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In European and other regulated gambling environments, in play betting has been growing steadily for a number of years, with sports fans taking their chance to place bets on events that happen during a sporting contest, rather than before it.

With US gambling restrictions, it is of course an option that US sports fans will not have been exposed to.

That's all about to change with the arrival of Winview Games, offering a legal method of betting on sports games during the course of the action.
WinView delivers the ultimate live football predictions app for fans of both NFL and fantasy football. You can play along live when watching a game on TV. Great fun! This Winview Games review takes a look at how the platform works, and how you can enjoy the opportunity to win prizes with this legal new form of sports betting.
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What Is Winview?

Following on from the successful launch of a number of social casino websites which offer free and cash prize access to play fully legal casino games - normally using a subscription type model such as the one offered by CelebrityWorld - Winview has been created to cater for the millions of US sports fans who are becoming disillusioned with fantasy sports and looking for other options to add a bit of spice to their sports viewing.

The Winview platform offers you the chance to make predictions during the course of games on what will happen next - from who scores the next touchdown in an NFL contest to who makes a home run in a big baseball game.

You'll have to wait a while for baseball and other sports though, as for now the full focus is on NFL games.

Is It Legal?

It's gambling right? It falls foul of the weird US laws which prevent choice for many US punters except those in states where gambling is regulated.

Well not exactly!

The membership model for Winview beats the anti-gambling regulations by operating as a free to play site, but still with prizes on offer for correct predictions.

In the eyes of the law this puts it into legal territory, in the same way that social poker and casino sites like PurePlay and Pokertribe work.

The whole concept of legality is cemented by classifying any activity carried out on the platform as skill-based, and we know all of the debate around the legality of games that require skill to win money.

Of course, it's debatable whether predicting what's going to happen next in a sports event is really down to skill, but there's a strong argument that it's at least down to experience and knowledge of how games unfold.
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How To Play

The best way to learn how to take advantage of Winview's in play predictions is to read the how it works page on Winview's website.

But essentially the software is optimised for playing on mobile phones via an app. You'll watch a live game, with alerts received when a new proposition is available. Make your prediction based on the proposition offered, and see if you're right.

You'll be playing in a tournament setting against others with the tournament winner determined by their percentage of successful predictions taken from the best scoring two quarters.

Get The App

To get involved, you'll need to download the Winview app, available from the iTunes store.


WinView holds single-game tournaments called The Super Daily, with each game acting as a standalone tournament. There's also a separate Superbowl 50 contest known as “The Super 1000”.

How Much Can You Win?

For single game tournaments, the prize pool is $200 with the top 5 winners receiving a payout. First place wins $100 with the next 4 all receiving $25.

In the Super 1000 contest, the prize pool is $1000 with first place money set at $400, runner up $200, 3rd place $125, 4th $100, and 5th $75. Finish outside of these but still in the top 10 and you'll get $50 back.


There'll be a lot more to review when Winview start covering other sports than NFL but for now there's a good chance that football fans will take to the platform in significant numbers. With the social aspect covered by various social and chat features, Winview are well positioned to build up a strong player base.

Making in play predictions in big sports events may not give quite the same thrill level as you get playing real money casino games, but it certainly adds to the enjoyment you'll get watching a game.

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