5 Best Poker Rooms For Beginners

There are 4 key steps to take if you're starting out in poker - understanding the game, learning about poker strategy, practice play, and finding where best to play as a beginner.

Here we'll take a look at some of the poker rooms that offer the best experience for a beginner.

Their anonymous play feature is the best advantage that any poker room currently provides to new poker players.  By offering this feature, has taken the most noticeable step in leveling the playing field shared by seasoned and beginner players because it strips away the advantage that somebody can gain by tracking players’ stats.  There are no user names at the site that anybody can see.  In lieu of user names, a player gets a random ID number for each playing session.  This renders any tracking software virtually useless as, in order to make use of somebody’s playing history, it has to be tied to a permanent, recognizable player ID. 

This anonymous feature coupled with Bovada’s arsenal of generous and innovative promotions makes this U.S. - friendly site our top choice for beginners.


Although this is the biggest online poker room in the world and the room serves as the home of thousands of players who make their living by playing poker, the sheer number and size of the room’s offerings leaves a window of opportunity open for anyone to win some money. 

With freerolls, promotions and a poker school where you get tickets to real money tournaments just for participating in some lessons, PokerStars offers competitions and instructions which can lead to new players making a huge score with some persistence and a little bit of luck.  With their annual Micromillions series, for example, you can literally win $1M with just a $1.00USD investment. 

Of course, there could be thousands of players competing in any given Pokerstars’ event, but the fact that you can win so much by risking so little makes this poker room impossible to overlook. You can read about the details of the PokerStars welcome bonus at


This room’s beginner tables definitely make it stand out to someone looking to avoid falling prey to experienced players while they are becoming familiar with the game.  For the first few months after signing up, you will be able to play at the beginner cash tables which are only accessible to other new “recruits.”  During this time, of course, you will also have all the privileges of a more experienced player and access to tables and tournaments outside of the room’s beginner area. 

So, if you want to mix it up with the big boys - go right ahead.  But, if you ever feel like getting away from the challenges and tension of the comparatively advanced competition, the room’s beginner tables are a great option for you.


PartyPoker gets the nod for their extremely user-friendly software and volume of freerolls. With their software, Party Poker has managed to strike the appropriate balance between having a full-featured client that’s on par with best-of-the-best in the industry and providing a lobby which is easy to navigate and has an inviting look and feel. 

Their daily and weekly freeroll tournaments are free for anyone to enter and offer a combined $22,000 in prizes every month.  In addition to that, each new real-money account holder gets special freeroll tickets when they make a deposit. 

Having launched an Internet poker room in New Jersey in November 2013, that state’s residents and visitors can enjoy playing poker at PartyPoker legally from the comfort of their homes and/or hotel rooms.

Full Tilt Poker

This site once rivaled PokerStars in player traffic and was eventually acquired by them in 2012.  Despite being owned by its former competitor, Full Tilt Poker has not abandoned the traditions that made its brand unique.  The room has always had a knack for innovation, for instance, and continues to be on the cutting edge of technology and trends in the poker industry.  In fact, Full Tilt Poker was the first room to come up with fast-fold poker tables called, “Rush Poker.” 

Full Tilt Poker is also known for being able to add an extra touch of attractiveness to anything they offer.  For example, their logo, tables and gear are, arguably, the most aesthetically pleasing in the business. 

Similar to PokerStars, Full Tilt boasts high player traffic, large tournament prize pools and generous promotions.  In terms of the overall poker experience, Full Tilt Poker has the “it factor” and offers a playing experience to beginners that is unlike anything they will find elsewhere.


Poker is a game that's easy to play, but takes a lifetime to master. In any poker room, you're likely to find players with a wide range of abilities and experience. As a beginner, this means it's critical for you to either play very carefully and study poker strategy as much as you can at the outset, or at least try and play at poker rooms which are trying to level the field or make it easier for beginners.

That's where this guide to the 5 best poker rooms for beginners might help. Each in their own right is worth a visit, you'll find that any of them will give you a great start.

If you're a complete beginner, the video guide below may come in useful.

Where To Play - 5 Great Poker Rooms For Beginners

A trend has recently become apparent in the online poker community - poker rooms are striving to make themselves more attractive to beginner and recreational players. 

Many sites, including those identified below, have made big changes in an attempt to level the playing field in order to give average players and those just learning how to play the game a better shot at winning money in online poker tournaments and cash games. 

That said, a few sites have distinguished themselves from their competition because the modifications they’ve made are more successful at taking some of the competitive edge away from grinders and pros in favor of novice players.  Here, we bring you the top five sites that, in our view, offer the biggest bang for a beginner’s buck.
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