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OK, let's begin our look at the three key ways to try and win actual money. There are plenty of different opportunities within each main way, so I'll be breaking them down into sections below.

We'll kick off with what is probably the hardest (or riskiest)  but arguably the most enjoyable option - looking for that lucky win. After this I'll move on to winning with skill and how to get free wins.


Is It Legal To Gamble Online?

We talk a lot about betting or gambling here. Clearly that's because many of the ways to try and win mean you need to gamble some of your own. The exceptions as we've seen are in free to enter competitions and sweepstakes.

One question many of us need to give some thought to is - is betting to win money legal?

The answer varies - mainly depending on where you live, and of course on how old you are.

In the US, Canada, and Australia it's unclear. Though in some US states it definitely is now, as long as you play with specific gambling operators actually licensed in those states. Obviously you do need to be of legal age though.

That step to legalize forms of gambling online in those states was taken because there's a lot of money involved, and the taxes any jurisdiction can collect from legalized gambling could be substantial. For this reason, it's highly likely that the betting landscape will change in various countries in future.

One of those changes may eventually allow those operators that can only provide services from within specific US states to open up and work on an interstate or even global/international basis. Legislation is in the early stages of introduction to try and make this happen for New Jersey at least.
The bill that's being worked on for this, bill number 980, has a way to go and needs to get Senate and General Assembly approval followed by the signature of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie before it will become law.

Actually, in the US, it's depositing money in other states that's the biggest problem. There are federal laws which prohibit banking institutions from transactions involving betting sites.

It remains to be seen just how successful legalized online gambling in the US turns out to be - there are some casino moguls like Steve Wynn who are holding back from getting involved because they don't feel the profits in it from a good business perspective are strong enough. Other big operators like Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts are driving hard for a piece of the pie.

Generally - as a casino or poker player - you're extremely unlikely to get arrested if you do get involved, the authorities are more concerned with operators rather than individuals. I've never seen any cases where individuals have been targeted, and there are many casino operators in particular who do serve US customers.

In countries like the UK, gambling is well regulated and there are no legal concerns. In fact it's very well controlled, with many rules around which operators are authorized to provide services. They're strictly monitored too.

Of course, if you do decide that you'd like to deposit money with any gambling organization, be it for poker, casino, sports-betting, or anything else, then check your own local laws and regulations before signing up.

But very soon you may not have to worry. The barriers are being broken down and everyone wants their cut. From sportsbetting to poker to casino games. The regulatory bodies in different countries want their tax, the online operators want more profits, social network operators like Zynga and Facebook are well placed to increase their social play options and advance into real money markets, and the land based casinos are building their own online presence.
Tips & Guides On How To Approach Winning Online
For the most part, it’s fair to say that we all want to win at something. Right?

Winning is a desire that’s built at some level into pretty much all of us - and when it comes to money, there are very few of us that don't want to win it when we have the chance. Whether it's a little or a lot, the internet has widened the number of chances to win money through a variety of games, competitions, and betting. These might be opportunities to win at games of pure chance or luck, or by using an element of skill to influence outcomes in our favour.

Of course, often it's not just about the money. Our attempts at winning money are driven by, and satisfy, a number of human needs - not least the desire for immediate excitement and anticipation. Who hasn't felt the elation of winning at some point in their lives? Who hasn't felt the anticipation - the build up?

If you have, then you'll know that pumped up feeling, where the adrenalin is rushing and you're on top of the world. If you recognise that feeling, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Personally that's why I bet - actually making the attempt to win some cash can be just as much fun as winning. As long as you approach it in the right way.

And it does need to be fun. In fact at any time where you get to the point where you're thinking it isn't then that's the point you need to be deciding whether to call it a day.

Very few people make a living at betting or gambling. Very few people ever experience a big win.

If you decide to risk your own money to win more of it you need to be acutely aware of this hard fact.

That's why it needs to be more than just a 'pursuit of money' exercise, I'm convinced that the individual approach to this spells out whether you're one of the few who will have problems controlling their betting activity, or whether you can use it in careful ways to get a little extra enjoyment and throw in the chance to maybe get some extra cash.

The odds against a cash prize win are often high, but you don't always have to risk a great deal of money to have a chance of hitting that elusive jackpot.
Latest Industry News & Offers, New Competitions, Bonuses etc
Microgaming and Golden Riviera Casino’s €10K Sure Win Tournament

We've seen that playing in tournaments is one of the great ways of enjoying casino games, especially slots. Golden Riviera are running a tournament throughout April 2014 named the Sure Win €10000 Tournament. Starting on 31st March, half the participants each week will be eliminated, leaving 100 top players to fight it out for glory in the final week.

