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''....Play in Sit N Go poker tournaments - quick tournaments with lots of action and excitement...."
The attraction of sit and go tournaments (a.k.a. single- table tournaments) is that as soon as enough players have joined a table the game starts, and immediately a different table opens for players to sit down.  A multi-table tournament can take hours to play and still not pay out if you go out before the final places.

Sit and go’s are usually over within an hour and offer action and excitement from the start. Single table tournaments are growing in popularity, offering an opportunity to have fun and win money without risking too much.

You know the maximum amount you can lose, because this is limited to the buy in amount. When playing, the main thing to realise is that this promotes reckless play from the bad players, allowing you (as hopefully a calm player) to have the greatest chance of winning.

As in any poker tournament, each player pays the buy-in fee and receives an equal number of chips. Play then starts and continues until one player has won all the available chips at the table. The prize pool is divided between the top 3 finishers, with the winner normally taking 50% of the prize pool, second place taking 30% and third taking the final 20%.

Many poker rooms offer a wide variety of tournament levels, with buy-ins ranging from $0.10 to $500.00. Games are started continuously throughout the day. These single table poker tournaments can be fast and fun.

Sit and Go poker tournaments give you the chance to make quick and easy money. They're tournaments which are usually held on single poker tables, but sometimes can also be multitable. Sit and Go tournaments have a specific buy-in and entry fee amount, and these fees make up the actual prize pool. This is shared by the winners, normally the top three places win a cascading percentage of the prize.