game.

• Before the hand is dealt, you do have the chance to change your bets either by clicking on Undo (to remove the last bet you made), Clear all bets (which takes everything off the table), or Double bet (obviously this doubles up all of your bets currently on the table).

• Both you and the dealer then get 3 cards.

• If you bet on pair plus (and your hand shows a pair or trips or a run or a flush), you win. It doesn't matter what the dealer's hand is. The higher your hand, the better odds you get on the payout.

• If you did not bet any chips on the Ante button in addition to Pair Plus, the hand is over and a new game is ready to begin.

• If you bet on Ante, you're playing against the dealer.

• Look at your 3 cards. If you think your hand is a good one - and will beat the dealer's -then click on Play to place another bet which will automatically be equal to your original Ante bet. Basically you are doubling up.

• If you think your hand is unlikely to beat the dealer,then fold. You don't want to be risking more cash at this point.

• At this point, the dealer shows his cards and you compare the two hands.

• The dealer must have a high card queen or better to play.

If the dealer does not have a queen at least, your original Ante bet pays double, but your Play bet is a 'push' and is returned to you with no winnings.

If the dealer plays (has at least a queen), but your hand is a better one, both your Ante and Play bets pay back double.

If the dealer plays, and his hand beats yours, you lose all bets.

888 3 Card Poker Payouts

All payouts are always written on the table view itself.

Ante and Play - pays 1-1.

Ante pays an additional Ante bonus for certain hands: a straight pays 1-1, a set pays 4-1, and a royal flush pays 5-1.

Pair Plus pays 1-1 for a pair, and up to 40-1 with a royal flush.
888 3 card poker