Play takes place on the Sure Win slot,  Microgaming’s 5 reel video slot which features 5-Reel, 25 paylines and three different Free Spin options - 12 Free Spins with 4x Multiplier, 16 Free Spins with 3x Multiplier and 24 Free Spins with 2x Multiplier. The Sure Win slot also offers a Gamble Feature that gives you a chance to double or even quadruple your winnings.
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Look back 15 years ago. If you wanted to win money you'd have needed to jump in the car or get your walking boots on and travel for it - to a bingo hall, to a land based casino, or to the bookies. Today many of the opportunities are online, and they're increasing annually.

With so many ways to try and win, its increasingly important to be aware of how these opportunities work, and what they are. That's the reason to be for - to present the different ways of winning money in a way that's informative, easy to understand, and contributes to winning chances.

Unless you just focus on those free ways to win, the best approach is to realise from the start that you might lose. With that in mind, you can focus on what will give you the most enjoyment and the most entertainment. Ideally for as little cost as possible.

Before moving on to look at the 3 key ways of winning money in depth, there are some important elements we need to cover. If you're a beginner, you will find good value in these starting articles below. If you're an experienced player or bettor, you'll want to jump straight to the opportunities.
At this point....You might be thinking something along the lines of 'Why should I trust what this guy tells me about trying to win money online?''

Do you know what? On a lot of websites you'd possibly be right. But this isn't one of them. It's not alone of course, I could point you to hundreds of sites that you can trust, and there are links to many of them on these pages.

My name's Steve. You can read more about me on the about us page of this site, or the 'about me' page to be more specific. I've spent the last 34 years trying out different ways to win money in one way or another....and I'm still standing.

Have I found a way to consistently win money with a foolproof method? No. It does not exist. (well actually I'm working on something that needs a lot more testing, but maybe it does exist! More about that another time). Have I learned a whole bunch of lessons? Yes, and some of them on the painful side - but I've had some fun times and a lot of enjoyment along the way too.

I don't regret any of those 34 years worth of trying. But I have managed to control it. Be careful - I'd like to see it to be a joint effort that you know how to control it too. Take a look at the responsible gaming page before you make any attempt at any form of gambling. Please read it thoroughly.

Chances of big wins for reasonable stakes. Odds are against you, and be careful with your cash. Chance games can be addictive!

Revealing The 3 Key Ways To Win Money Online

Feeling Lucky?
Play Roulette With 888 Casino
Play Bingo
•  Play Bingo
You might remember playing bingo with your gran on small pieces of numbered cardboard. Today's online bingo is a long way removed from that. State of the art gaming with a social aspect. Easy to play, but of course it's pure luck if you win.
Instant Win Scratchcards
•  Instant Scratchcards
Another way where you need lots of luck to win. That hasn't stopped scratchcards becoming hugely popular. The big draw with scratchcards is from their instant win nature - you know pretty much straight away if and how much you've won.
We all know the scratchies associated with local and national lotteries, but there are gaming websites online which offer instant win scratchcards too.
•  Lotteries
Using Skill
Get premium winning chances from skill based games. Hold an edge with knowledge and practice and get way ahead of the opposition.
Play Games For Money
Play Betonsoft Casinos
Play Poker
Playing poker is definitely one of the most popular ways to try and win some extra cash. There's plenty of advice here on how to approach the game........

If you're a poker beginner you'll need to understand what poker bonuses are and where to play for free. Don't forget the value of poker promotions when deciding where to play.

For practice, head on over to any of the internet's biggest poker rooms, Pokerstars or 888Poker com are good places to start. For US players, is a US facing poker room which is fast becoming one of the top sites.

Understanding poker strategy - both basic strategy and advanced - is an essential first step that any aspiring poker player needs to take.

Play Video Games
Skill Games For Money
Bet On Sports
Skillgames are closely related to video gaming above, but there are special sites dedicated to playing skillgames which are definitely worth a look.

If you're good at games like pool or billiards, for example, then the skillgame opportunity could suit you well. There are hundreds of different games to play.
Slightly different to the winning opportunities with video gaming and poker, betting on sports has some very strong plus points. The informed and knowledgeable sports bettor can get ahead of the bookies in various types of sports. The secrets to success are strong focus, understanding the betting markets, and generally using knowledge, skill, and timing to build up your edge. Using mobile phones to place bets is a useful way of keeping up to date with how events might progress.

