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Guaranteed Poker Tournaments are tournaments which offer guaranteed prizes in advance irrespective of how many players eventually register and take part. Prize money is set by the online poker rooms so that it's high enough to attract sufficient player numbers to make running the tournament worthwhile, but if the player numbers are not reached to cover the pool, the poker rooms make up the difference themselves. 

Generally guaranteed poker tournaments will run with a minimum of ten players, with a preset buy-in and entry fee.

One element of guaranteed tournaments you'll need to be aware of is the ''rebuy'' - a chance to pay an extra fee if you lose all your chips or end up short stacked and continue in the game to try and make up the lost amount and ultimately win. Rebuys are normally set for the original buy in amount. You can see how this rebuy feature can add to the prize pools, and of couse it helps the players and the poker room by building up the prize pool.

Each of the leading poker rooms provide guaranteed poker tournaments for their players, many of these delivering big prizes that make competing highly attractive. Many are scheduled to run routinely on the same day each week or month. The video below - although lengthy - shows a Bovada guaranteed tournament from an experienced players perspective. It's well worth a look if you want to understand how a tournament works.
''....Play in guaranteed online poker tournaments - guaranteed prize pools no matter how many players...."
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