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The Route To Tennis Betting Profits

Betting on the outcome of tennis matches offers good prospects of making a profit from your sports knowledge. With only two possible outcomes from any match (with straight match betting of course), a knowledgeable punter can put the odds in their favour in the right circumstances and over a period of time. It's especially good for no lose or arbitrage type betting where you're looking to make a profit either ways a wager goes.

But to push the odds further still in your favor it can pay to specialize in a particular area of any sport. In the case of tennis you can derive significant benefit from knowing the players, their favored playing surfaces, their rankings, and their form. With hundreds of players on the circuits this is not easy to achieve, and it's wise to narrow down your betting focus as best you can.

One area of tennis betting which does offer significant potential returns is the women's circuit. If you want to bet on tennis this can be a profitable aspect of the game on which to focus.

This page aims to give an introduction to women's tennis betting - why it's a good source of profitable betting opportunities, the main events and who the players to watch are, and where and how to place a bet on women's tennis events.  We'll finish up with some excellent additional resources which will help us determine which bets on womes's tennis matches are the right ones to make and when.

Why Should I Focus on Women’s Tennis Betting?

Women’s tennis betting offers something different for everyone, with some people preferring the style of play compared to the men’s game, and other people able to find more betting opportunities.

Women’s tennis is usually much more diverse than men’s in terms of style. A lot of men’s tennis consists of strong powerful hitting between opponents, and generally power and strength rules the male game with most top 20 players on the ATP tour nowadays playing from the back of the court.

The women’s game however is different for obvious reasons, and because women are not technically as powerful as men with their physical strength, they usually have to employ other tactical areas in their game. These areas may include being more direct with their shots, painting the lines and wearing opponents down that way, or coming into the net more.

Because women generally lack more physical power than males for the most part, this also leaves room for more upsets on the WTA tour with underdogs taking the glory. Because of lack of power, women’s serves are not as dominant as they are in the men’s game, and this is why some of the time you will see some female players constantly exchanging service games and failing to hold service against opponents.

This however is quite rare to be seen inside of the top 20 on the WTA tour due to the strong mental ability of most of the players, however at ITF level tennis (lower ranked), you do see this happen frequently because of poor mental strength and physical strength when serving.

Which Are The Main Events To Watch Out For?

Throughout the year there is a plethora of tournaments which present great betting opportunities, with the most obvious of those likely to be seen in the Grand Slam (major) events. Grand Slam events are mandatory tournaments which all players must compete or qualify to compete in, and at present there are four of them annually.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is one of the first tournaments which is played each year taking place in Melbourne in January, shortly after warm-up tournaments in Brisbane and Sydney. The Australian Open is played on hard courts, and is usually a tournament which brings hot weather conditions and is the most physically demanding major tournament of the year due to the heat.

French Open

The second main event of the year would be the second grand slam; Roland Garros, also known as The French Open in France. Roland Garros takes place on clay courts and begins in May each year, with prior warm-up tournaments being in Rome and Madrid.


The third Grand Slam major event which takes place is Wimbledon, held at the peak of summer in the middle of June. This event takes place on grass, and is regarded as the most historic and prestigious major tournament in the world. Tournaments on grass leading up to this are played in Eastbourne and Birmingham.

US Open

The final major tournament of the year is the US Open taking place in Flushing Meadows, New York in August each year. The weather conditions at this event are typically much cooler than other events in the summer, and this tournament is played on hard courts just like the Australian Open. Tournaments played just prior to this include Montreal, New Haven and Cincinnati.

WTA Finals

The other final main tournament which is played at the end of each year is the WTA finals. The finals is a tournament which consists of the top 8 highest ranked women’s players of the current year who lead the WTA rankings, and is usually held around October time. For many seasons the tournament has been held in Istanbul, Turkey, however in 2014 it’s being held in Singapore.

Some Players To Look Out For In 2014/15 -

Donna Vekic

2014 has been a great year so far for many young players, with players such as Donna Vekic winning her first major WTA title at Kuala Lumpur in April at just 18 years old. Although she has suffered some poor form as the season has gone on, she is for sure a player to keep an eye on in 2015/16.