Two great areas to focus on if you're betting on sports  is in Asian handicap betting and fantasy sports betting. Asian handicap betting offers simple ways to bet where you're only considering the lose or win result, no draw. For an explanation of how this works you can visit the betting on Asian handicaps page.  Interest in different forms of fantasy sports betting is growing all the time, with some fantastic cash prizes regularly on offer.
Fancy yourself as a champion video gamer? This might just be the option for you. Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes the world over, and opportunities to win cash by playing video games are exploding. If you're good, there are some big opportunities.

Video Guides
The video below is well worth a watch. It's a very open perspective on playing slots in a casino. It makes some very good points about how you should treat attempts to win money in general.

Latest Winning Money Articles

Further down on this page you'll find:

•  3 Key Ways To Win Money Online

•  Latest Competitions, Offers, Tournaments, & Bonuses

•  Video Guide To Gambling

•  Latest Industry Video News

•  New Winning Money Articles

•  Is It Legal To Gamble Online?

How To Win Money Online - 101 Things You Need To Know

How Easy Is It To Win Money Online?

Betting For Beginners

How To Avoid The Pain Of Losing

Valuable Guides & Resources

Winning & The Psychology Of Trying To Win Money
Win Money at Casino Games
•  Play Casino Games
You'll know that playing casino games is unlikely to result in winning money in the long run. Casino's are built to take your money. If you just want extra money, then either avoid casinos or go for a one hit win on one game. But they do offer great entertainment value. If you treat casino gambling as it should be treated - as a bit of fun which gives the chance to end up winning - then you'll be in a good position to enjoy it.

Just the same as with poker, bingo, or sports betting, there are bonuses to be had and promotions to watch out for. Check out the casino promotions page to keep on top of those combined offers which can sometimes give some great value, or that extra bit of reality there are some great  places to play live dealer casino games.

The recommended casino card game for beginners is 3 card poker, if you want to win money at the casino it's simple to play and with good winning chances. For a new casino to try out, take a look at
Mainly popular in the 'real' world, there are lotteries you can play online. Everyone dreams of a big win, but the odds are heavily against you. Lotteries are just no fun for me, but millions do play them.
•  Play Poker
  Play Video Games For Money
•  Bet On Sports
•  Skillgames
Free Ways To Win
Exploring free ways to win extra cash - how to use no deposit bonuses and promotions plus enter free cash competitions and sweepstakes.
Revealing Two Key Ways To Win Free Money

Betting Bonus
•  Casino Promotions    •  Poker Promotions    •  Bingo Promotions
            Using Betting Bonuses
Make careful use of betting bonuses and promotions and you'll get some valuable extra cash to increase winning chances. Either get bonuses on top of deposits you make, or there are a number of free (no deposit) offers to be found....if you know where to look.

In addition, you'll want to watch out for extra promotions. Quite often these will run side by side with bonus offers - meaning you get twice as much for your money.

Check out these promotions pages for the best combined offers, or read more on the win free money page.
•  Enter Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes sit very close to the world of cash competitions, though generally competitions take some form of skill to be in with a chance of winning. In sweepstakes your winning chances are very much driven by luck. What else would you expect with an opportunity that's very straightforward to enter.

The trick with sweepstakes is volume. The more you enter, the more chances. The more likely you are to hit a lucky win at some point. Often all you have to do to enter a money sweepstake is submit an email, or like a page. Occasionally answering questions might also be involved, but they're often simple to answer.

Visit the money sweepstakes page to find out how and where to find the latest opportunities.
Enter Cash Competitions
Entering competitions or contests for cash prizes is one of the most satisfying - and potentially lucrative - ways to win money and prizes.

In the majority of online competitions there is no entry fee, and there are a whole range of different contest types to try out. There will be chances to win by writing essays, by taking photographs, by creating videos, by losing weight. You name it, there will be a contest somewhere that involves it.

It's not always fast and easy to win, but entry is often fast and free.

•  Enter Cash Competitions
• For advice & tips on playing bingo to win cash visit the play bingo for money page here on
Gambling Industry Video News
This video news section features regular industry updates from The APCW regularly produces valuable videos focusing on different online gambling subjects. This video comes from their "Perspectives Weekly," series - which may well be the most widely viewed, longest running video series in online gaming.
PurePlay Risk Free Poker
$25 Free With Bingo Canada
Playing bingo is just about one of the easiest ways to try and win money.

This offer from Bingo Canada gives you a free $25 to get started.

