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All of the leading poker rooms run some form of loyalty programme. The Pokerstars VIP Club forms the basis of the Pokerstars loyalty scheme - with a points system consisting of two types known as VPPs and FPPs - VIP Player Points and Frequent Player Points.

The VIP FAQ section on the main site covers all of the questions you're likely to ask about VIP and FPP points, but here's a high level summary......

VPPs - VIP Player Points

These are points that are used exclusively to determine your VIP level, and subsequently your level in the Pokerstars VIP club. You automatically gain VIP status on registration through the pokerstars site. There are different VIP levels to reach - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Supernova (with a Supernova Elite thrown in for good measure) -  with your level depending on how many points you make in a month. 

Bronze level is reached by amassing 1500 points, with the other levels in between that and the Supernova level of 100,000 for a year. 

VIP players on the higher levels receive awards such as additional bonus offers and entry to exclusive freeroll tournaments with prizes up to $10,000 weekly and $100,000 monthly, or to buy from an interesting range of poker related products in the Pokerstars online store.

FPPs - Frequent Player Points

FPPs are points which can be either exchanged to buy equipment such as electronics in the Pokerstars store, traded in for cash in your account,  or used up as buy-ins to play in dedicated points tournaments.

FPPs awarded grow exponentially in tandem with your VIP level, with the value of the benefits growing the higher you get. FPPs are awarded either based on the value of rakes during hands played, with between 1 and 3 points awarded for each rake depending on size - or you get 5 FPPs for every $1 you spend in tournament entry fees.

All in all some excellent loyalty packages in keeping with the quality that's apparent throughout the Pokerstars site.  
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