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What Are Multiplayer Slots?

One of the latest developments in casino gaming has been the arrival of social networking casino games - one of which is the Multiplayer Slots designed to let you play socially with other players.

These revolutionary new Multiplayer Slots quickly became popular, with a number of casino software companies developing their own versions with stunning graphics. Subsequently they've ended up as one of the hundreds of gaming options open to casino players.

Their popularity is not surprising. The social environment you get in a land based casino is missing online. There was a gap to be filled, and these new slots had the opportunity to fill it.

Groups of up to 6 players can sample the breakthrough software while participating in a social network with an amazing twist. You get the chance to  team up with other players and play the slots simultaneously - that means you can chat and play for prizes as part of a group on a game which has already gained an element of 'craze' popularity. Your fellow players could be from different countries, cultures, or time zones around the world.

All players are able to see each others spins - PLUS chat to other players PLUS share in bonus rounds whenever one player hits the bonus feature.

The video below gives you a peak at the graphics and visual displays you get when playing on any of these slots with multiplayer features.

Where Can I Play Multiplayer Slots?

There are a number of online casinos offering multiplayer slots games, but the first to release one was AllSlotsCasino. Their 5 reel, 25 line Wheel of Wealth Special Edition slot quickly became one of the most played games. It features luxurious symbols normally associated with wealth, such as diamonds, gold bars, piles of cash, a private plane, and sports cars - and mixes these up with the well known fruit symbols : oranges, lemons, cherries etc.

AllSlotsCasino.com runs on the powerful software provided by the leading casino software provider Microgaming - well known for consistently delivering high quality casino games.

AllSlotsCasino.com give out valuable bonuses to new and existing players. When you're ready to join in the fun, just enter the All Slots site, follow the simple registration process, make a deposit, and navigate to the Wheel of Wealth multiplayer slots game.

You'll get the option to chat with other players and share in the ups and downs of the game - including a superb ground-breaking feature where all players automatically get to share in the fun when bonus rounds are triggered.   Each participating player can choose their position on the wheel - and any winnings get multiplied by the bonus amount,  possible adding up to valuable prizes including a 10,000 coin jackpot.