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Lotteries Around The World

Are you feeling lucky? You will need to be if you're hopeful of winning a big cash prize playing the lotteries.

However, even with the heavy odds against winning big, millions of people around the world try their luck every day buying lottery tickets. There are many different lotteries held in various countries throughout the world and many people try their luck chasing the big prizes. But luck is often an elusive thing, and lottery money that is not won generally reverts back into funding for good works in the country of its origin.

Some of the many major lotteries from around the world include the Euro millions Lottery, the El Gordo Spanish Lottery, the Australian Lottery, the Powerball Lottery, the Mega Millions Lottery, The Health Lottery, Super Enalotto Italy, the UK National Lottery, The South African Lottery, The Mega Sena, the Lotto Max,  the Super Lotto Plus, the Lotto 6/49 Canada and the Irish Lottery.

All of these feature significant pay outs for single grand prize winners and lesser amounts for shared winners. Many people have become overnight millionaires as a result of these lotteries, so the urge to play is strong with those hopeful people who feel that they stand a good chance of winning.

If you are planning to buy lottery tickets from a country outside your own, there are a few things you might want to consider.

Some countries, such as the United States, have laws prohibiting buying lottery tickets from foreign countries. The European countries tend to be more lax in their lottery laws. Also, although there are many websites that are available to buy lottery tickets from different countries, you might have to follow a link to the official lottery site for that country. Usually official lottery sites are conducted in the native language of that country.

You need to be sure that you understand that language well enough to be sure of what you are buying and any rules regulating the lottery drawing for that country. There are also many countries that require you to be a resident of that country in order to win any lottery prizes in that country.

Tthe wisest thing  to do is to do your research on the lottery laws in the country you wish to purchase lottery tickets in and if you are able to buy tickets by purchasing them from lottery clubs or from organized syndicates formed for that purpose, then do so, after making sure that your ticket purchases are confidential and secure. You will also want to monitor the newspapers and websites that publish the lottery winners, and double checking the information is not a bad idea either.

Your chance of winning a huge cash prize may be small, but remember, somebody always wins them...so why not you? Good luck!
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