Belinda Benkic

Belinda Bencic is another rising star who will no doubt make it into the top 20 of the rankings at some point in her career. In 2013 Bencic was ranked just 184 in the world, but after a spectacular season in 2014 she is now ranked 58. Bencic had a great clay court season in the summer of 2014 with just 6 losses, and two of those losses were against the Williams sisters. Bencic also showed great resilience at the US Open in 2014, beating both top flight players Kerber and Jankovic consecutively.

Camila Giorgi

Camila Giorgi is also a young player who will no doubt reach high levels in her career, and has already showed great resilience also boosting her ranking from 98 in 2013 to 31 in 2014. Giorgi’s attacking tennis and effortless power she possesses has made life difficult for many players in 2014. She beat Victoria Azarenka at Eastbourne and Maria Sharapova earlier in 2014 at Indian Wells.

Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard is a player who has really made a name for herself in 2014, grinding her way through the rankings with long stretches of wins. Bouchard, aged just 20, won the title in Nuremberg on clay in the summer, reached the semi-finals at the French open, and the final at Wimbledon consecutively within a matter of months. It’s quite easy to say that she will no doubt pose a threat in 2015 also.

Caroline Garcia

Caroline Garcia surprised many with her clay court campaign in the summer, winning the title in Bogota and coming through qualifying in Madrid to reach the quarter-finals there. Her ranking in 2013 was just 71, and she has improved this somewhat since then and currently ranks at 41. Garcia’s attacking drive to her game and positive disposition when under pressure will no doubt see her do well in 2015 also, and she should not be underestimated at just 20 years old.

Where Can I Place Bets On Women’s Tennis?

Many bookmakers online give great opportunities to bet on women’s tennis, with bookmakers such as Bet365, Unibet and Betfair all offering live streaming for their matches if you have a funded account.

Bet365 and Unibet cover all WTA tournaments throughout the year, and in 2014 Bet365 had streams for all televised WTA matches at both the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

As we've seen before though, it's always good to shop around for best odds. Why make a tennis match bet at evens when you could get 5-4 somewhere else?  There are plenty of other bookies as well as those mentioned above, and the best of them may vary from region to region or country to country. Most will offer odds for betting on women's tennis matches, especially where the major tournaments are concerned. Check out the winmoney101 bookies, bookmakers, and sportsbooks page for more betting options.

Which Bookies Give The Best Women’s Tennis Betting Odds?

Bet365 and Paddy Power are usually quite competitive when it comes to odds on women’s tennis, and usually release odds fairly quickly too before other bookmakers. SBOBET and Pinnacle are also popular choices, and sometimes offer higher odds depending on the match in question.

More Info & Valuable Resources

This article on how to bet on women's tennis was inspired by and conceived after some discussion with a webmaster - Patrick Barks - who has a passion for the women's game. Patrick is the owner of a superb site dedicated to women's tennis betting at If reading about the prospects of making some lucrative bets on the women's game here has whet your appetite, TennisPunt is a resource you won't want to miss for intelligent match previews and post match analysis.

Other useful resources include:

• offers a great database of tennis information on women’s tennis, with up to date results and historic head to head data. Tennis Explorer also offers information on current WTA tournaments, calendars and rankings.

• is also another good website to have in your tool box, with the ability to compare tennis players head to head. Match stat also features information such as player injuries, and their betting rating. The betting rating is a comparison model used to judge how well a player has played as either the underdog or the favourite in recent matches, and whether they would have made you money or not had you backed them.

•  is the ultimate database a tennis bettor can use. OnCourt allows you to see in depth statistics about players such as serving percentages, how well they have performed in tie-breaks, return statistics, and other analytical data.

•  This Facebook community page for women's tennis looks at our subject from a general perspective, exploring events in the tennis world.

•  Don't forget Twitter as a source of up to date news and info. The Twitter 'women's tennis betting' feed will be awash with tips and match updates during the course of any WTA tournmaments.

The Youtube videos below offer look at women's tennis from a couple of different perspectives. The first shows a series of great match winning shots -  you may be able to pick up some tips for players to watch from this one. The second is a betting preview of the women's French Open competition in 2014. Of course by the time you're reading this the French Open will be done and dusted, but it might help to see how SBRforum put together their women's tournament betting previews for us to kep an eye open for in the future.
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