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In today’s growing market of online sports betting sites and daily sports fantasy leagues and sites; what else could be out there for the avid sports fan that likes to add a little extra suspense and fun to their favorite sports? Whether it is MLB, the NFL, the NBA, Soccer, NASCAR, Fights, or College sports, has you covered.

In order to describe what is, we have to first look at what separates from the rest of the pack. First of all it is free to play. That’s right free. The first thing to realize is that is not a gambling site. Which also makes it legal by the way.

This site is free and gives its users a chance to win real prizes, and most important, real cash. Imagine being able to feel the excitement of watching your custom team compete against friends and others, all the while knowing that not one cent of your own money is on the line. Now the obvious question is how does accomplish this?

The answer is advertisers. You see, advertisers that are looking to get their names and products out to as many people as possible, and reach a certain male demographic, will put the money up for the initial bets that players will use for their particular contest. While these initial stakes will vary from contest to contest, the end result is the same; if you lose your contest, no money comes out of your own pocket: if you win your contest, you get paid out dollar for dollar.

Of course there are different levels of success in which to get paid out. But if you run out of play money, you are simply given more to attempt to reach these levels.

Also, in order to help you reach these levels, offer you tools to make better pick decisions as well as strategy. With SportsPlays Expert Picks, Injury Reports, Team Records and Standings, Team Stats, Game Match-ups, and Public Consensus, has a host of tools to help you become successful.

While playing and betting at is totally free, right now they are offering a Free 14-Day Trial Membership to their Full Access area. During this trial period, you will be able to enjoy Full Access benefits such as:

Real Money Received for $200 Cash Out
Higher Limits
Free Access to Contests
Higher Contest Winnings
Member’s Only Contests
Removal of Annoying Ads
Detailed Pick Reports
Get Insider Info

While you can cancel at any time and go back to playing for free on the standard contests, if you are satisfied with Full Access after the 14-Day Trial Offer is up, then you pay only 33-cents per day afterwards.

So sign-up today and see what all the fuss is about. Besides; what else do you have to lose?

Definitely not your money. Sportsplays offer what might just be the ultimate in cash prize competitions, while there may also be some options for placing highly popular asian handicap bets on the Euro 2016 cup.

To whet your appetite for some free sports betting, the video below offers a review of some of the great sportsplays from recent sporting seasons. For other types of free gaming it's worth taking a look at the social alternatives. Chumba offer some great social games, as do Pureplay Poker and the new kid on the block Pokertribe.
Sportsplays Review
Sportsplays Review Page
Want a way to make bets on your favourite sport...with no risk to your own cash...and with the chance of winning extra cash too?

You might think it's impossible. You might even have seen something similar working in other forms of no lose or arbitrage betting.

But with you're getting just that. Bet on a wide range of sports and different betting markets, with none of your own money, you win if your pick wins, you lose nothing if it doesn't......and it's fully legal!

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