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''...online cash contests offer straightforward opportunities of winning lots of money for low risk...''
What Are Cash Contests?

Cash contests are normally free to enter and occasionally pay to enter contests where one or more of the prizes on offer are for an amount of cash. They're often targeted at one specific region (hence the specific aim of this page to focus on US contests).

They can come in different shapes and sizes, examples would be photography contests, writing competitions, new product logo or advertising contests, or they might be gaming related.

In fact, almost all of the ways to win money shown on this site pages are contests of one form or another.

In the navigation bar above you'll find links to some of these other forms, many of which can be played by US residents. You may want to try your hand at poker, spin a few slots in an online casino, or if you're feeling sporty and adventurous take a look at some form of specialized sports betting such as playing Asian handicap odds on a soccer match.

Before we start with a list of open contests, it's worth taking a look at the video below. If you're interested in entering any US specific cash contests, you'll find some great tips in it to help you on your way.
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US Cash Contests
Pretty much everyone likes winning some extra cash. Entering cash contests is a good way to try.

It's not the only way. Throughout WinMoney101 you'll find many other ways to win money online. But this page is dedicated to cash contests for US players.
Focus October 2013 -
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Everence Video Cash Contest

Noted 28th October 2013 Runs to midnight November 15th

This is the second running of this contest, which is focused on youngsters between age 15 and 25. It's a video contest with cash prizes of up to $1000 for the winners, with an equivalent amount to charity.

It's a great idea. The premise of which is the creation of a video titled:

Money Talks: What Are You Hearing

Entered videos need to be up to three minutes long, with a panel selecting entries to find a group of finalists. Public votes will name the winners from this group.

Details and entry can be found here.

Kizzang Pick The Board Contest

Noted 25th October 2013

Kizzang.com - a site that focuses on matching up the world of video gaming and fantasy sports with tangible prizes - have announced their latest cash cntest for US entrants.

The Pick The Board Contest gives you the opportunity to win over $150k overall in cash prizes by selecting the winner of football games each week. This is a good chance for football fans to test their knowledge without needing to wager any money - and maybe win some extra cash.

Using your knowledge to select all of the winners for any particular week gets you the chance to win $25k in cash prizes.....and you can make up to 10 entries each day.

According to The Fantasy Sports Trade Association, over 33.5 million Americans, or 10 percent of the U.S. population, spent an average of $467 per person on fantasy sports in 2012. About 26 million people in the U.S. played some kind of fantasy football game.

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