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With high traffic volumes and many thousands of regular players, it's no surprise that the Pokerstars tournament schedules are always packed with options for tournament play.

Many of the Pokerstars tournaments run with low to medium buy-ins so there's plenty of choice for smaller stakes players. 

If you're looking for higher stakes games, there are numerous tournaments on offer with $500 or more buy-in levels. Prize pools can often exceed  $1 million in value - but for the Pokerstars tournament events at the bigger buy-in levels you'll almost certainly face some very tough opposition. In these, it'll be a struggle to get in the money. 

If you're OK playing for smaller stakes, the lower level tournaments can offer some good potential wins for reasonably skilled players. Often much of the field is made up of beginners, making some of the tournaments among the softest you'll find anywhere. 

The PokerStars tournament schedule also includes some of the biggest guaranteed tournaments in the world, with a good example being the PokerStars Sunday Million, which recently had it's prize level increased to a guaranteed $1.5 million. With player numbers often reaching over 10,000, the prize pool sometimes rises to around $2.5 million for this event.

For players seeking the ultimate in big tournaments the World Championship of Poker and Spring Championship of Poker are both held by Pokerstars. Each of these tournaments have been run with stunning $30 million guarantees in the past with the main event winner receiving $1 million. Buy-ins range from $215 right up to over $1000, but there is potential to gain entry via satellites for as little as $2.

Aside from these guaranteed tournaments, PokerStars also run what is probably the most comprehensive set of satellites to popular live and online poker events and poker tours.
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