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Online Gambling: The Game of Chance vs. Game of Skill, How to Win
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What Is a Game of Chance?

In the betting world, the game of chance gives random results and is highly dependent on luck or chance. A random number generator influences the outcome of the game. Players will bet on the outcome generated by the machine. Some games require a little skill to play, while others do not require skill at all.

Almost all casino games are games of chance. These games include slot machines, video poker, bingo, roulette, and baccarat. Betting on games of chance is easy, especially online. Browsing on different betting sites, such as allows you to place a bet without the hassles of traditional betting.

Games of chance even out the playing field for skilled and unskilled casino players. It is a game that can be played by everyone. It’s engaging and allows people to participate in a balanced competition without having to worry about competitors with good skills.

It’s also simple and does not require much mental energy. These games do not need the players to be mentally and physically fit to bet. The player’s current state will not affect how the game is played and the outcome it will generate.

Winning a Game of Chance

The most important thing to remember in playing games of chance is there will never be a guarantee of success for every game. All games are dependent on chance and luck. However, there are many ways to increase the chances of winning in games like this.

Playing roulette gives you a 5
0% chance of winning. Betting is simple with roulette since - if you want - you can place your bet either on a red or black pocket, or an even or odd number. Increase the payout by betting on specific numbers or ranges of numbers, rather than on the colors.

Moreover, European roulette is better than American roulette. The former has 38 pockets, while the latter only has 37 pockets. This means there are more odds of winning in European roulette.

With slot machines, always bet at the maximum. Betting higher will increase your odds of winning. However, do not go beyond your limit. Always play within your budget and means. Be willing to go lower if you think you are reaching your limit.

Try to win games that will give you bonuses. Getting bonuses will increase your odds because you will get an extra incentive for the money. If you have time, read on theories developed by veteran players in calculating game odds. Knowing these theories will help you make sound decisions in betting.

What Is a Game of Skill?

Since it’s gambling, there is still a good amount of luck needed in these games. However, it can mostly be influenced by the skill of the player. Games of skill are games where the outcome of the game depends on the players skills. Here, the player needs mental and physical proficiency to outsmart their competitor.

No random factors will influence if the player will win or lose. However, there may be external factors out of the player's control, such as coin tossing of who will play first. The player in a game of skill is allowed to influence the outcome of the game. Examples of these games are blackjack, poker, pai gow poker, and dominoes.

Players of skilled games have higher chances of winning, depending on their experience and strategies. The player can explore their capabilities in playing. The player is also challenged to follow certain rules while looking to integrate their strategies.

The main factor that helps determine if a game is a game of skill is who the player will be up against. If a player is against the house themselves or the machine, it is a game of chance. On the other hand, if a player is against another player, the game is most likely a game of skill. If a game involves mathematics, skills, and strategies, it is still a game of skill.

Winning Games of Skill

Winning games of skill requires a little luck and a lot of experience, skill, and strategy. It depends on the player’s ability and how much he is willing to spend on bets. Skills include money management, alcohol avoidance, and knowing when to stop.

Money management is a big factor in winning a game of skill. You should know where to place your money and how much you are willing to risk per game. Closely monitor your money when playing. Set a budget and stick to it. Careless betting will put you at a disadvantage.

Another strategy is to avoid alcohol. Alcohol can cloud your senses and numb your cognitive abilities. It can also lead you to be out of focus and cause trouble. If you cannot avoid alcohol, resort to drinking responsibly.

Lastly, you should know when to stop playing. The best time to stop is when you are constantly winning. Victory can get you in a winning streak a high, leading you to make poor decisions.

Do not wait for the time that you start losing in games. It will only lead you to chase losses. Instead of trying to win the next game, you might run the risk of getting deeper into trouble.


Choosing between games of chance and games of skill solely depends on you. If you think that you have the strategies and techniques to play games of skill, you should try it out. But if you don’t like using logic and strategies, opt for games of chance. Both will give you the excitement of playing online casino games. Choose wisely and claim your win!

Author Bio
Kyle Ross is an economist and freelance writer for various online betting and business websites. He specializes in online betting, specifically online casino betting. When he is not writing, he likes to place bets on online casinos himself. Aside from betting, he also loves playing with his Golden Retriever named Jaxx.
One of the most basic aspects of online gambling is in knowing the difference between games of chance and games of skill. Not only can it help you to determine were your best chances of winning are, but in particular it's hugely important were regulated gambling is at play - for example in the US where you could fall foul of legality regulations.
Aside from understanding the importance of the legality, knowing the difference between the two will also help you choose what game you’d want to play based on your abilities....

...And using your abilities to the maximum will help you increase your odds, potentially create winning strategies, and claim victory against your competitors or gambling operators.