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Business Cash Prize Competitions
Pretty much everyone starting up a business - or who has a great business idea but may struggle to pull the funds together to kick start it - will be interested in winning some extra business building cash. If you have a business start up idea and are keen to kick it off then this page on business cash prize competitions is worth book-marking or sharing. Check back regularly for new competition news.
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The short video below on business competitions was out together by Dr. Steve Gedeon of Ryerson University. In the video, he gives examples of a number of Business cash prize competitions that can be a source of funding for startups.

George Washington University Business Plan Contest

George Washington University is running its annual business plan competition for students who are keen to kick off a startup business.

$101k is up for grabs and ready to be shared out by 10 winners after the deadline for entries on Jan 21 next year. The actual winner will pick up a cool $35k plus an extra cash prize of $15k awarded for entrepreneurship in the social space.

Winners to be selected in April 2014.

Winners will be chosen in April. For more information, head over to the competition's website.

2014 Cupid's Cup Business Cash Prize Competition

This annual competition is designed to offer US based student entrepreneurs the chance to enter into competition for a total of $115k in cash prizes.

Applications are invited up to January 6 next year, with the final planned for April 4, 2014. This will be held at the University of Maryland, where a judging panel will review applications and whittle them down to a pool of five finalists.

The contest is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled at or recently have graduated from U.S. colleges and universities. Anyone who applies must be in the process of running a legally recognised business that can show revenue of at least $5k

The first prize in this business oriented contest comes to $75k, and includes business coaching from a team of successful entrepreneurs, supportive business services from high quality support companies, and the Cupid's Cup itself.

There is no entrace fee, for more info on competition rules you can visit