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Bet On MMA - An Introduction To MMA Betting

Any sports betting fan will be aware that the way to making profitable bets doesn't just lie in soccer, tennis, or horse racing. The range of sports you can place bets on is a wide one, and there are some great opportunities in some of the lesser known sports.

MMA betting (mixed martial arts) is a good example. For a well informed punter who's knowledgeable about the sport there might be some good prospects for long term profit.

This page aims to give an introduction to MMA betting and give you the basic head start to understanding how to bet on MMA.

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Before we start I'll just say here that this article is not really a beginner article for novice bettors but more like a beginner article to bettors who haven't yet dabbled in MMA. You should be familiar with common betting terminology to completely understand this article and a good place to start would be on the winmoney101 betting guide page

Qualitative Analysis Is The Right Way To Approach MMA Betting

What differs MMA betting from mainstream sports such as baseball, football, basketball and other team sports is the way you analyze and find value.

Quantative analysis (usually multiple regression analysis) might do wonders to build good betting models for team sports but it's near impossible to do number crunching for MMA fights. If you read the predictions made by you will notice that they rarely throw out numbers. Other MMA prediction sites and MMA betting gurus like Nick Kalikas barely bring up numbers at all.

As usual going against public opinion is an effective method. Like most sports, people tend to inflate the odds of big name favorites, MMA is no different. MMA is also a lot younger sport so there are good reasons to believe there is more square money compared to established betting markets as NFL, NBA, MLB etc. 5% might be the norm for a solid betting professional in NFL but over 10% (which is basically unheard of in other sports) is possible in MMA.

The bad news are that it's getting tougher. In the early days of UFC when no name Brazilians were coming in and beating up more established names there was a lot of value to be found . The obvious downside to MMA is the lack of volume. There are not that many fights per week but you can be more aggressive with your bankroll management. There is a chance that more square money will enter the market as UFC grows but unfortunately the growth has not been as great as previous years. It's hard to predict how MMA betting will evolve, I can't say for sure that ROIs will tank like they did in bigger sports.

Live betting is a huge thing in MMA betting, more and more bookies are even offering real live betting (while the fight is on and not just between rounds) nowadays. There are still some heavy market inefficiencies. A common mistake by the betting public is to underrate a fighter who loses the first round but has better cardio than his opponent. I'm not going to discuss the details on how to be successful MMA live bettor here but high ROIs in the upper 10% range is definitely doable, even 20% is attainable if you're excellent.

The Importance Of Line Shopping

Line shopping is always important for any type of sports betting, but it's even more important in MMA. The odds differs greatly between bookies it's not like mainstream sports where the difference between a horrible bookie and a great bookie is miniscule.

For example seeing a fighter being +175 at bookie A but +200 at bookie B is common, so if you're not line shopping you're lighting your money on fire. This could make or break an average bettor so look into this as deeply as you can.

The video below provides a useful starting point for getting involved in MMA betting. It provides a handful of pointers and tips for how to approach making your selections.