And if you enjoy it and want to play some more with your own cash, they'll also give you some great extra cash bonuses.
US Flag
US Players Welcome
Bingo Canada's high value bonus
          The Lucky But Fun Ways

•  Play Casino Games
•  Instant Win Scratchcards
•  Play Bingo
•  Lotteries

  The 'You Need Skill For This Ways

•  Play Poker
•  Play Video Games For Money
•  SkillGames
•  Bet On Sports

•  Fantasy Sports Betting - Fanduel
      The Free, No Cost Ways

•  Using Betting Bonuses
•  Entering Cash Competitions
•  Entering Sweepstakes

Rich Casino Tournaments
Rich Casino Tournaments
Playing in tournaments is just about the best way to get as much fun for your money as possible playing casino games. You won't win money all the time, but it will be fun.

Rich Casino have a wide range of regular casino tournaments
. With a total of $3,333 in bonuses on offer, that'll give you plenty of chances to enter.

Click here if you want to know more about how casino tournaments work, or as alternative to Rich Casino then Winaday also run regular free to enter contests.
•  Read more on regulated US online gambling
Always remember though there's a reason why bonuses exist, and that's to attract new players and keep the ones that already play. Any operator providing betting opportunities makes money, and they want to make more. Unless the bonus is a no deposit one, they know you're unlikely to walk away with more than you strarted with.

To make sure this happens (more often than not) there are bonus play through and cash out rules - meaning you'll have to play through the bonus amount many times before you can withdraw.

As an example, say you deposit $30 and get $30 free. You may then (depending on that operators specific rules) have to gamble the equivalent of 20, 30, or 50 times that amount before you could withdraw winnings. Say you win $200 on the first spin on a slots machine, you would then have to keep playing before you could collect it...and of course the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose it.

All in all, a perfect illustration of why you should treat casino gambling in particular as a fun activity, and only play with money you can afford to lose.
Pureplay Poker
Betting on asian handicaps is  very likely to be the most popular way to place bets on the World Cup matches in mid 2014.
Free poker games at Pureplay poker include Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud, Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo.

No credit card, no deposits, no risk. US players welcome too.

Perfect for passionate sports fans who like to get involved with their teams or anyone looking to make some cash using their knowledge of sport. Fantasy sports betting has taken the world by storm in recent years. No need for season long fantasy leagues, the action can be done and dusted within days or weeks. are one of the leaders in the fantasy sports arena.

Offering great cash prizes in daily or weekly tournaments.

Get a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $5000

Don't know how bonuses work? Click here

Click here for other top fantasy sports websites

Fantasy Sports Betting Offers
Fanduel - Fantasy Sports

Exploring 3 Key Ways To Win Money Online

If you want to win money, there are plenty of ways to try. But any attempt to win more money means you're most likely going to be risking some of your own.

There are ways to reduce the risks, and ways to increase your winning chances.

There are even a few ways to win that don't involve risking losing any of your own cash. Explore for the different ways to win.....more

•  Learn How & Where To Win     
•  Find Valuable Promotions & Bonuses
•  Play Innovative Social & Competitive Games
•  Get Powerful Strategies & Tips
The Free Ways To Win
Test Your Skills
Get the best chances of success - using skill and knowledge to get an edge.....more                Poker - Fantasy - Sports - Video - Skillgames
Feeling Lucky?
Great fun and opportunities for big wins. But be careful, these games are addictive.....more          Casino Games - Bingo - Lotteries - Scratch
Explore the key ways to win without risking your own cash.....more
Bonuses - Competitions - Sweepstakes
Treasure Island Jackpots
Casinos using Betonsoft software are recognised to be among the best to play with online.

Alongside Treasure Island Jackpots, two other Betonsoft casinos -  Atlantis Gold Casino and Mermaids Palace Casino - make up the trio of latest additions to Winmoney101.

All offer great bonuses, a wide range of casino games based on some of the best software you can find, and of course the regular tournaments which are my recommended way to enjoy and get the best out of casino games.

Intertops $1000 Easter Freeroll Slots Tournaments

Three slots tournaments from Intertops kick off in April with prizes of $1000.

$1000 Free the Easter Bunny Freeroll Slots Tournaments

$1000 Hen House Tournament   March 31 – April 6     Runs on the Butterflies slot

$1000 Hay Barn Tournament      April 7 – 13    Runs on the Amanda Panda slot

$1000 Dog House Tournament   April 14 – 20   Runs on the Fairies Forest slot

All three are free to enter, and you'll be given a virtual 100 chips as a starting pot. Rebuys can be purchased for $2 per additional 100 chips, and scoring runs over the full week with the highest scoring player at the end of each week winning the cash prize.