Cash Prize Trivia Games

Although some options for playing in quiz type games to win money have been around for some time, they've not hit the headlines so  much as some other games of skill or even those luck-based ones you'll find at the casino.

That's all changed over recent months with the arrival of one or two new real money trivia apps such as The Q and HQ Trivia.

In these contests you're answering questions using general knowledge skills in an attempt to be the best and take home the cash prize.

So who exactly are the new kids on the block, and what others are there that offer the chance to win real cash prizes?
On this page we'll take an introductory look at the latest operators to start up operations - HQ Trivia and The Q. For in depth detail and a full analysis of the world of real money trivia apps there's an in depth page at
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HQ Trivia

With much being made of the fact that HQ Trivia kicked off for Apple phone users only, it's also come in for some bad press around the software with complaints over time lag being fairly common. That hasn't stopped hundreds of thousands of fans taking the games to heart and rapidly pushing the trivia app to the top tiers of any list. There are plenty of reasons for its successful introduction.

For general knowledge buffs it appears to have it all - two games run at the same times every day, each one blasting out 12 quick-fire questions, and prizes ranging in value from $1000 to $10000.

That issue over its availability on Apple devices only should be overcome in time when an Android version is released, and you can be sure there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes to make that happen.

The Q

Aiming to quickly fill the gap left by HQ Trivia and cater for Android users, The Q clearly has a long way to go to catch up.

If you are an android user and can't wait for HQ trivia to release their version, The Q should do just fine. It offers the same opportunity to win cash prizes for correctly answering questions, and offers the added benefit of running some contests based on specific knowledge areas such as popular films or music.

More Contests

Of course the two we've covered - although rapidly becoming the most well known - are not the only trivia apps to offer cash to contestants. Others include Quezztion, Quizando, and a whole bunch more.

We've always focused here on winmoney101 on skill games as being the best option for any chances to win extra cash, and these trivia contests sit firmly in that category. If you're good at general knowledge, and can answer authoritatively across a range of subjects, you'll have some fairly good chances of getting into the prize money list.