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For UK based punters interested in sportsbetting the name William Hill is synonymous with a high quality betting experience. They sit firmly among the leaders in the betting industry in a position strengthened by many years of trusted and successful operation. They're certainly one of my favourites and always will be after a mid 5 figure win from some trebles at the Cheltenham Festival in 2010!

But William Hill are not just about sports betting. Many of the major gambling operators run betting operations which cover a wide range of betting options. I like to call them 'all in one' sites. With William Hill, you'll get the chance to choose from a raft of betting opportunities including casino gaming, poker, bingo,  skillgaming and more.

As we've seen before all of these offer the potential to win money, but one of the most enjoyable (and often adrenalin-filled) ways to try is in the casino.

This page specifically takes a look at William Hill casino games - which games are on offer, how to register and play in the casino, and some of the regular promotions that William Hill run to reward new and existing Customers for their loyalty. We'll look at this from a UK gaming perspective, but note William Hill's casino is not just for UK players. Accounts and players are welcome from a number of different countries (with the usual restrictions, you can find a full list on the terms and conditions and help pages on the website).

Before we move on to look at some of the games themselves, if you don't want to read more but are keen to get playing you can jump straight from here to play one of the most popular of casino games - online slots - at William Hill from the UK. Of course there are plenty of other types of casino games available, but this slots page is a great starting point. Otherwise read on and let's find out what's on offer..... 
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Which Casino Games Can You Play At William Hill?

It might actually be better asking which games you can't play, or at least be quicker to answer. The reality is that the William Hill casino games catalogue is an extensive one, exactly as you'd expect from an operator who's been online since the early days of gambling on the internet, and had a visible presence in UK High Streets since the 1930s. They don't have social casino games yet, but that might be only a matter of time and they're unlikely to ever try to mix it with the likes of CelebrityWorld casino or other hugely popular free play sites like Chumba in the social gaming arena.

The words 'casino games' collectively cover a whole range of different gaming opportunities. Obviously to see what's available the best place to go is straight to the William Hill casino website pages, but let me spell out a list for you here. Many you'll know instantly.....

•  Blackjack
•  3 Card Poker
•  Caribbean Stud
•  Roulette
•  Baccarat
•  Video Poker
•  Slots

This list is not exhaustive. You'll find a number of others too, and some variations of those mentioned which can add some spice to your games if you want some innovative games which are a little different.

What Are My Chances Of Winning?

Ah, now this is a big question. The reality is that very few of us can win money playing casino games over a long period of time. They're designed to favour the casino in virtually all cases. Which is the main reason why it's wise to approach casino gaming from the point of view of having fun for your money, rather than trying to win because you have to.

But they do of course regularly offer wins to players - some big, some smaller - and there is always the chance of hitting a big prize jackpot.

Playing William Hill's casino games is no different. What you can guarantee is that you'll be able to trust them to be fair, and to meet their published payout percentages. You'll get great entertainment value, with the possibility of ending up with more cash than you began with, and you'll have had a whole bundle of enjoyment out of the experience.

Can I Increase My Winning Chances?

Winning money at casino games is almost purely down to luck, although there are ways with some games to take a strategic approach and play so that you have the best chance of winning. 3 card poker is a good example. Luck will still be the most important factor though.

So what can you do outside of playing with correct strategy?

The answer is in increasing the amount of money you have to play with, allowing more chances to spin a winning reel or turn that winning card.

The way to get more cash in your playing bankroll is to take advantage of bonus offers and other promotions. Almost all online casinos offer these.

William Hill in particular offer some valuable start up bonuses for new players. If you're planning on making a big deposit you'll get great value from the welcome offer, though free money is free money no matter how you look at it, and you can get a bonus for smaller deposits too.

Deposit £100 and get £150 free to play with.

Where Can I Get More Info On William Hill's Casino Operation?

The internet is awash with info on any subject you'll ever want to know about. Winning money - either through casino games or any other type of betting - is well catered for. There's a ton of info about various betting related subjects right here on, but for information specific to William Hill you can try these resources:

•  Wikipedia
•  Twitter
•  Youtube

Of course the best place to go is the William Hill site itself. Whatever your betting preferences - sports, poker, casino, bingo - there will be something there that gives you just what you're looking for.