Learn How To Play Successful Online Poker
Casino poker games actually covers all types of poker - from the popular poker versions of Texas Holdem and 7 card stud you find played online or in the live casino rooms against other players - to the various types of poker games played either live or at any of the online casinos. They include versions such as Caribbean poker, 3 Card Poker, Pai Gow and a number of others.

Playing poker at a casino means you're playing against the dealer or house,  either alone or with other players. Games are easy to play, with  the major online casinos all offering versions to choose from, with some offering huge progressive jackpots if you're lucky enough to hit a top hand. You can play online casino poker games for free or for real money with low stakes.

For now, we're going to focus one of the most popular online casino poker games -  Caribbean Stud Poker....

Caribbean Stud Poker is a straightforward casino poker game that is a good alternative to playing blackjack, and has limited options for playing hands - you can either win back your ante (bet) and raise the same amount, draw with the dealer, or lose the hand and your bet.

First you place an ante bet before any cards are dealt. Normally the lowest bet you can make is 1 unit, and you are then given  5 cards. The other players do not see these cards, but you can look at your own.  After each player in the hand has received their  5 cards, the dealer then takes 5 of his own - four are placed face down and one card face up.

At this point, there are two simple options to choose from - either you raise or fold. If you raise, you can only raise. Each player decides in turn,  and finally the  dealer turns over his hidden 4 cards. If your hand is better than the dealers, you win.  The dealer has to have at least a king in his hand to 'qualify'. If he doesn't, your bet returns even money, and any raises made become known as  a 'push' - they're returned to you.

The normal house edge in Caribbean poker is 5.2%, by playing  strategy this reduces to around 2.5%.

Basic Caribbean Poker Strategy
Strategy is simple,  depending on the dealer's up card,  you should fold if you have anything less than an A or K, and raise on any pair or better. The table below shows the best strategy for raising.

Your Hand             Dealers Hand
Any pair                 Any up card
AKQJx                   Any up card
AKQxx                   Matches one of your cards
AKJxx                    Matches one of your cards
AK-10xx                 Matches one of your cards

You can see that when you have an A or lower, it's more important to place you bet based on the dealer's up card.  This is to reduce the possibility of the dealer having a pair (because you already have one of the cards he would need).

Advanced Caribbean Poker Strategy

This increases the risk of losing, but also means you'll play more hands. If your cards include an A or K,  you can raise in the following situations:

The dealers card is a 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 or Q and matches one of your cards
The dealers card is an A or K and you have Q or J
The dealers card matches none of yours but you have a Q or J
The dealers upcard matches none of yours, but you have a Q and the dealers card is less than the fouth ranked card in your hand
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