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There are hundreds of websites which contain dedicated Pokerstars review pages. Many are well written and informative, though as with any material on the internet, not all are of a high quality and sometimes you need to spend excessive time searching for the best.

Because of that, I'm not sure I can offer any improvement here on the Pokerstars review pages you can find elsewhere. So, my aim for this 'review of Pokerstars' page is going to be to give you a collection of links out to those that look to be the most informative and valuable.

Of course, one of the best ways to find out about Pokerstars is to go straight to the site and try out the software and games yourself. You've got nothing to lose, free games are easily available plus Pokerstars will give you a hefty bonus on any deposit you decide to make.

The following Pokerstars review page links will all open new browser windows so you can easily get back to this site at any time.

PokerListings.com - Detailed PokerStars review plus direct PokerStars download and private cash and live event freerolls.

TightPoker.com - PokerStars is an industry leader, offering some of the best software, security, game selection, and customer support.

The Wikipedia article on Pokerstars.

PlaySolidPoker.com - Get the best PokerStars Bonus, and the chance to play poker with your favourite poker pros - Get the latest PokerStars Download.

That's probably enough for now and these will give you a good flavour of the Pokerstars site. I'll add some more links to Pokerstars review sites in the near future.

You'll see that some of these websites use points scoring to differentiate the different poker rooms. This is a common practice for poker site review pages, but the advice here might be to use caution if allowing these to guide you too rigidly. Sometimes the poker sites can score a poker room (or casino or bingo site for that matter) because they get a better advertising return from those sites.

I don't believe that's the case with any of the Pokerstars reviews I've listed. The reality is that 'Stars are one of the best, and you don't need a points scoring system to prove that.

If you need more at this stage you can also carry out searches on the major search engines at Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You'll get comprehensive returns listing all the reviews of Pokerstars you're ever going to need. The video below will also give you some useful insight into how Pokerstars works.
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