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Understanding The Thrill Of Live Casino Games

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Player Engagement: The Human Touch

Live dealer casino games provide almost the same level of player engagement as playing in a land-based casino. Each table is managed by a professionally trained dealer or croupier, who you can engage with, along with the other human players at your table, via the live chat functionality.

It’s the main benefit of live dealer casinos over virtual reality casino gaming, which transports you to virtual environments rather than a life-like casino floor. The dealers and croupiers respond to live chat messages — the only difference is that they can’t see you.

Watch the Action Unfold Live in Real Time

What makes live casinos so exciting to players is that each table game operates in real time. Each player has time to decide in turn and can seek assistance from the dealer or croupier via the live chat box. And players can keep up easily with the game information at each table thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which relays the table action on-screen and can inform betting decisions with accuracy.

Start Playing in the Comfort of Your Surroundings

If you don’t live near a brick-and-mortar casino or you feel like kicking back on your sofa and playing a few games of blackjack, live dealer casinos give you the same thrill without having to move a muscle. When you play a live dealer game, your screen transports you to a purpose-built studio that’s laid out like a casino floor. For all intents and purposes, you are playing your favorite table games in a real-life casino environment from the comfort of your home.

You don’t need to wear your best tuxedo either. You can even play in your pants if you wish!

Responsive Technology Allows Live Dealer Gaming on all Platforms

Given that more people prefer to use smartphone and tablet devices than the desktops and laptops, it was only natural for the iGaming industry’s leading software developers to create an optimized live dealer gaming solution for mobile devices.

Thanks to the advent of HTML5 technology, players on mobile devices get the same live dealer experience as those on the desktops, without compromise. The user interface might be a trimmed down version of what you experience on a desktop or laptop, but the quality of the live streaming and the clarity of on-screen data stays the same.

How to Fund Live Dealer Casino Accounts

Generally, most desktop and mobile live dealer casino bonuses aren’t worth taking. Many come with big wagering requirements, which make it virtually impossible to turn a profit. Consequently, players keen to play live-streamed table games online must commit to investing a little of their cash into their iGaming account.

Debit and credit cards are widely accepted at live dealer casinos and offer pain-free transactions. Although wire transfers are also permitted, these can take several working days to process.

If you prefer using eWallets to transfer your gaming funds quickly and hassle-free, know there are PayPal-friendly live dealer rooms. These display the table minimum and maximum wagers to help you pick a game that befits your bankroll.


The future for live dealer casinos is bright. With a growing portfolio of live table games on offer and live-streaming technology improving all the time, it’s the most cost-effective way for punters to play their favorite table games. You can enjoy the same gameplay with none of the hassles of traveling to a land-based casino.

What’s not to like?
Live dealer casinos have become a big deal in the world of iGaming. The advent of high-definition (HD) visual and audio streaming makes it possible for online casino operators to create immersive replicas of land-based casino floors.

In the last decade, the flexibility of being choosing between playing online casino games managed by computers and random number generators (RNGs) and real-life table games at a brick-and-mortar casino makes it feel somewhat luxurious.

So, when you throw in live dealer games into the mix, it’s clear that the iGaming industry is succeeding in giving gamers what they want.

Why should you consider live dealer casino games over traditional iGaming action or even land-based action on a casino floor?

Read on to discover some compelling reasons why live dealer casinos are increasingly popular, adding a new dimension to iGaming platforms worldwide.