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Poker does have a learning curve but if you take the time to study strategy, I know for a fact that you can learn how to beat small stakes poker games.

When we starting talking about more significant amounts of money, it gets a little more difficult. Low stakes cash games and tournaments are definitely beatable, but it does take a little more skill to beat these games. However, I still think anyone can eventually get to this level and earn a few thousand dollars a month. If you get a strong rakeback deal, learn how to multi-table and continue to study poker strategy, you can definitely earn anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 a month playing online poker.

Things become exponentially more difficult when we start talking about earning $7,000, $10,000, $20,000 or even more per month. Very few people earn this much money with online poker because the games become increasingly difficult as you move up in stakes. Almost all of your opponents at the mid and high stakes games are students of poker strategy.

It is not easy to earn this much money with online poker, but it is possible. This is not an overnight process, though. I started playing poker like most players do: with a small bankroll and grinding it out in micro stakes cash games. I took my time, built a bankroll and slowly moved up through the levels. I’m not an exceptionally smart person, but I had a strong work ethic and was disciplined enough to avoid cashing out my bankroll and spending it.

The Best Way To Win Money Playing Online Poker

The best way to win money playing online poker is to start small and work your way up through the levels. Poker is a competitive game just like chess, golf or day trading. You cannot just deposit $20,000 and jump head first into the medium stakes cash games online. I know that it’s tempting to jump up and start playing with the big boys, but I strongly recommend that you start at the micro stakes games and grind a bankroll up from scratch just like I did.

There are two reasons why this is important. First, you start out with the easiest opponents and can slowly work your way up to increasingly sophisticated opponents. Every time you move up in stakes, the games get a little tougher. By starting at the bottom, you are only able to move up when you have sufficiently beaten the current stakes and built a big enough bankroll to move up one more level.

Second, starting from scratch and building a bankroll forces you to learn bankroll management from an early level. It is difficult to maintain a bankroll and grow one when you play in a competitive game like poker. You have to learn the fundamentals of bankroll management and avoid the temptation of cashing out too frequently.

There are several different games you can choose when you get started with poker. I recommend learning one specific game type and sticking with that game until you build a strong bankroll. Here are a few options that you can choose as an online poker player:

· No limit cash games
· Fixed limit cash games

· Multi-table tournaments
· Single table tournaments

Just do a little research on Google to learn more about each of these games. I decided to go with no-limit cash games because those have the most opponents available at a wide range of stakes. Online cash games will let you get started for as low as $0.02$0.05 with a $5 buyin and can go as high as $500/$1000 with a $100,000 buyin.

Additionally, no-limit cash games are the best place to learn advanced poker strategy. No limit cash games require deep thinking and incredible discipline. And on top of that, no-limit cash games are a more stable source of income. Tournament players can also make a lot of money, but dry stretches in tournaments can last a very long time. And plus, I didn’t have the patience to deal with bad beats late in large tournaments.

Anyways, those are my reasons for choosing to start with no-limit cash games. You can pick any poker game you want and make a living out of it. The most important thing is that you enjoy the game and make the effort to study poker strategy.

So Where Do I Start?

If you're looking to learn how to play poker and win money while you're doing it, you'll be best starting off by registering with a free poker school. Alternatively you can gain valuable experience by playing for free at all the major online rooms. Pokerstars and Bet365 are generally recognised as two of the the leaders, but high quality competitors such as Cake Poker, Titan Poker, Carbon Poker, Absolute Poker, and Ultimate Bet are not far behind. For a beginner or an experienced player, any of these provide great opportunities for getting you hands on a pile of poker chips.

Your first experience of playing poker is likely to be in a Texas Holdem game,  but you could be missing out if you haven't taken a look at HORSE, Razz, or 7 Card Stud.....or tried out the latest variants like Rush Poker or Zoom Poker - brand new concepts which look set to revolutionise the game. Whatever your interest, it's always going to be a good idea to take advantage of any free poker strategy lessons on offer.

There are three things you should do to get started. First, pick an online poker site,
download the poker software and make a deposit. There are dozens of poker sites out there, but not all are the same quality. Do a little Google research for “poker site reviews” and find a reputable poker site. Join that poker room and make a deposit.

Second, go buy a basic poker strategy book from your local bookstore. A couple that I recommend are Small Stakes Holdem by Ed Miller and Theory of Poker by David Sklansky. These poker books are two classics that break down the very fundamentals of online poker. These books will also help you make sense of the poker strategy that you read online. No-limit players should also check out the Harrington on Holdem series.

Third, join a couple of poker discussion forums. I recommend and These are two of the largest poker discussion forums on the internet. I joined both of these forums when I was a poker newbie and learned almost all of my advanced tactics at these forums. I was able to post hands for other players, talk strategy with other players and look into the minds of some of the most successful poker players on the planet at these forums.

Spend a couple days reading your poker books and looking up poker strategy online. By then, I think you’ll be ready to try the real money poker games for yourself. If you get off to a running start that’s great, but don’t be discouraged if things don’t go smoothly.

Poker is a funny game because you don’t get instant feedback like you do with most skill games. Sometimes you can make the right play and still lose a big pot. Plus, poker is counterintuitive in many ways. It takes a little time to adjust yourself to the game. Just stick with it, adhere to the generally accepted bankroll guidelines (you can find these online) and never quit studying the game.

Does it all sound complicated?

You won't be alone if it does, and that's what makes it a great game. It's not complicated, there are just so many different facets to consider. If you want a simpler version of a card game then perhaps 3 card poker will be more to your liking. It's a straightforward casino card game with limited strategy involved, but can give you a good run for your money and provide plenty of entertainment.

How Easy Is It To Win Money Playing Poker?
Once you've realised that poker is a beatable game, the second-most important consideration is “how easy is it to win money playing online poker?” The answer to this question isn’t as cut and dried because there are a few variables that we need to take a look at.

First, it depends on how much money we’re talking about. I think that anyone in the world can be trained to beat micro stakes cash games and win a couple bucks a week. If all you want to do is win more than you lose, it’s not too difficult at all.

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