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PokerStars Introduces New Flash Tournaments

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Ideal for players who are short on time but still want the opportunity to get the best results, the brand new Spin & Go Flash game offers a much faster experience than standard Spin & Gos.

With quicker levels and smaller starting stacks, this game aims to meet the demand for fast-paced online gaming experiences from many of today's time-pressed players.

What are Spin & Gos

Spin & Go games have been a PokerStars exclusive for the past five years or so. Already a fast poker variant, under the standard Spin & Go players join three-seat tables with hyper-turbo tournament rakes, meaning that the levels themselves are played for less than three minutes at a time.

On average, it takes less than ten minutes to play a full tournament in a sit & go format game like this

Buy-ins range from $1 to $25 and the randomly-drawn prize pool can generate first prize payouts of anything from twice to 1000 times the buy-in. Second and third place players won't walk away empty handed either, receiving between 8% and 10% of the prize pool each.

PokerStars have already spiced up the Spin & Go format by introducing a Omaha version and a Max version (which has a maximum number of hands to speed the tournament up), so how does the Flash version differ?

In Spin & Go Flash tournaments, blinds are reduced to one minute from three minutes long, with all three players at the table starting with 300 chips instead of 500. Everything else, however, remains the same, so players compete for the same rake and receive the same payouts as in the original format.

There' a world of difference between playing a tournament for a total of three minutes compared to nine, however.....

Pokerstars portfolio of turbo games

As anyone who has played on the PokerStars platform or used the brand's mobile app knows, the company already has a portfolio of turbo-style games, so it's a great platform to check out if you're a player interested in innovative new games that offer a fast and smart gaming experience.

In July of this year, a number of short-deck poker games were added to the platform:-


These games are played using a smaller deck of cards - all cards between 2 and five of all the suits are removed from the deck - again, offering a new take on classic Texas Hold'em to fans of the timeless game.

This variant, where flushes beat full houses, you flop more sets, and no more pocket deuces; has only been on the platform a few months but it's already incredibly popular with the brand's diverse customer base.

There's also a fast-fold variant available on the platform called Zoom Poker

Unlike the sit & go format of PokerStars Spin & Go, Zoom players do a lot of shuffling around - every time a player wins a hand or folds they move to a new table.

It's definitely one for the more alert player; however, with the opportunity to play over 100 hands per hour it's easier and quicker to build up a bankroll.

Anonymous tables

PokerStars also seems to be looking like it will be trialling anonymous tables over the next few months - up until now the brand has maintained a policy of displaying fixed aliases at tables.

This is a common measure across the industry, with numerous operators exploring ways to protect the poker ecosystem by allowing anonymity for recreational players.

Severin Rasset, Poker Commercial Officer and MD for PokerStars explained in an interview with Pokerfuse that the platform will be ''testing adding some anonymous tables in upcoming the overall player experience is our top priority''.

Unlike the anonymous tables available at other platforms, PokerStars tables will be optional and player aliases will be displayed in hand histories 24 hours after they have been played. This will be particularly appealing to players who use poker tracking software to record and analyse their game and the games of their contemporaries.

Clearly - once again - Pokerstars are setting themselves apart from other operators with constant innovation. / Used with permission
iGaming platform PokerStars has long been at the forefront of gaming technology. It's one of a handful of leading brands that invests significant resources into developing and releasing engaging games, which offer a completely unique gaming experience for players.

This autumn, the brand added another superfast tournament game to their already extensive portfolio of innovative poker solutions, Go Flash.